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Here you go with another SCAM JOB OFFER :

Seasonal Cruise Ship job recruitment (ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD)

Empleo: Turismo en Francia
Última actualización: 18/10/09

At Royal Caribbean International, we believe that great vacations begin with great employees! As a leader in the cruise line industry, We are continuously expanding and seeking dynamic, energetic, experienced professionals to join our team for seasonal cruise ship job. Energetic and Highly Motivated Applicants are immediately seeking for to work on One of the Luxury Cruise Ship called RHAPSODY OF SEA AND CELEBRITY CRUISE SHIP, with over 2.120 passengers, 850 crew members on ship will be sailing and touring around Europe, Australia, South America, Caribbean and Asia.

If you have ever dreamt of cruising the high seas to exotic ports around the world, we offer great chances to work on the cruise ship at the following department below:

(1) MEDICAL DEPARTMENT : Chief Doctor / Physician, Dentist, Registered Nurse (Outpatient Nurse, Recovery Nurse, Sister, Staff Nurse), etc
2) HOUSE KEEPING DEPARTMENT ; Chief Housekeeper, Room Steward / Stewardess, Cabin Attendant, Cleaner / Utility Cleaner, Laundry Man / Linen Keeper, NANNY, childcare and Caregiver for both elder and Kid on the ship. (3) BEAUTY AND SPA DEPARTMENT (hair stylist / hairdresser, beauty therapist / beautician, cosmetologist, nail technician, physiotherapist, massage therapist, and aerobic &fitness instructor.
(4) THE ENGINE/MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT: engine officers (chief engineer, 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd engineers, chief electrician), motorman, fitter, wiper, plumber etc
(5) The FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT :restaurant positions (F&B director, Maitre D', waiter, busboy / bus-person, bartender / barmaid, bar steward, bar staff, buffet steward) etc.
(6) THE BEAUTY SALON DEPARTMENT: beautician, hair stylists / hairdresser, massage therapist, cosmetologist, nail technicians, alternative instructors etc.
(7) THE PHOTO/GRAPHIC DESIGN DEPARTMENT: Experience Photographer/ Videographer, Image Editor, Tour & Excursion Photographer, Event Planner, Caterer, etc
(8) THE GIFT/ACCESSORY SHOP: Gift shop Cashier, shop manager, Assistant manager.
— Minimum of 2-3 years work experience required.
— Diploma from an accredited school and fluent English Language skills required
— Valid International Passport or National Driver License
— Must enjoy traveling the world and being with people whilst working onboard a ship
— Must be able to providing total passenger satisfaction while being employed on a cruise ship
— Salary: ranges from £5, 500 - £ 7, 500 British Pounds (Monthly)
— Free medical insurance,
— Free food AND Accommodations,
— Travel expenses (a C1/D Sea-mans Visa). Royal Caribbean also provides free airfare to your port of embarkation and back home
including Relocation allowances and medical care assistance
— Contract last for 3 months and Interested Crew member can be retain as Staff for long term contract.

Because of the high volume of responses, only those who meet our qualifications will receive a response which is why all application should be summit through the licensed and Partnership recruitment Agency for more criminal background check, physical examinations, drug testing and reference checks, INTERESTED Applicant should Submit his/her RESUME/CV along with one attached passport Photograph via E-mail to Hiring manager in charge via E-mail: clydemarine. [protected]

Clyde House
209 Govan Road
G51 1HJ United Kingdom
Tel:+44 [protected]/
CONTACT PERSON: Captain Peter Lawrence
E-MAIL: clydemarine. [protected]

More than 40, 000 people have already selected Royal Caribbean International to be their employer and so should you.. Submit your Resume/CV NOW. If meet The Management requirement you will automatically qualified to work on cruise ship.

•Tipo de empleo: Contrato
•Industria: Viajes y Turismo
•Este anuncio ha sido visto 3 veces


lost pink sony camera... no phone call returned

I lost my pink Sony camera on the cruise ship July 4th of 2011, in the cabbin...I was told that any items found on the ship get send to their lost and found dept, which took about a week and a half. I called everyday, left a few messages for the lost and found manager who didnt even seem to care at all. I understand their corporate policies they have in place, I still beleive that for something of that nature they need to have a number that will direct you to the curise ship so that it can be handle right away, instead By they allowed one of their crew members to walk away with my item, which now I see other complaints about this company and their lost and found. I will never travel again with Royal Caribbean, thanks to them I have nothing but bad memories left with me.

$1900 unauthoized charge leave family with $0 for 3-5 business days!

