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Complaints & Reviews

cruise to haiti

I just wanted to post my feelings about Royal Caribbean sending cruises to Haiti. Is it just me or does it sound like this cruise company only cares about the money they can make for themselves? With how many people are injured and continue to die, Royal Caribbean should be sending cruise ships full of aid supplies rather than snotty tourists. I'm a Marine veteran and while I was in Iraq we completed many humanitarian missions, which is why this makes me sick. How can you ignore the realities of the world you live in, and continue like nothing ever happened?

  • Mr
    mrmark Jan 22, 2010

    First off, what makes you so high and mighty compared to those “snotty tourists” you know so much of? Maybe you should get down off your pedestal and review the facts.
    While Royal Caribbean is still cruising to Haiti, CEO Adam Goldstein is prepared to donate one million dollars to the relief fund (which is actually more than some countries such as New Zealand, Greece, The Russian Federation, and many others) as well as donating supplies for each ship that docks. Royal Caribbean has also set up a system for their passengers to donate via their ship credit. This may be just an opinion; however I feel that after visiting that country, passengers will not be that reluctant to donate money.
    One must also consider economics. Tourism is a vessel of cash flow that must be appreciated by many Haitians, especially in these dark times. What good would stripping a source of income for the island do during times of tragedy? The fact is your average “snotty tourist” is not exploring the destroyed nation on a servant driven chariot, holding a glass of scotch in one hand with his nose up in the air, praying to every major and minor deity he could think of that no one beneath him will engage a conversation. As someone who has been on a cruise and has been to Haiti could contest, you go to the beach, buy wooden and stone souvenirs and appreciate the beauty of the island. I truly cannot understand what makes you so sick, the idea of charity?
    I am also not naïve. I do not think that the Royal Caribbean corporation has solely decided to continue to go to Haiti in order to aid the little island nation. However that being stated, there is nothing wrong with symbiosis: The cruise line is able to continue to dock at Haiti and in turn provides the nation with aid. I may be wrong, but out of all of the activists and individuals who believe the Cruise ships are not being respectful of tragedy, how many of them speak for the Haitian people or government? If the nation that experienced the disaster wished the ships not return for a period of time, I believe they would be able to discover a legal way.

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  • Su
    sue280 May 03, 2010

    I agree it is an absolute disgrace that they continue to send cruises to Haiti. They are just one of many that exploits that Haitian people. One of their " donations" they delivered on a cruise in Feb. was a load of used mattresses. The people lost the roofs over their heads, did they really think mattresses would be on the top of their wish list? I guess if you are capable of lying on a beach knowing hundreds are dying about 70 miles away you'll have a great time. Just remember its only a fence separating you from thousands of desperate people so you may want to rethink that. I would never go to Haiti on a cruise, I would never support the corrupt goverment and I have always supported aid to the people from our church. They have nothing before the earthquake and its beyond comprehension how bad it is now and it is not appropriate to send cruises there as it's just greed on the part of the cruiseline. And it IS HAITI! So many think Labadee is a completely separate entity, it is NOT you are IN Haiti! I cruise all the time but refuse to support corrupt goverments that starve their own people. I had the laugh the other day as someone said oh but Royal Caribbean gives the poor people all the left over food from the BBQ on the beach. Yeah that's real generous, lets give them the left overs and used mattresses! Do you know Royal Caribbean takes a cut from the vendors they ALLOW in to sell their things? Yeah, real generous! Boycott the cruises going to Haiti, send a clear message that you will not be part of exploiting the people who are at the mercy of their goverment.

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  • Re
    Really? May 08, 2010

    Great suggestion Sue280!

    Let make matters worse by also ruining their already fragile economy. I mean why not...Theirr homes and businesses are gone, let's take away jobs too.

    You are entitled to your opinion because this is America and brave Marines like the OP are here to protect you. But in my opinion you couldn't be more wrong on this issue.

    Have a nice day.

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rude service

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with Royal Caribbean and Oasis of the Seas. From start to finish this cruise was a disaster in the making. I don't blame my travel agency (Ready Set Go Travel), they did everything in their power to help correct all the problems I experienced on board.

Where do I start? The ship is a small city. Gone are the personal touches. Gifts ordered by both ourselves and our travel agent were NOT received (yet Royal Caribbean had BOTH orders on record).

Our cabin attendant didn't clean. Our beds sheets were NEVER changed. I intentionally placed an ink mark on the sheet. In 7 days the sheet was NEVER changed.

