Ross Dress for Lessvery rude employee

V Aug 10, 2018

Today I went to shop at Ross during Texas tax free weekend. I had my 3 kids with me. It was a long tiring day. I have a 2 year old which he was tired and cranky from all day shopping. He fell asleep in my arms. I lay him down briefly on a pillow in the cart so I could check out. The cashier associate: 411821(African American) Reg. 2 store:0547 Pasadena Tx, saw and told me I had to buy the pillow because he laid down on it. I Attempted to explain that I just used it so my hands could be free in order to check out. My 10 year old daughter was going to put it back, she shouted "no give it here". We gave it to her. Then another associate was placing the pillow to return it to the area she said no that has to be cleaned out because he drooled on it. I told her my son didn't drool, he was barely even on it. She began to tell me she doesn't know what we Mexicans( I'm Puerto Rican) have and who knows what else (diseases) we have.

A lady on the side(African American as well) couldn't believe she said that, she shook her head and rolled her eyes in disbelief as well. I was so embarrassed hurt and frustrated all at the same time. How could someone be like that?! I'm like you don't know what kind of disease people have or what they do when their trying clothes on.

This type of behavior should not be allowed. She gave me my receipt then mumbled Don't return to this store again.

I was in shock, if I had a clear head I would have not bought anything and left. My husband was beyond mad. How can you speak to customers like that. I am not surprised. It seems like this employee needs more training. The entire time I was in the line she could be heard bossing customers around. Making them take hangers from the clothes, talking to them in a condescending way.

My daughter asked me when we left. Mom why was she acting like that. I am so ashamed my daughtwr had seen that.

I don't know if I will ever go back back to Ross. If I do, it will never be to that store. Worst shopping experience of my life.

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