Let me just start off by saying, my family is not rich. My husband and I live paycheck to paycheck, which is why we booked this cruise almost 2 years in advance, so that we could slowly pay it off. On Friday May 20th, 2011, I logged onto to make a payment on our upcoming cruise in December. The balance owed was $1898. I selected the "other payment amount" option and entered in $300. Once I made the payment I went to see how much we still owed. The balance said ZERO. I checked my account- sure enough there was a pending transaction for $1898. I called Royal Caribbean and spoke to John Chambers. He informed me that the website charging the full balance instead of what was entered in is a "known issue". He stated that I would need to contact my bank to let them know this was an unauthorized transaction. When I called them, the agent informed me they would need a fax on RCL letterhead with the full CC# and amount of the charge to be released. John faxed that over to the bank and state the money would be back in my account as soon as the bank released the hold. The money was released within the hour. John advised me to let him know when the money was back in my account. I spoke to him to let him know. He offered $50 onboard credit for compensation. I did not feel that was fair, so I asked to speak a manager. I was told she was not available that I would have to leave a voicemail. While I was speaking to John in the middle of my sentence John just dumped the call to her voicemail. Luckily, Virginia McGriff answered the phone, however she didn't seem to care much regarding the way I was transferred or regarding compensation. After going back and forth she decided that $75 on board credit would be fair because there was "no out of pocket expense" and that was that. I had no other say in the matter. I didn't appreciate the way the whole conversation/experience went down with the "Resolution Department". However, since the money was back in my account I gave in. I called later that evening to make the $300 payment that I originally tried to make. Everything went thru just fine. Today, May 21st my husband and I had a huge shopping day planned because we have not had a free weekend in a long time. I checked the account to make sure everything was fine and it was. I started by getting my nails done. When I gave her my card to charge. It declined. She tried again, declined. HOW EMBARRESING. There I was in the middle of the nail salon, with services already complete and I couldn't pay the poor girl who did the work. I contacted my bank and guest what? Royal Caribbean had posted a HARD CHARGE to my account on 5/21 @ 9:13am. So now my account is in the negative almost $700. Not only can we not shop at this point, but we can't eat and we can't put gas in our cars. When I contacted the resolution department again, I spoke to Virginia who was again, VERY condescending the whole time. She was adamant that another charge had not been posted. I conferenced in my bank and the manager there and Virginia argued back and forth. After a total of about an hour on the phone the resolution was I can do nothing for you on both sides. Virginia stated that it was the original charge going thru and that I should have been advised of that yesterday. Yet when I spoke to her she mentioned NOTHING about that and John Chambers told me it would NOT post to my account. So now I have to wait 3-5 days for the refund. Virginia offered $150 on board credit and that was it. $150 for THEIR mistake that's left a family without food, or gas for 5 days. Not to mention having to cancel birthday shopping plans. I just keep being told we will reimburse you for any out of pocket expense. WHAT OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE? My account is in the NEGITAVE! The card DECLINES. I have NO options. When I ask to speak to Virginia’s manager I'm told she's the top of the department and there is no one else to speak to. She also goes thru all emails sent in to the CEO. When I called cooperate, they advised I could only talk to her. NO ONE WILL HELP. Surely this is not how you treat all of your customers. I AM DISCUSTED.I am obviously looking for some sort of compensation other than what’s been offered.. Our cruise is not until December so there is still time to maybe make this a little less of a nightmare, . Whether it be a significant amount of onboard credit, a chunk taken off the balance owed or an upgraded room, I CERTIANLY think that is not too much to ask given that Royal Caribbean has left a family stranded with no money for 3-5 business days;. Not to mention I've spent 2 whole days trying to sort thru this mess

We are going on this cruise for my parent’s 30th Anniversary". It’s my husbands and grandmothers first time to cruise!. Collectively we have spent approximately $11, 000 on this cruise!. It is ABSURD the way this error, that was YOUR fault has been “resolved”/. The WORST customer service experience ever.

  • Ta
    Tamara C Apr 18, 2012

    I have just returned from a cruise onboard the Independence of the Seas. Myself and my husband kept an eye on our account balance and settled the amount at the end of the cruise on out Natwest CA card, 2 days after returning home I put some petrol in my car, my card was declined... I enquired at my bank why this was as I had a substantial overdraft... the bank told me that there was a $1368.68 pending charges due out of my account within the following 3-4 working days; We knew we had settled our on board balance of over $1800 and that this was showing in my bank statement, the bank printed me the charges pending from Royal C, all of which did not comply to what we spent on board (ALL MADE UP). I then contacted Royal C customer relations team and spoke to Som, he told me that he would contact the Royal C merchant on the US and have this removed within 2 working days... 4 days later this blance is still pending, the bank gave me £50 as a good will gesture from my account... bank charges added. I then called Royal C again and spoke to customer relations manager... she was very unhelpful and kept repeating that these charges are printed for customer acknowledgement on the brochures before sailing, I argued that we were not informed before boarding and that we don't always read the small print... especially trusting a reputable company not to be robbing me when iv already vacated the cruise. I asked if they would be paying the bank charges, they said "As a good gesture will they would, but the bank would have to contact them regarding any charges" A GOOD GESTURE WILL... JOKE!!! I asked if i'd get any compensation for the dissatisfactory service my phone charges to 0844 numbers and the embarrassment caused, she told me that they were unable to compensate for phone calls or any other discrepencies caused. I AM ABSOLUTELY APPALED by this shoddy service from such a huge company that make billions every year... Watchdog, local newspaper here I come, and I most certainly will not be sailing with Royal C ever again.