Rude passengers everywhere. Forget "My Time Dining" more like when we can seat you dining.

Horrible ports. The ship is simply too big. It's fiasco from the minute you board. This is a case of bigger is NOT better and I will NOT return to Royal Caribbean after the rude, uncaring service I received.

I spend a lot of money booking two to three cruises each year. This is my LAST time with Royal Caribbean or any related cruise line.

  • Re
    Really? Dec 29, 2009

    I was wondering what the reviews of a 6, 000 person ship would be like.

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  • Su
    sue280 May 03, 2010

    It's not the first similar type complaint I've heard about the Oasis and I also know many of the crew are not happy either. There is such a thing as too big and unfortunately that is what the Oasis is.

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  • Sv
    sviviano Jul 07, 2010

    wow, I am very sorry to hear this. I always thought it was a good line, such a large boat and all. Crazy stuff. I found a helpful page here,
    They have some lists of cruise lines and a few suggestions and tips when planning a cruise, hope it helps, and your next cruise is more enjoyable than this one. Take care and come see us in the Caribbean!

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The Voyagers of the Seas is a beautiful cruise ship, but be for warmed it is very dangerous, especially for women traveling with girlfriends. Husbands watch your wives and children. I know first hand there is a dangerous criminal who works on board, he preys on women. His name is Rafael Rodriguez. He is from the Dominican Republic, he works in one of the dining rooms in one of the larger restaurants. Rafael is very charming, but dont be fooled he preys on women, single and married women. His goal is to get to know you, so he can steal your money; he will go to any lengths to rob you.DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO SERVE YOU DRINKS!!! I know because I am a tourist who was violated by him. His accomplice is his wife, who is also facing charges. Be careful he is violent and ruthless, Rafael is wanted by the police back in his own country, is awaiting trial for Criminal and Civil charges against him. Again RC is aware of the criminal activities Rafael is involved in, in fact they make it possible for their employee to continue, as they continue to employee him. I have spoken to other women who have also traveled on Voyagers of the Seas (check Facebook) who also have been violated by him. Sadly two of the women are afraid to come forward. The Company, Royal Caribbean is aware of Mr. Rodriguezcriminal activities, they refuse to get rid of this employee, he remains on board. Think twice about traveling with this company, since the security of Royal Caribbean guests is being compromised, as the company is obviously not particularly concerned with the safety of their female passengers.

lost all luggage

My husband and I have cruised for over 10 yrs. We have a trip 4/11/09-4/18/09, we checked luggage at port of Miami, watched them tag it, and put correct room# on, bag's, 3 of them. Never saw them again, we cruised 7 days, nothing, no clothes, toiletries, shoes or cameras. Royal gave us a $200.00 voucher for their online shop, (after 2days)have you ever shopped on board, we purchased 2 bathing suits 1 T-Shirt apiece. There does that $200.00, cancelled excusions, had no long pants or sneakers, can't attend formal, was told "NOT ALLOWED IN EATING INSIDE WITHOUT, SHORTS OR LONG PANTS, was a total waste of $3500.00, plus airfare. Royal stated they ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LUGGAGE AT PIER, THEY DO NOT HIRE, THEM...BUT WAIT..they sure are responsible since they outsorted the job. Long story short ending, they had me spend 5 days itemizing all the items, item description, purchased, approx. cost. so I did typed it and mailed it. YOU KNOW ALL ALONG ROYAL KNEW THEY WOULD ONLY REPAY $600.00, TOTAL TO US. MY LUGGAGE AND TOILETRIES COST THAT MUCH...WHAT A TERRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY THIS IS AND I WILL SEND AS MANY EMAILS AS I CAN ABOUT THIS, AND HOPE NO ONE EVER HAS TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN...YOU TALK ABOUT '''''''NO, NOT ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE, '''''HANDS DOWN ROYAL SHOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS, AND STOCKHOLDERS SHOULD BE AWARE OF THEIR PORR UNFRIENDLY, UNCARING, RUDE WAY OF HANDLING THIS SIUTATION, SO BASICALLY WE WASTED OVER AIRFARE AND CRUISE, $4, 000.00, I SPEND DAYS TO COMPLETE THE FORM KNOWING NO MATTER WHAT I WAS ONLY GETTING A MAX. OF $600. FOR BOTH OF US...BEWARE PEOPLE, THEY ARE A SORRY EXCUSE OF CRUISING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE...TERRIBLE..I AM STILL CONTACTING PEOPLE. BUT, YOU ALL MUST READ THE ARTICLE, WHERE '''ROYAL CARIBBEAN BANS COUPLE FROM SAILING DUE TO COMPLAINING""" READ IT..TERRIBLE.

