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S Nov 18, 2018

My husband and I went to toss to return or exchange socks, we were standing in line patiently waiting like everyone else. When it was our turn to go up, the Associate Amanda yelled out very rudely to come to the counter. Obviously she was upset about something, so we ignored it. However, when she asked us what we were doing, we told her that we needed to return or exchange the socks for other things he wanted instead. She looked at the receipt and stated it was not the correct one. Then I realized my husband brought the wrong one and I was like oh no, I even apologized and said well he didn't want the money back anyways, can he just exchange for other products and pay the difference? She then snapped back at me very rudely and stated she had already explained that to my husband. Then I was taken back by this because she doesn't first of all.realuze my husband does not speak fluent English and assumed he understood her and therefore I was trying to explain to her what he was requesting. She became very snarky and just continued to be rude in front of our faces and started making comments of how there are rude customers. She kept asking me over and over what I was saying and I kept telling her I was not saying anything. At the end of the transaction she didn't thank us and she walked away very fast before we can walk away and there were still people in.line. I tried to get her attention to ask for her name and the managers name, she just kept walking away. Then another associate told me the Store Managers name is Dixie, then she heard him tell me this, then she turned around and walked around to the outside of the counter to confront me and she was aggressively indicating her name was Amanda. So then we walked out of the store This experience was highly unacceptable and she was very rudely confrontational not only with us but also to her collegue. She is not fitted to represent Ross Dress for Less, she is very unprofessional. As a manager myself, I would never allow my employees to treat anyone in thus manner, especially to customers. This will ruin the reputation of this company if you continue to have people like this work at your establishment. I will second guess to go to Ross in the future because of this horrible experience I encountered tonight. Very unacceptable.


Sonia Lovato

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