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canceled our cruise 11 days before sailing

11 days prior to sailing RCCL contacts our family to say that they are not going to allow our son to go on cruise because of a policy violation from a prior cruise last summer. My son is age 25 and was involved in a altercation on a prior cruise. While we felt the other party was the instigator both parties were held equally to blame. The situation is done and over and in the past and now 8 months later just days before departure they cancel our entire Christmas vacation.

Our entire family has been loyal 20 year customers -and are at Diamond level and they call us today ruining our entire Christmas Holiday after everything is paid, airfare is non refundable. If this was such a concern then why were we not informed when we booked cruise... they have our loyalty numbers attached to everything and every record.

While I have serious issue with their decision after 19 cruises with never a problem and over $90, 000 paid to RCCL that they make a rash decision that my adult son is not suitable for cruising with them.

My children have grown up with this cruise line and they just throw 20 years of loyalty out the window...The other real issue is waiting until we have no way to make other holiday plans, losing our non refundable airfare and mistreating some of their most loyal customers in such a way that would shame any reaonable company who wants and depends on loyalty.

This is an absolute travesty of customer service and loyalty ... One small incident in 19 cruises and they hold it against us... we are so hurt and saddened by this very poor judgement on the part of RCCL.

To say we will never sail with RCCL is a gross understatement. For the rest of lives we wil speak negatively about this experience and do all we can to disuade others from ever using this cruise line.

unresponsiveness of corporate guest relations

I am writing to complain about the unsatisfactory service regarding my attempts to fax a Request For Medical Records form to your Medical Services Department.

After downloading the form from your web site and providing the necessary information, I faxed the form to the number appearing on the form [protected]. Following up the submission, when talking to a customer service representative, I was notified the number I had faxed it to was incorrect and to use [protected]. However, this number just rings without connecting to a fax. I called in a third time and was told the fax number to use was [protected]. This also didn’t work. Today, I called again and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was told that the number to use was, in fact, [protected], I asked her to ring the number to confirm it was a fax. After being on hold, she assured me she had verified it was a fax. After completing the call, once again, I attempted to send the form to [protected]. Not surprisingly, all I got was the phone ringing and no fax modem connectivity.

This dissemination of an incorrect phone number information and the failure of a customer service representative to handle the process correctly is unacceptable. I’m mailing a copy to the Medical Services Department, as well as enclosing a duplicate copy herein. Hopefully, the form will get to the appropriate focal point so that I can receive a copy of my Medical Services Bill as soon as possible. The form on your web site needs to be updated as well ensuring customer service representatives confirm the accuracy of the information they are providing.