  • Me
    mellyube311 Jun 25, 2009

    I agree with you completely. I scheduled the tour in Venice, Italy for 10 days for 8 people, 8 people !!! That's a lot of business. Somehow, my luggage was the only one that disappeared.

    I did all of that you mention in your complaint, They lost my luggage too in venice, Italy, and then told me they were looking for it everywhere. I watched them tag it and off it went in the port. They had me fill out an itemized form with everything, and then when I got back to miami (my hometown), they said I had to talk to the miami branch and fill out the itemized form AGAIN.

    Here's the best part. I fill out a complaint stating the luggage that they lost was my favorite Coach luggage (a really nice bag) and with everything that was in it, it cost me approx. $ 600.00. I wait, and wait, and wait (after around 3 MONTHS) I see a check in the mail, for $ 116.00?!!!

    If I would've known that they would only pay me $ 116.00, I would probably not spend so much money doing all that work, and spent it more on getting a lawyer. One thing is for sure, I will never never travel with ROYAL CARRIBEAN again. And I travel A LOT. and I will tell anyone who would listen that they lose your luggage and then they don't pay hardly anything. Ridiculous company, will NEVER NEVER NEVER deal with them again. THey absolutely don't know what customer service is.

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  • Ro
    royalcaribbeanfails Mar 09, 2011


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  • Lu
    lucille pelletier Apr 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Royal Carribean a perdu les bagages de ma compagne de voyage entre le port de Valparaiso (Chili) et l'aéroport de Santiago, le 19 déc. 2010. Ils n'ont jamais répondu aux nombreux courriels qu'elle leur a envoyé, ni à la lettre enregistrée. Aucun accusé-réception, jamais. Aucune excuse, aucune explication, aucune nouvelle de la valise, aucun dédommagement. Nous ne voyagerons plus jamais avec cette compagnie.

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  • tylerjfrost92 Apr 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You know, I bet they look for the expensive looking bags and steal them. And sell them. That is what it sounds like to me. IDK.

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horrible customer service

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line- Reprehensible customer service!

Shame on Royal Caribbean! My family has been planning our first ever cruise since May of 2008. We were all set to go on our cruise on Monday March 23rd. Unfortunately our 6 year old son who had blood clots at birth, resulting is a stroke, the loss of one arm, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy had a severe seizure the day we were to fly to Florida. Chase’s seizures have always been controlled with medication and we’ve never had any problems in the past. We ended up spending the day in Riley hospital for children. Our son’s neurologist recommended that we not take the cruise since we didn’t know what caused this seizure to be so severe and the risk of him having one at sea and having to be air lifted out was too great. She wrote us a note to give to the cruise line recommending he not take the cruise and told us she thought they'd be understanding since she'd had other patients in the same situation with other cruiselines. We of course we were all devastated that the trip we had been planning for almost a year would not happen. I called Royal Caribbean and quickly found out that we hadn’t purchased trip insurance, which obviously was a huge mistake. I explained why we couldn’t go and was transferred to Annie is the resolutions department. She offered to give us 200 a person in vouchers that would have to be used in a year. I explained to her that we didn’t think we would ever be able to take a cruise with him and even with the 200 dollars in vouchers we would still be losing 1, 500 dollars on the cruise. She told me that was all she could do and that I needed to let her know in no later than 2 days at the most so they could RESELL my rooms! Can you believe that? Why the heck would I care if they got to resell my rooms if they weren’t giving me my money back? She even asked why all four of us weren’t going on the cruise if it were just 1 child. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Like I would leave my child home and go without him? I decided I’d wait 2 days and call back since I didn't care if they resold my rooms or not. This time I spoke to someone else and told her what Annie had said. I asked to speak to a supervisor to see if they’d be willing to give us the money instead of a voucher or consider refunding all of it. The supervisor REFUSED to even get on the phone and speak to me. She told the lady on the phone to tell me the offer was firm and it was all they would do. I can’t believe that Royal Caribbean doesn’t have better customer service than that! I've never heard of a supervisor not even taking the time to talk to someone.

horrible customer service

  • Ta
    TakiyahL Apr 20, 2009

    Sorry to hear that! I won't be ever using them now! Since posting this, has anyone contacted you? I would send an email or letter to the head brass. That usually works for me. Most companies have an easy to figure out email system: first name lastname @ or first initial [email protected], etc... Also if you look at investor information, that would be a good resource to locate names, contacts, etc.

