Safewaybad customer service


The young lady at the self checkout was rude and the manager was incredibly unprofessional. She closed the door on me when she saw I was waiting to ask a question. When I knocked she asked who it was and I told her it was a customer. She told me that I needed to get get help from someone on the floor.

Honestly I just wrote out a very detailed description but when I hit spell check it all got deleted and its too late for me to write it all out again so thats the condensed version.

On top of that, she gave me a different name than what another employee told me. As if she knew she was in the wrong and didn't want to get her name brought up.

Trader Joes is way too close and friendly for me to have to put up with this staff.

Millbrae / 94030 / 9:20 pm


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      Nov 29, 2017

    If you find you have the willingness to in the future, please consider providing the details that you originally had written but that got deleted.

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