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no more gold anchor service

This letter is regarding our recent Royal Caribbean cruise sailing on December 13, 2009 to the Mexican Riviera. This was our third cruise with Royal Caribbean but the first time sailing on the Mariner of the Seas. I read reviews online about Royal Caribbean’s service and food quality going downhill over the last few years but the first two times we had such wonderful experiences we were sure that we would have another great cruise.
We set sail out of Los Angeles without a hitch. We headed back to our cabin around 8:30pm that night because the bags were supposed to have been delivered by that time. We received all of our bags except one. It happened to be my suitcase which had everything I packed in it. I called our cabin steward (Leo) and told him we were missing a suitcase. He told me to head down to Deck 1 or Deck 2 as that’s where the lost luggage is kept and I would need to identify the suitcase. My husband headed down and looked through over 100 suitcases but ours was not there. While he was down there looking, many other people came down there to bring bags because they had been delivered to the wrong stateroom or were just missing their suitcase. If this seems to be such a problem, maybe a new process should be implemented. My husband was told that it may have been delivered to the wrong stateroom and hopefully someone will bring it down there. He went to Guest Relations to see if there was anything that could be done. He explained that ALL the belongings I brought for the week were in that suitcase. They handed him a little pouch with a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor in it and said there was nothing else they could do. No concern shown at all. Approximately, 11pm that night we received a call saying that our bag may have been brought down so we needed to come and claim it. Thankfully, it was our suitcase.
Our two children were cruising with us and they were excited about the children’s activities that were advertised on the website. Our first disappointment came during the Open House for the 5-8 yr olds the first day. We walked in and there were a few parents and children looking around and the two childcare workers were on computers with their backs turned to the people in the room. After about 10 mins and us seeing everything in the room, we had to interrupt their computer time to ask if there were any forms we needed to fill out. We completed the forms and then left feeling a little unsure about the week ahead. Being the week before Christmas there were less children on board than normal, which we thought would equate to better attention to our kids but it was just the opposite. Many teen activities never took place. My son would head to the activity to find no one there. Not even the teen worker. After this happening a couple of times, we went with him thinking maybe he wasn’t going to the right places or he was late, but sure enough… worker present. You can have a ping pong tournament with 3 kids, it just takes less time. Finally, the group of teens that kept showing up for activities that didn’t take place started doing things as a group as to not be bored. I mentioned this to the teen activities coordinator and his response was that the workers were there. I told him that they weren’t and he said that we must have been at the wrong place or the wrong time. I’m a professional working for a Fortune 50 company, I know how to make it to the right place on time.
We had to walk passed the service elevators to get to our stateroom and many times during the week there would be such a stench coming from there that we all learned to hold our breaths until we got to our cabin. The same putrid smell was on Deck 1 and you had to smell it when embarking and disembarking. It was to the point several times that I thought I was going to get sick before we could get on an elevator.
The food….Our previous cruises had amazing food at each meal and the mid-night buffet was well worth staying up for. Not so this time. I can honestly say there was nothing I ate on this cruise that was worth writing home about. The food was mediocre. I could name several restaurants that have better food than was served on our supposed 5 star cruise. And the mid-night buffet was a huge disappointment. My 8 yr old daughter has heard us talk about the ice sculptures and cheese sculptures and the chocolate. That is what she was looking forward to the most on this cruise and there wasn’t even any cheese offered. It was a mediocre buffet that you could probably get better food at most buffets in the states. Windjammer served the same food day after day after day. Come on….after 4 days of having the same choices you need some variety. Most nights at dinner at the Main Dining Room our glasses would sit empty waiting for the next time we would see the assistant waiter and twice the waitress forgot to take the order of someone in our party. I get better service at a chain restaurant like Olive Garden. Room service took over an hour no matter what time you ordered and the menu only had a handful of items on it. When we asked them to make something different, we were told you could only order what was on the menu. We couldn’t get a small bag of chips by themselves, we had to order the turkey sandwich that came with the chips even though we didn’t want a turkey sandwich.
No mints on the pillows, only had towel animals three out of the seven days and one day we couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. We untucked the blanket on one of the beds the first night because my daughter wanted to cover up while she was watching television on the couch. The whole week the blanket was never tucked in again on her bed. We have taken cruises because we like feeling pampered and taken care of just like when we are at a 5 star resort. Not once, since stepping on board did I feel like I was at a 5 start resort. I felt like I was staying at a Holiday Inn.
The final straw came several days into our cruise. I had purchased the Fountain Soda Package for my family. Please see the insert copied from
The fountain soda package entitles you to unlimited refills at any of our bars or lounges, Windjammer Café, Main Dining Room, and our private destinations. A complimentary Coca-Cola® souvenir cup is included as part of every fountain soda package
First onboard the ship we were told that the ship only served Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite. I didn’t see anywhere online that there was only going to be 3 choices but okay. Halfway through the cruise we find out that some bars and Johnny Rockets have other sodas, like Root Beer, Orange, etc. Completely sick of Sprite I take my daughter to one of the other places that had Root Beer in the fountain. I was told that the unlimited soda package only included Coke, Diet and Sprite. After a few minutes of not getting anywhere I went to Guest Relations and was told the same thing. NOWHERE on your website, nor on the documentation for the cruise does it say that you only get three choices, it says Unlimited Fountain Soda. I can understand if I was asking for bottled soda, but I only wanted soda from a fountain which I paid for unlimited refills of. I was told by Guest Relations “that is how it is” so I left. I found my husband and filled him in. He went down to Guest Relation and spoke to Stany Dias Sr. Asst. Beverage Manager. My husband explained our point of view and he was told, that’s how it is. He asked to speak to someone hire up and waited 45 minutes before Edgar Scott Asst. Manager of Guest Relations came out. I bet you can guess the response my husband got from Edgar….and this is Gold Anchor Service? Your slogan should be Royal Caribbean where “That’s how it is.” I paid for UNLIMITED FOUNTAIN SODA and was denied it. Nowhere does it state that it’s unlimited Coke, Diet and Sprite only. The sad thing is that all we wanted was the soda we paid for. Edgar or Stany could have offered some beverage vouchers for Root Beer and we would have been happy but they did not offer anything. We were told over and over, “That’s how it is.”
We talked to many people on the ship that were dissatisfied with the cruise for many different reasons and most said they would be trying a different cruise line next time. With the economy in the shape it is, you would think that a cruise line would do anything and everything to take care of its customers to keep them coming back. We are in the process of planning a huge family reunion cruise for 2010 and guess what cruise line we won’t be taking. We had such great experiences several years ago with Royal Caribbean and told thousands of people we talked to over the years that we would never take a Carnival cruise because they can’t compare to Royal Caribbean but I guess things have changed. We are already telling all our family and friends and coworkers (We both work in companies with over 100, 000 employees) that we will never take another Royal Caribbean cruise. So much for that Gold Anchor Service. I will gladly pay more for a higher star cruise line to feel like a guest.

don't use them

We booked a cruise with Royal Carribean - put down $2700 deposit on our credit card. 7 months later they called and cancelled our cruise. They gave absolutely no reason. No compensation (I paid interest on the $2700.00 for 7 months) and would not offer another cruise at a comparable price. I called to talk to their "resolution" dept. Which was a joke - I had an operator read off a card "yes, I would be upset also" and "no, I can't do a thing for you" This was for our anniversary - so don't book with Royal unless you don't care if you go or not.