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  • Sh
    Shelly777 Oct 20, 2009

    Where do they get off thinking it is acceptable to offer miniscule vouchers, which of course would be forcing you to spend the same money all over again and have to deal with people who do not even care when it comes to the health of your child???

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  • Na
    nadafree Jan 23, 2010

    Would be interesting to read the cancellation policy for RC. It's possible you were dealing with a customer service rep who didn't bother contacting the supervisor at all. Write the CEO or someone higher up in the company; maybe they'll do right by you.

    It's too bad you weren't able to take your cruise. Hope you're able to vacation with your son and family in a place where his health would not be in jeopardy (after all, cruise ships are out on the ocean).

    Best wishes!

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  • Su
    sue280 May 03, 2010

    I'm sorry this happened to you but it happens on ALL cruiselines. You must take out the insurance or you will suffer a financial loss and this goes for all cruiselines. Pay attention to the policy you do take out to be sure trip cancellation due to illness is covered as well as medical expenses as policys can differ. Buying that insurance is the best investment you will make when taking a cruise. Just a medivac alone can cost over 25, 000 and without insurance YOU pay it. I would never book a cruise without insurance. Its a hard expensive lesson you learned but there are hundreds of people its happened to for a variety of reasons and it doesn't matter if it's a child or an adult who is sick or injured and it is very clear in all the cruiselines cancellation policies. Best wishes

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  • Ra
    Rannier Apr 06, 2016

    My luggage is color red. The identity is RURUKADI. It has 10 to 15 kilos of weight. Clothing and shoes inside.

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toxic fumes

We booked a cruise directly with RCI, instead we ended up in a reconditioning/construction zone. Imagine being on a cruise ship, for a well-needed vacation, that you paid good money for, and you end up being in TOXIC FUMES for approximately 7 days of your cruise. We went through paint scraping, painting (marine-based paint), tearing down of walls, putting up walls with SPRAYED ON GLUE (maintenance workers wore respirators), the tearing up and putting down rugs in our entire stateroom area! All this with NO FANS and NO VENTILATION.

We all had dull headaches, flu-like symtoms, not to mention we were all cranky.

Areas were closed off, we constantly had to use the elevators to go up and down to cross over mid-ship.

The fumes were in the hallways, elevators, our stateroom area, even the dining area!


royal caribbean victim

Save your vacation, run screaming from RCL.

On Royal Caribbean, you are vacationing cattle, held captive to be herded and milked dry. You will encounter all manner of crass, tacky scams designed to wring every penny from you before you are hustled grumbling home. Royal Caribbean brings new meaning to “shake down cruise”.

Tips for Royal Caribbean cruisers:

1. BEWARE OF RCL AMNESIA - Record everything the Royal Caribbean reservations agent says to you. Bring the recorder with you aboard. You will need the recorder and a stool for the hours you will spend complaining at the“Guest Relations” desk. Get everything in writing. RCL reservations will tell lies to get your booking. Nobody on board will honor the lies.

2. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES – You will be gouged by RCL for a ride to the end of the pier. It is worth the walk. Royal Caribbean shore excursions are a complete rip off. You will find great cheap tours within a block of the pier head.

3. REVENUE ENHANSEMENTS – Royal Caribbean will give you crummy orange juice, awful coffee and cafeteria food as a part of your ticket. If you want decent food, real orange juice, sodas, water or drinkable coffee, you must pay lots extra. On our RCL cruise, there was a $25 dollar per person cover charge just to set foot in the decent restaurants. Internet service is set to run at a snail’s pace, maybe because RCL charges by the minute. You will be given a handful of gratuity envelopes. Swallow your anger and tip, in person, only those staff that actually did their job. In our case, our cabin steward, one bartender and one waitress.

