Roseville Hyundai Dealershipfailure to honor purchased maintenance warranty


Purchased a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe in July of 2012. A maintenance warranty was also purchased at same time for scheduled oil changes at the dealer recommended interval of 7500 mile intervals. Type of oil was recommended as energy conserving motor oil, although oil changes performed at the Roseville dealership resulted in a reduction of mileage of 3 to 5 miles per gallon compared to the changes performed in the San Diego dealership. Coupons are available to be surrendered at 7500 mile intervals for oil changes and also tire rotation is included as also outlined on coupons. On two separate occasions, visited Roseville Hyundai dealership and for scheduled maintenance (oil change, tire rotation). On both occasions a sticker was placed on windshield for an oil change of a [protected] interval, and on both occasions the tire rotation was ignored, although the last visit shows tires were rotated, but markings on the tires reveal no rotation was accomplished.
On the last visit, I contacted the customer service about the short interval for the oil change, and was told that the recommended interval is now [protected] mile interval, and the type of oil is no longer listed on the work slip as is on the other dealership I have visited In San Diego, CA. The management of this dealership has now turned a reputable business into a ripoff organization that allows less than satisfactory maintenance actions on customer vehicles, which will result in more frequent failures of the engines and drivetrains of vehicles serviced at this dealership. This complaint may not get much notice, but does convince me that this dealership can't be trusted for future vehicle purchases due to the type of service provided.

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