  • Mo
    molliewollie Mar 30, 2011

    Have you ever cruised with them before? Did they cancel the whole cruise, your just your party? Curious because my family has one booked with them. Where were you going?

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terrible food, sewage odors

Oasis cruise Jan 31, - Feb 5, 2011. HORRIBLE quality food in main dining room breakfast, lunch and especially dinner. Also, terrible sewage odor all week, every evening. Only answer to correct food situation was to make reservations and PAY for dinner in specialty restaurants. Why should we have to PAY for good food after paying top dollar for our cruise. Hundreds of people (out of 5500 passengers) complained loudly every day but nothing was done to correct the problem. It ruined our entire week's vacation. Never travel on Royal Caribbean Line again! Cannot tell you how terrible the meals were.

allure of the seas loses luggage

Really looked forward to escaping winter on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas - icy weather delayed our flight - we missed the shuttle we pre-arranged. Hailed a cab to the ship. Fare $94! (Not what this Pissed Consumer complaint is about - maybe should be!)

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas - even bigger than I imagined - I imagined battleship.

Port embarkation stations arranged by deck - we missed initial crush - check-in was quick.

Suitcases scanned for security - safe thing - and to confiscate alcohol, sodas, fruit juices and

bottled water - RCI stingy thing.

On board we found jaw-dropping places - innovations I predict to influence many future cruise ships designs.

Nothing prepares you for the sheer number of guests aboard. Glad we made show reservations way ahead of time. People who had not reserved Chicago, Blue Planet, the ice show or the water show were usually disappointed. But things happen. Computer issues postponed Blue Planet show - rescheduled same time as the ice show. Bummer. Guests cuing long lines hours before comedy show in small place - we never made it in - played twice per night.

That's the big difference about the cruising experience on Allure. Just like a city - entertainment theaters, restaurants and clubs have very limited seating. Not everyone who wants to get inside will be able to. Amber Theater and Windjammer not much larger than Freedom class ships carrying fewer passengers. Experienced long lines - waits for most everything including elevators and public restrooms. Touch screens in stateroom and around the ship display wait times for events - other guests checking too - hike through milling crowds of people to destination - lines have grown from 10-minute wait to 30-minute wait. Maybe 400 Diamond Plus members aboard - Concierge Lounge too packed to enjoy. Most everywhere - for most everything - long cues like for major theme park rides. No surprise - organized and directed shore excursion departures had longest cues and waits. No exaggeration - anticipate waiting in a 15-minute cue, 6 times a day on Allure. We saw several ugly confrontations - people who no patience for line-breakers or those holding spots to let 5 people into line. RCI really needs to enforce rules better. Selfishly reserving poolside seating for hours with towels caused a lot of friction - so many are competing for the same spaces on Allure - RCI not enforcing rules to maintain order and civility. The other side - RCI employees reluctant to act - can't afford any negative comments from a guest.

Experienced Royal Caribbean cruisers will be very familiar with the cuisine on Allure. In main dining, Indian cuisine is usually one menu choice - Asian or pasta usually makes another menu choice - had duck and veal. Steak cost extra. Served minuscule, butterflied langostino tail on Fisherman platter "lobster night" - didn't order it - planned surf 'n turf (lobster & fillet mignon) in premium restaurant later in cruise. Downsized menu designed to Allure guests into premium restaurants.

Beverage cards needed for sodas, fruit juices and bottled water.

First time in our cruise experiences, a suitcase was lost. Dadgummit, Royal Caribbean! - did it have to be my wife's suitcase? Mine got delivered - bad for me - she is furious about it - has not failed to remind me of it - everyday - several times a day - since it happened. She packed formal dress, casual outfits, good shoes, intimates and bathing suit in lost suitcase - thank heavens she had makeup, medicines, jewelry, camera and one casual outfit in her carry-on.

Reported the missing suitcase right away - left our suitcases with port handlers - had personal ID tags on both suitcases - had RCI stateroom tags on both suitcases - had tipped the port handler - had receipt. Royal Caribbean promised to do a search - we completed a loss form - next day RCI informed us the suitcase could not be found - they had no record of it coming aboard Allure. Then the really bad news - RCI claimed my receipt was ONLY for my suitcase! RCI carefully explained - port handlers were not RCI employees! We would need to discuss our missing suitcase with port handlers when we returned to Miami - classic "their fault, not ours" story - I cannot prove the suitcase ever got aboard Allure - we are supposed to witness porters loading our luggage onto the ship? Now for why I'm a Pissed Consumer - since RCI was not negligent for the loss - they could not authorize the $300 lost luggage credit!