4. ADVANCE PURCHASES – If you purchase anything from RCL reservations for a “discount” you are being screwed. The same packages are available at the same price aboard the ship. When you try to redeem anything you pre purchased from Royal Caribbean be prepared for a long, long wait and something like an IRS audit. The usual excuse is “nobody has the wine locker keys” or “the wine steward is off duty”. If you advance purchase wine you can’t have it delivered to your state room. Room service will, however, sell you another bottle instead of delivering what you have already purchased. RCL tells you where and when you can have the wine that you pre purchase. If you buy a soda package you are doomed to roam the ship for two weeks carrying the “special” sippy cup that you must drink from to be served.

5. ALCOHOL – You will pay simply infuriating prices for alcoholic beverages aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. RCL will search you and your bags at each gangway to make sure you don’t have any bottles…they even sniff your mouthwash. Once they are sure you have no bargain booze they will really put the screws to you. Expect to pay multiple times the retail price of a bottle of wine. You will pay almost the cost of a twelve pack for just one beer. Plan to get short poured on cocktails and bend over and grab your ankles when they bring the bill.

6. AIRPORT SERVICE – Imagine the service you have received from the airlines in recent years. Picture your worst airline terminal nightmare. Visualize long lines, screaming kids and high handed treatment from puny gods behind counters and podiums. Now surround that with water and you get some idea of the Royal Caribbean cruise experience. Royal Caribbean advertising bears no resemblance to RCL reality. As our shuttle bus finally departed for the airport, someone yelled “Anyone who had a good time, raise your hand”….nobody did.

Royal Caribbean still owes us $92 dollars in disputed charges… They were going to contact us. I am not holding my breath.

SEARCH WORDS: “RCL reviews”, RCL rip offs”, “RCL complaints”, ” Royal Caribbean complaints”, “ discount cruises”, “cruise vacations”, “Royal Caribbean Cruises”, cruises, RCL,

Adventure of the Seas • Allure of the Seas • Brilliance of the Seas • Enchantment of the Seas • Explorer of the Seas • Freedom of the Seas • Grandeur of the Seas • Independence of the Seas • Jewel of the Seas • Legend of the Seas • Liberty of the Seas • Majesty of the Seas • Mariner of the Seas • Monarch of the Seas • Navigator of the Seas • Oasis of the Seas • Radiance of the Seas • Rhapsody of the Seas • Serenade of the Seas • Sovereign of the Seas • Splendour of the Seas • Vision of the Seas • Voyager of the Seas

  • Vi
    Vicki Conrad Feb 23, 2009

    I could't agree more--you have completely hit the mark with your commentary. This was our first and LAST cruise, especially since we were told how great Royal Caribbean was. My meal at the airport was better. Heck, the sandwich on the airplane was on par with the Windjammer! The SHAMELESS ploys to expunge more and more money from the guests are disgusting, and, as the note card on our bed said the first night, "SWEET DREAMS OF HAPPY SHOPPING..." (not happy a happy vacation, or relaxation---this says it all) they couldn't be more shameless about extorting MORE of my hard earned money! But their ploys failed, and they will never again see this couple (or any of our friends if we can help it) on their over-rated, poorly serviced, floating shopping mall of a ship! If your idea of a vacation is relaxing, then do yourself a favor and go to a beach!!! But if you like malls, and being hearded like sheep, and suckered left and right, then, this is your ship!

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  • Ma
    maryatvan Apr 11, 2009

    Yikes, my friend and I are taking a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska round-trip on the Seranade of the Seas on RCL. It's a 7 day cruise my first, her second. I am so sorry to those who experienced such deplorable situations on board. We plan on purchasing our excursions upon landing at the ports, and thinking of purchasing the White Pass train also that way. Wish us Luck?

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  • Te
    TERRY May 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ti
    Tim G Aug 19, 2010

    You are the biggest whiners I have ever seen on a posting. You really feel that airport food is better than RCCL's? That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Yes the tours are not cheap, but they are trying to make a living. Do your own self guided tour and risk missing the boat. As for the alcohol prices, have you ever stayed at a resort or the beach? Drinks are much more expensive there. Granted they are not cheap on cruises, but suck it up and deal with it. You are on vacation, not trying to rub nickels together. If the "cafeteria food" as you put it, is so bad, go to the sit down dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of the windjammer(which by the way is quite nice and has an excellent choice in items). The $25 charge for the "decent restaurant" as you put it is a cheap price to pay for a wonderful full course meal with items that they don't carry on their normal menu in the main dining rooms. You folks seem like the type who complain about anything. You would probably [censor] about the taxes if you won the lottery. I hope you never cruise again. I would hate to be stuck on a ship for a week with a miserable person like you just complaining every 5 minutes. Stay home and that way you have no one to blame but yourself for your miserable existance.

