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I bought a pair of Adidas from Ross, I wear a size 7 but I bought a size 7 1/2 thinking maybe once I took the security tie and tightening the laces, they would fit fine. After going home and realizing they were still too lose, I decided I needed to return them. I go in the long line to wait just for the lady who was working to listen to me for 30 seconds before saying she could not take the shoes back giving me no reason. I had to ask her why and at first she told me they have been worn. I told her to check the bottoms of the shoes, they are clean! Then she said that she won't take them back because they didn't have a number written on the bottom of the shoes. I will admit that I have bought shoes from them with random number/s on the bottom but this time they didn't. I assumed the reason because they were all black. Anyways after showing her that I had the receipt in hand that clearly showed I bought the shoes from them (even without some stupid number on the bottom) she then tells me that they don't even sell Adidas. She was basically giving me any reason to not do a return. I by this time was so mad because she was in a way calling me a liar. She was telling me that I was trying to return shoes that they never sold me. WHAT?! WILL NOT BE RETURNING!
You lost a loyal customer by one bad customer service experience.


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    lisaLISA lisa Dec 14, 2014

    My daughter went in looking for shoes she found some without me knowing and bought them. When i saw them i said oh no they were not apropriet for her age.Then i took a closer look you could tell they had been worn before the swade was comming off. So i decide to return them back all in the same day and the lady said no because they had been used i said thats why im returning them back my daughter braught them with out me knowingand it happend today i have the receipt it looked like she was gona take them bake but then she said it dont have a number to them on them we cant tell if they were brought here.. sooooooooo angrey

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    Cadeylynn Jul 23, 2019

    @lisaLISA lisa I just had the same thing happen to me and I want to know who I can talk to that is higher up to be able to resolve this it's fucking bullshit excuse my language but it is!!

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