Ladies can tell you - $300 not enough for a lost formal, casual outfits, good shoes, intimates, etc. or the quality suitcase itself. Incredibly, Allure apparel shops do not sell intimate wear - except logo undies - the outfits Allure shops do sell are overpriced - a $300 credit won't replace much - the wife bought clothes at our first port of call. She felt no small degree of satisfaction wearing her new rainbow tie-dyed dress formal night! All night it was a springboard to tell her RCI Rip-off story - seemed most pissed off guests had their own lost-by-cruise-line tales of woe. So luggage lost-by-cruise-line happens enough for readers to take extra precautions.

I guess you can predict the responses we received from the port handlers in Miami - in short, their story is all luggage on the cart makes it aboard the ship - the last time we saw the suitcase was when it was piled onto the cart - any luggage they found after Allure left would have been turned over to RCI - receipt meant nothing - classic "their fault, not ours" story again - I smell a rat! Whatever - some chick in Miami area has my wife's formal. Whatever the inconvenience - from now on we will be packing only carry-ons - whether its port handlers or RCI to blame - I'll be "thanking" Royal Caribbean International every step I take.

did not receive their travel docs before cruising

I was not notified in advance by Royal Caribbean before departing of the cruising limitations. California passengers who did not check-in online or who did not receive their travel documents before departing, thus checked-in at the port, please post or email, stkitsantas AT, where you cruised from and if you received any other notifications of cruise limitations.

royal caribbean passengers who did not check-in online or did not receive their travel docs before cruising

I was not notified in advance by Royal Caribbean before departing of the cruising limitations. California passengers who did not check-in online or who did not receive their travel documents before departing, thus checked-in at the port, please post or email, [protected]@gamil.coom, where you cruised from and if you received any other notifications of cruise limitations.

  • Ke
    keyname Mar 12, 2011

    We had booked a Royal Caribbean cruise around South America thru Online Vacation Center, ship MARINER OF THE SEAS, leaving January 16, 2011 from Los Angeles, CA. When checking in we were informed that we needed a Visa for Brazil. It was the first time we heard about that requirement. We were given a choice: sailing to Monte Video and get off the ship there or not go on board at all.
    We agreed to get off in Monte Video and signed a paper that we would do that. Before boarding we called Online Vacation Center and left a message explaining our predicament asking to assist with flight arrangements home by cancelling and/or changing our flights for which we had paid earlier.
    After several (expensive) emails from the ship with negative response we finally got the ship's people to call and send emails, that helped. Online Vacation Center suggested to take the ferry from Monte Video to Buenos Aires, at our expense. They arranged for transport from the ferry terminal to a hotel and next day to the airport, and charged our credit card $2136.60 including $138.50 "reservation" charge.
    Online Vacation Center should have made us aware that a Visa for Brazil is required, they failed to do, and many other travellers faced the same dilemma. Not only was our trip cut short, it was extremely stressful to go thru the ships Front Desk over and over to get Online Vacation Center to work on our behalf. They finally did, but charged us dearly, $2136.50. They gave us a credit of $458 for not staying in a hotel in Sao Paulo and for not taking the city tour, but nothing for the flights with United Airlines we had paid before.
    We feel that Online Vacation Center is to blame for a ruined trip that was planned to be a pleasant life-time journey, and cost us additional big bucks .

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  • Cr
    Cruise with Mike Jul 10, 2011

    Dear Steve,
    As a Professional Cruise Planner I hear these types of stories much too often. First you should know that every cruise lines' contract of carriage call for Agencies being the responsible parties in their travel planning and advanced notifications. Unfortunately you chose to use an on-line agency that provided you will nothing but a booking means, got their commission and could care less. Royal Caribbean under their own policies and guidelines MUST adhere to the Client/Agency relationship. It's hard for novice travelers to always be up on what is required of them when traveling, but this should make it easy to see that in this case you would have avoided this situation by use of the Cruise Lines Directly, or an Agent who is someone you have an on-going relationship and can call directly on the phone for help. You should have at least be given better service when things went wrong, but then trying to get a toll free number to answer in a crisis, is a bad feeling I know. Bottom line everyone is that the Traveler is the responsible party to know what is required of you before you embark on any journey outside the confines of the continental U.S., so be sure it is someone you know, and someone you can trust (and call on for assistence) before plunking your money down. Sorry to hear of your experience.