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  • Am
    Amy Meyer Hodman Jun 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We cruised as a family on The Adventure of the Seas in February and overall it was an awful experience. The embarking and disembarking process is dreadful. It felt like we were cattle being loaded onto a truck for slaughter (and the conditions were about as hot and uncomfortable as that scenario as well). Disembarking was even WORSE, if that's possible. I don't know why they bother having groups leave at certain times when it ends up being a free-for-all anyway, and you are crammed with what feels like a million other people broiling in a stuffy, unventilated, roasting hot giant warehouse shed for an hour just trying to get through the line, where there is no organization whatsoever and people cut in front of others at will.

    The ship had none of the amenities that are advertised constantly on TV. The internet was overpriced -- dialup circa 1995 on aol was lightning fast compared to the internet on board, and this was while using one of THEIR computers! There never seemed to be enough room for everyone in the adults-only pool area which was disappointing. The food was just so-so and it seemed like the main sit down dining room kept rotating the same handful of dishes throughout the trip. I wrote to Royal Caribbean about the internet fail and got nothing in response. No email, no recognition it was a problem, etc. Every time I see their ads about their "lightning fast" intermet I laugh out loud. I wouldn't travel with them again.

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Awful experience!

My wife and I wanted to see the Mediterranean area as a nice second anniversary trip. In the past, we have...

bad customer service

Buyer Beware applies here. I just got back from a Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas. It was barely 'okay' because after spending a lot of money for the cruise we got on board only to find that so many things cost extra like juice at lunch, the arcade, yoga classes, and band-aids. (They wanted 50 cents for a band-aid.) All these extra costs ruined the rest of the cruise, and they don't care! The food was okay but there really wasn't a lot to do on the largest cruise ship in the world. My suggestion: go when it's cheap or don't go at all! Spend your money on a trip to Grand Cayman or Kauai where you're not at the mercy of other people! If you do go on a cruise surf the net for complaints like this one.

  • Et
    E. Taylor Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have been on the Freedom twice and we LOVED the ship, the crew and the excursions. Any vacation is what you make of it. Of course, we spent most of our time on the Flow Rider and at the adult pool. There is always something to do and they tell you UP FRONT that you have to pay for juice, cokes and booze. We have already booked a cruise for the new ship, the Oasis and can't wait. I recommend the Freedom to all my friends and family. As a matter of fact, it was because of our videos and pictures from our first cruise last year that our friends went with us this year and throughout the entire trip, they kept thanking us for inviting them along and telling us how much fun they were having.

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  • Ha
    hayoufail May 29, 2009

    I agree that there will always be extra costs on a cruise ship. I have been on the Rhapsody and had a blast. Everyone is told up front about extra costs, I am especially glad that the booze isn't free or the ship would be overflowing with drunks. So what if soda isn't free. I'm more concerned about seeing the world and spending time with friends and family.

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  • Su
    sue280 May 03, 2010

    Yes, there are many extras you can buy on a cruise but the choice is up to you to buy them. You can go on a cruise and not spend a penney more if you choose or you can spend thousands more on alcohol, internet, excursions, shopping, specialty dining venues, etc. It's your choice and I agree they do tell you up front, soda and alcohol is not included and juice is only included during breakfast hours. As for the bandaid it's no secret medical costs on any ship are a fortune and we always carry first aid kits to have the basics like baidaids and OTC meds just like we would on a land vacation. A hospital on land would charge your insurance company 5.00 for the same baidaid so .50 is a bargain! All cruiselines offer brochures, ticket contracts, etc. explaining all the details about a cruise. People need to take the time to read these things before they book a cruise so they know what to expect to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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  • Gr
    Grandmabee1o1 Apr 25, 2011

