Ryanaircustomer service and technical it issue

I was flying from Venice, Marco Polo to London Stansted. Due to the Ryanair team in Venice and an error on their end, I lost many of my items and was also left feeling angry and upset.

I paid for a check in luggage service. After waiting in the check-in line, I was surprised when I was told by the flight checker that I was priority boarding. I double checked with him, as I believed I had paid to check in baggage and he said no, I can go on the flight or pay €25 Euro's to check in my luggage. I took his word on the matter and I also asked if he was 100% sure which he assured me he was 100% absolutely was.

When I went to departures and through security, it was only when security stopped me I realised I brought over 100ml liquids with me in my luggage, that was suppose to be checked-in in the first place.

I was very frustrated and upset because many of the liquids were expensive and I brought them because I knew I was checking in my one piece of luggage. Security took all my liquids from me that were above 100ml, which is standard procedure and they had every right to. However, I was left frustrated, as I had wished this was the first thing that popped into my mind when I was speaking to the guy at the check in.

I went to the gate and luckily the guy who dealt with check-in was at the gate desk. Just to reiterate, he told me initially I was "priority boarding" and "non check in". I showed him my itinerary and boarding pass "again" and he then admitted to me that there must have been a fault on the system and owned up to his mistake.

I explained my frustration, which he listened to but wouldn't help me out. He offered to check my bag in, which is what should have been done in the first place and had the audacity to assure me at no cost. But why would it be, when it was a service I had paid for in the first place.

I told him, it's now not fair that I now have lost about £50 worth of goods, to now go through exactly the same process that I should have gone through in the first place. I asked him to honour the priority boarding mistake and let me carry on my luggage onto the plane as a gesture of goodwill. I would have highly appreciated and let this go. The gentlemen agreed with my at the time and spoke to his colleague.

I thought the gentleman organised the boarding situation with his colleague, but him and his colleague had other plans.
So, when I did line up in priority boarding, his colleague asked me to leave without even looking at my boarding pass. Which suggests to me, he discussed with his colleague (the gentlemen) and they decided to kick me out of the queue and made me purposely wait. I was treated like some idiot and was made to feel absolutely humiliated. No one should be treated in such manner, no matter the circumstances or positions held. No one should be made to feel second class or not worthy of ones time.

I asked both attendees for their names, to add to this complaint, but they would not provide me this information. I believe you would have all this information anyway based on my reservation number AZ6NUF. I also asked what their complaints procedure was, to which the gentlemen responded that this is not possible.

I did get into an argument with them when I did board at the end of the queue, because I was so angry and upset. And the gentlemen said to me, I should have just paid the €25 at check in and that this situation is my fault, so what is my problem.

I cannot stress the absolutely hideousness of what was a standard check in and board. Further, how appalling were the attitudes of your Venetian staff.

I went on to write a complaint to Ryanair customer service team. The complaint was similar to this one. They as completely dismissed my complaint and sent back a general email stating their policy on checking in baggage. This was entirely irrelevant as I had paid for the service. Which tells me they didn't even bother reading my email.

I will never fly with Ryanair again, as the stress, anxiety and anger outweighs costs.

As such, nothing as come of my complaint. I have followed up with emails but with no response.


Oct 01, 2019

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