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terrible cruise

We booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas for our 25th wedding anniversary. The cruise left from Baltimore for a tour of New England and Canada in October 2010. This was my 4th curise and I wanted it special for my husband. This ship is anything but enchanting! It is an older ship with few ammentities.
When our tickets had not arrived 5 days prior to departure, I contacted our travel agent and was informed that the "Seapass", which had to to be downloaded from the Royal Caribbean web site, was our ticket. There is no mention that this "Seapass" is the ticket and the web site stipulates where to mail the tickets. Since we had not downloaded the Seapass and mailed in the notice we did not have luggage tags. They did provide luggage tags at the port of Baltimore.
The "Any Time Dining" is a joke. On the first evening we arrived at the dining room and I requested a table for 2. The waiter took us to a table for 6 and after dinner HE decided that since we all seemed to get along this would be our assigned table for 6:00 P.M. dining. One couple at our table ordered a bottle of wine. The wine steward poured the wine for my husband to taste. Not knowing that we had not ordered the bottle, my husband tasted the wine and when the wine steward tried to pour a glass for another female passenger, the mistake was apparent. Her husband had ordered the wine. I requested that another bottle of wine be provided to this couple. The wine never arrived.
Every night we got into a line that reached back to the staterooms and waited. Even the bartenders could not understand what was wrong with the dining staff. The last night of the cruise we were advised that since we were assigned to a table we could have just walked into the dining room and taken a seat. This information came from a passenger not the crew.
We ate in the Market Place, which is a cafeteria style restaurant. The food is a step up from college food. It would serve Royal Caribbean well to contact Golden Corral. At least Golden Corral has decent food. The powdered scrambled eggs, the stale bread and the coffee were horrible! The dining room was not much better, they are not serving gourmet food, not even close!
The odor in our stateroom was like an outhouse. This was disturbing since we did not have a balcony and could not air out the room.
The Bar Harbor adventure was a real adventure. The "Compass" gave a location for departure via tender. Noone was there. After walking around the ship, four staircases were crowded with people trying to exit the ship. A passenger advised that 2 tenders were being used and one had mechanical problems. I observed the crew trying to lower 2 more tenders that got hung up in the riggings. This was very upsetting since these tenders are really life boats. If we had a real emergency 450 people would be left on board the ship. The passengers on the ship were mostly elderly and infirmed with wheelchairs and walkers.
The return cruise was extremely rough (not Royal Caribbean's fault) as a nor'easter was heading up the eastern coast. I was apprehensive since the crew was having problems with the life boats.
It was extremely cold and windy in Bar Harbor and when we arrived at the bus for a carriage ride through Acadia National Park we were told that the bus would not load for another 15 minutes. The bus sat there with the engine running while we stood in the cold waiting.
The stateroom staff and the bartenders were very efficient. They did an excellent job. The dining room staff and the cruise director (where was she?) were terrible. McDonald's gives better service. Except for the "Compass" there was no communication with the passengers. And the information in this newsletter was usually wrong!
I contacted Customer Relations via email when we returned from the cruise. A polite email was received thanking them for my letter. This cruise line needs a major overhaul of staff and real training.
I will never book another cruise on Royal Caribbean!

terrible customer service

My mother-in-law purchased a cruise vacation for 7 family members, spanning 4 generations (4 of whom include...

denied boarding

11 days prior to sailing RCCL contacts our family to say that they are not going to allow our son to go on cruise because of a policy violation from a prior cruise last summer. My son is age 25 and was involved in a altercation on a prior cruise. While we felt the other party was the instigator both parties were held equally to blame. The situation is done and over and in the past and now 8 months later just days before departure they cancel our entire Christmas vacation.

Our entire family has been loyal 20 year customers -and are at Diamond level and they call us today ruining our entire Christmas Holiday after everything is paid, airfare is non refundable. If this was such a concern then why were we not informed when we booked cruise... they have our loyalty numbers attached to everything and every record.

While I have serious issue with their decision after 19 cruises with never a problem and over $90, 000 paid to RCCL that they make a rash decision that my adult son is not suitable for cruising with them.

My children have grown up with this cruise line and they just throw 20 years of loyalty out the window...The other real issue is waiting until we have no way to make other holiday plans, losing our non refundable airfare and mistreating some of their most loyal customers in such a way that would shame any reaonable company who wants and depends on loyalty.

This is an absolute travesty of customer service and loyalty ... One small incident in 19 cruises and they hold it against us... we are so hurt and saddened by this very poor judgement on the part of RCCL.

To say we will never sail with RCCL is a gross understatement. For the rest of lives we wil speak negatively about this experience and do all we can to disuade others from ever using this cruise line.


  • Lm
    LMAO Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree wtih psuguy and dawniette. Leave your son at home, enroll him in Fight Club, and you go enjoy the cruise with the rest of the family. It's his fault, he should never be allowed on the cruise again.

    "they make a rash decision that my adult son is not suitable for cruising with them. " -- if he is 25 now, your son was also an adult last year yet he still made the poor choice of getting into a fight.

