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I purchased a child's winter coat at Ross in September. A beautiful warm coat. Earlier this month she wore it twice due to somewhat frigid temperatures. After the first time she wore it I threw the tags and receipt away, of course, I had no intentions of not keeping the beautiful coat. Well Saturday, was very windy, snow flurries and it was freezing we were headed to the store I went to zip up my daughter's coat and the bottom part of the zipper, the part that goes up into the zipper, broke off into my hand. Apparently it was weak and did not take much for it to break off the coat. This is a manufacturer's defect, no fault of my own. or my daughters, I don't know why I am stuck with a defective coat. I was told they would make an even exchange they don't even have a coat in her resides in the let alone the same coat right now. They also said they might not ever have that coat in the store again. Again I don't know why a manufacturer defect becomes my loss. When are isn't even here yet and I have to go purchase a new coat. This is quite unfair!!!

child's winter coat


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    Dalia2015 Nov 10, 2018

    The part that a lot of people doesn’t understand about these discount stores (DDs, Ross, TJMax, Marshals, homegoods, etc, etc) is that everything you buy is irregular clothes, and items... please people, understand. Is not hard to follow the exchanges and return policies. They are very simple! Remember Dept stores and Discounts stores are TWO different monsters...

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