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On Sunday July 20, 2019

I walked into Safeway and was shopping a collegue approached me and asked me to empty my bag I compleyed then i go to leave and a person approached me claiming they were sucrity and would i mind giving a discription of the person that approached me and i couldn't remember what the individual looked like then on Tuesday July 22 I recieve a call saying that there was no report made then a manager said pls come in and let us know what happend


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    Corporate Help Aug 19, 2018

    This may be a bigger issue than you think. Email me [email protected] and we can exchange phone number.

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    9wood Aug 19, 2018

    @Corporate Help think your after something else

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  • 9w
    9wood Aug 19, 2018

    would seem you got into a scam of some sort
    should be asking for there names and id ( most if not employees have them)
    when they do that

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