    My first RCI cruise was on the Granduer in 1998 (It was my fifth cruise) Our only complaint was a glitch with one of our boys cards. He couldn't buy anything. They took care of that - No Problems. I have since been on 7 more cruises with various family members and groups up to 44 people) Five of them on RCI, Voyager, Explorer 2 times, Adventure, and Freedom. I have no complaints!! On recommendations by our travel agent for a last minute cruise, we sailed on Princess' Crown Princess. My husband and I just got back four weeks ago tomorrow. We are going back to RCI for a cruise on the Oasis next october with our large group, who warned us not to stray.
    Princess was just not up to the standards of RCI, In service and ESPECIALLY in cleanliness!!! They did upgrade us to a mini sweet at the last minute. This was nice as it was our 37th wedding aniversary!!
    As for the complaint about all the little thing they charge for on the cruises, My first sailing was in 1988 and as far as I can remember, it has always been this way.
    My best recommendation is for people to book a balcony cabin!!
    Five of our first six were inside cabins or promenade cabins. I have too save a little longer, but it is definately worth the extra money!!!
    We are CRUISE LOVERS we will go as many times as we can. We may try another line occasionally, but RCI to date is the top of the line as far as we are concerned!!!
    Grandma B

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the lens was cracked during the fall

Cruise on Serenade of the Seas
October 29, 2006 - November 11, 2006
Departing San Diego and arriving in San Juan

When we arrived at Aruba on November 10 and proceeded to leave the ship to go ashore I fell on the ship's gangway. The last section of the ramp, before the stairs, did not have any traction material on it and I slipped once I stepped on it. I fell backwards landing flat on my back with my camera under my right shoulder. Little did I realize that one of my camera lenses broke as a result of the fall until later that day when I attempted to use my camera. The lens in question, a Sigma 28-70 F2.8 EX, was cracked during the fall. My camera and lenses were packed in a Lowe Pro camera bag which helped to minimize the damage that occurred otherwise it could have been much worse.

I filed a personal loss report once I got back on board and was assured that the paperwork would be forwarded to Miami ASAP and that I should call on Monday to ensure it had arrived.

I called RCCL's head office on Monday (Nov 13) and was asked to fax all of the documentation including the original sales receipt for the lens which I did. I called back the following Monday (Nov 20) to get a status update and was advised that my file didn't contain any comments.

I waited for 2 more weeks and then called back again on Dec 4. I was able to speak to an agent and this time I was told that a package had been mailed out to me. When I asked what date the package was sent the agent replied "at the end of November". I said that I would wait for another week or two and if I did not receive anything by then I would be calling back. To date I have not received any package from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

I called back on Monday, December 18, and was able to speak to an agent and was advised that Betty, a risk agent, was looking after my claim and was transferred to her extension and left a message asking her to call me with a status update.

I called back on Wednesday, December 20, and spoke with a customer service agent and was advised that the agent handling my claim no longer worked for the company. I called their HR department and explained the situation and asked to speak to a supervisor and was directed to Pamela. I left Pamela several messages and the original agent, Glenda Serrano, to call me back and haven't heard a word.

On Thursday, December 21, I called Royal Caribbean again and let the call transfer to the switchboard. I asked to speak to Betty and was advised that she no longer worked for the company. I explained to the operator that I had made a damage claim and was advised that Betty was assigned to my case. The operator said she was mistaken and transferred me to Betty's extension and had to leave her a message.

I have left numerous messages for Glenda, Betty and Pamela asking to be called back with a status update and these requests seem to fall on deaf ears.

On Thursday, December 21 Betty called me back and asked me how I got her name. I explained to her how I was given her name and Betty advised me that she wasn’t looking after my claim and that Glenda Serrano was the agent who is handling my claim. Betty said that Glenda was in a meeting and that she would pass on my message and ask Glenda to call me. Unfortunately Glenda didn’t return my call so I still don’t know what my claim status is.

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    Withheld Sep 22, 2008
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    So you fell down, and that the cruise lines fault?

    I bet you are voting for Obama.

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  • Ni
    nick mercante Sep 02, 2018
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    sailed 11/30 out of Baltimore

    several people sick

    7 am to midnight at naassa (why)

    room refrigerator not stocked

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    alex farias Sep 20, 2018

    I just recently found out on August 22th our trip on Sept 3rd on Allure of the Seas has changed, not due to any weather related issues. But being told due to speed restrictions. Reservation # 8068703 .We chose this trip since we have never been to St. Kitts or St. Thomas. Now we find out...

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  • Mu
    mukesh dobhal Apr 02, 2019
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    Hello sir my name is mukesh .I am a Indian boy who
    wants to work in a cruise ship because it's my dream job and I try all the sit's but there is no response about any job for me and finally i have to send the mail you sir
    i have complete all the process in career sit but still i did not get a chance .
    thank you.reply me on [email protected]

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