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unresponsiveness in providing medical data

After undergoing medical treatment, onboard RCI Radiance of the Seas, I requested a a copy of the medical...

jerry dunn rev# 0767316 & pauline dunn rev# 1282887 - sail date-oct. 9, 2010 to oct 16, 2010

From: Jerry T. & Pauline Dunn 2205 King Malcolm Lane Zebulon, NC 27597 Contact Phone# [protected]- cell...

explorer of seas

On December 2009, we cruised on Explorer of the seas, with our 5 year old son. All in all the ship was great, with many activities. In general, lines for embarkation, and to get off of the ship for excursions were disorganized, and seemed to take long compared to Carnival. We missed an excursion, due to following the cruise line's instruction as to where to drop our child for day care in haiti. As we waited an hour in line, then were going to get on the tender boat with the child as told to do, we were instructed to go to the end of the line, as the child could not board. I told the personel that this is what we were told to do. Take the tender to haiti and drop him off at the on Island daycare, then go to the parasailing. I returned to their excursion desk where i had recieved the original incorrect information. the same man was working there. I told him to fix the problem since he was the one that misinformed us. He first stated that he never spoke to me before and basically called me a liar. Then after 45 mins arguing, our parasail money was at least refunded. The next day, we had an am excursion planned. The daycare was supposed to be open by 830 am. We got there and it was closed. Again i marched to the desk, and argued once again, that we would miss our next excursion. They could not reschedule us, as the excursion only left at that time, so I relentlessly argued until they did accomodate and open the daycare for my child. There was not enough sitting room in lunch and breakfast area. we could never find a seat, and there i stood trying to hold two trays and hand feed my child. We tried ordering room service which in general took about 2 hours and was soggy or cold. Many people were vomitting all over the ship. our ship had the Norovirus. A lady vommitted under a bathroom stall and it went onto my son's shoes. By some luck, we did not get the illness. Other than the disorganization with the excursions, we did have an enjoyable cruise, with great service in every other department on board. The food in main dining was exceptional. our room was clean and they made special animals for our son out of towels every night. most staff members new my son's name by heart. After all of my complaints at the excursions desk, they did give my a 20$ on board credit for my troubles. HAHA.

  • Ka
    katelyn10111111111111 Jan 05, 2010

    its just not cool never again will we use there cruises

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  • Ly
    Lyn Becroft Mar 07, 2010

    Recently we travelled with the above company on a cruise to Vietnam and Sanya. Sanya was our last port of call. We booked ourselves on one of the tours that the ship was offering and this tour was for the duration of 5 hours. Unfortunately we did not get to take this tour and most of our day was spent sitting on the ship to disembark and then lining up to go through Immigration and then sitting on the coach only to be told that we did not have enough time to do the tour. We were certainly disappointed. A meeting was had with a representative for Royal Carribean and the passengers who informed us that he would get back to us with some resolution. As at to-date this has not occurred and we would like some response. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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extremely poor customer service

"without prejudice".

Ask 288 customers about the extremely poor customer service and customer experience on the Legend of the Seas between 20- 25 February 2010. Basically the Hotel Director and senior staff ignore customers' representations, provide no resolution to valid customer issues and provide misleading information. They do not deliver on what they promise to do and they do not answer emails at all. This is my personal opinion.

Watch this space for more information from other disgruntled Royal Caribbean International customers .

  • Pa
    PATRICIA STAMPER Mar 04, 2010


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  • Pa
    PATRICIA STAMPER Mar 04, 2010


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bad christmas cruise

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy many fine traveling experiences in my lifetime, but my experience aboard...

don't use

After retired, my family and I planned the trip of a lifetime, a Mediterranean cruise. We booked through Royal Caribbean since we had enjoyed cruising with them in the past. All flights, hotels, and the cruise, were booked through the cruise line. Things did not start out well. Our flight was cancelled and we missed the sailing of the ship.

We spent two days in airports, sleeping in chairs or on the terminal floor, while we tried to connect to the ship. We finally caught up to the ship, however, we were exhausted, and and in need of a shower! We had missed two days of the cruise and pre planned shore excursions.

Since all travel had been booked through the cruise line, I hold them somewhat responsible for the air travel fiasco, as well as the cruise. Other things that happened were: continuous problems with the plumbing in our cabin, a bus on one of our tours breaking down, and the French authorities not allowing us to land due to swine flue concerns.

Royal Caribbean's response was to say they were sorry and give us credit for the cruising we had missed, although I believe they shorted us on the credit. Although they did apologize, they did not acknowledge any responsibility for any of our misfortune. I will not use this cruise line, or any of it's subsidiaries again.

  • Re
    Really? May 08, 2010

    So if I understand this correctly...

    It's Royal Caribbean's fault your flight was cancelled? Since when do they fly?

    It's Royal Caribbean's fault that French authorities prevented your arrival due to swine flu? I didn't know a cruise company had this kind of power!


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