Safewaycustomer services

M Aug 16, 2018

I was shopping in Safeway in Prince Rupert British Columbia on August 12 at 5pm with my friend and she picked up a package of sausage that was in store special for .99 and when got to check out it rung up at 3.69 so she pointed it out to cashier and called for price check and the young East Indian manager said that $3.69 was right price so we talked with an employee in meat department said .99 was right price cause she personally put the tag on it herself so the young manager on shift still argue with us with a real rude attitude and I spoke up and said that this is not how u deAl with the situation and laughed at us and continued to say to me "are you telling me how to do my job" I said no but u shouldn't speak to any customer in that tone at that point my friend was getting frustrated and she gave me her bank card and told me to pay for it while she went outside to get some air cause she was getting real frustrated. So I put in the wrong PIN number by mistake and the young East Indian manager said "oh she probably doesn't have enuff money to pay for this stuff". I felt really embarrassed and frustrated on wat this "manager" said and how he made us feel. As a manager he should be trained to deal with these situations and not be condescending to the customer employees should make the customers feel like they want to come back I cannot complain in store because they don't take complaints seriously. I hope that something is done about this situation because a customer should never leave the store feeling upset thank you and I hope that this is taken seriously. I enjoy shopping at Safeway but now I get anxiety just walking through the doors fearing that I will have to deal with that "manager" again

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