Roses Discount Stores Complaints & Reviews

Roses Discount Stores / disrespectful employees and managers

Sep 13, 2019

Hi my name is Amanda Asbury i frequently shop at Roses. Yesterday I went shoping in the morning and we went to check out by the registsers in the back. The reason why we did that is because of the employee in the fron by the mall entrance was very rude to us talking about us with her co...

Roses Express / management and policies

Sep 02, 2019

My wife went into your store, and saw the backpack policy sign, She asked the front desk if it was alright to carry her backpack purse in store, They said sure its a purse, Then a black man said he was a manager told her she couldn't. IT WAS A PURSE! He got smart with her and told her...

Roses Discount Stores / high prejudice

Aug 17, 2019

There are people on the streets including myself and I walked in no one said anything to me I had my book bag and someone up front waited till I got to the back where the shoes are and embarrassed me on the intercom saying oh by the way all homeless people need to drop off their book bag...

Roses Discount Stores / an advertisement about twin sheets advertising at $5.99

Aug 15, 2019

Roses Discount StoresI asked Caroline, cashier, about the advertisement had twin/full sheets $5.99 n there was not a particular brand n I asked Caroline about she said she didn't know anything about the sign so I said I will go take a picture so she see that there is no brand Caroline said well this one...

Roses Department Store / management

Aug 06, 2019

Roses Department StoreI went in to store on 8/6/19 upon entering I spotted what I was looking for at site I seen it was tagged mark down for 10$ so I went to cashier she said 14.99 was price plus tax so I asked about sticker and sign on door so she called manger upon her arrival she scanned and said I don't...

Roses / furniture

Jul 24, 2019

RosesPaid for a mattress on 7/19, promised they would have it in stock the following week, called back on 7/24, talked to associate I paid, then told it would be the next week, I advised him I could had it delivered to the house online faster than that, I got district manager, called him, said...

Roses Discount Store / store manager

Jul 23, 2019

I am looking for a new job and I heard that roses was hiring. I called on july 20th, 2019 in the morning and luckily the store manager answered. At least, I thought I was lucky. I asked her if she was still hiring and she stated rather rudely, "I don't do hiring on the weekends." taken...

Roses Express Store #650 / a red one piece jumpsuit

Jul 19, 2019

My name is Marcella Hutchinson. I was in this particular store on Wednesday evening around 6:30 P.M shopping around i spotted the clearance sale rack. I went over and there was a red jumpsuit there, with a markdown sale price of $7.00. I got it and another item when to the register to...

Rose's Department Store / I slipped and fell in the store

Jul 10, 2019

I was shopping at yr store located off the plaza and I slipped and fell on a clear substance on my way to the restroom when the manager came 2 my aid and he stated it was dish soap I am disabled and didn't see anything on the floor until I slipped this happened on July 5 and I haven't...

Roses Department Store / the managers and supervisors of that store

Jul 10, 2019

Good Morning, This store is managed very poorly. Everything in the store is messy most times; with having to have the workers put out whats needed, they say that you can barely find stuff in the store room. The boxes are mixed with other things always have to be removed to get the thing...

Roses Discount Stores / the service in the store

Jul 04, 2019

I was in your store I think we're II about 8:30 that night the lands were backed all the way back up to the to the house one of the customers asked your managers of the store Janice she can open for another line the couple didn't ask Janet for the for the your company's or...

Roses / customer service

Jul 03, 2019

Totally unprofessional there was a long line and only one cashier. Another cashier open which would have made two cashiers to handle the customers. It was two of us (customers) left in the line and the cashiers said she was closed I worked in retail for almost 7 years and that cashier...

Roses / negligence

Dec 24, 2018

I had a layaway at roses in whiteville, nc. When I went to pick it up I paid for it only to wait around for an hour or so. I left and came back only to be told they couldn't find it. They said that they would call. This was in november. It is december 24th and I have heard from them. This will definitely be my last time shopping in this roses store.

Roses Express / a return

Dec 21, 2018

I went in rosrd express to do a return, I spoke to the cashier, she says nothing, not a hello or anything! I told keisha, I would like to do a return, keisha calls a code they use for a manager. The manager comes, did not speak! (white guy) he's ignorant an stupid in my opinion! Well...

Roses in Reidsville NC / store restrooms

Sep 23, 2018

Well we enjoy shopping at Roses in Reidsville Nc @ Penn rose mall... But the rest rooms are ridiculously filthy! Last time no toilet paper in stalls & floors a mess. Spider webs & spiders in rest room. Soap in a bar laid at sink! no dispenser. commodes were nasty! I informed manager. Crew...

Roses Express / unethical behavior

Jul 09, 2018

Burden S. told me about two weeks ago that I couldn't receive store credit for some children shoes that were unworn and the tag still in tact. I went inside the store a few days later to ask for the corporate number. Kenya T. asked me why I needed the number and I told her I wanted to know...

Roses / employees customer service and price check policy

Jul 05, 2018

I was at a store shopping with my kids. Went to purchase my items and the total was off. I asked the cashier what was the prices of the items and there was a discrepency she called for a price cheap as I told her it was posted under the item. When the male came to check (tyrone) I went...

Roses of Reidsville NC / customer service

Jun 02, 2018

I was at cash register get ready to pay for my items when I asked the cashier if the price of the charmin tissue paper was on sale for $4.99. She said it was $5.99 I showed her the ad and ask her if she would get someone to get the one on sale, she called jayden an employee he just acted...

Roses Department Store / gazebo

Mar 04, 2018

First off I would like to say I love roses! However the first time I tried to buy a big item they didn't have in stock, they were all in layaway, I was paying cash. Called to the western branch/poplar hill area. Asked if they had in stock, with no hesitation... Yes drove out to the store...

Roses Discount Department Store / Comforter

Jul 14, 2017

I purchased a comforter on July 5th at your Anderson Indiana store. I brought it home, washed it and one whole side came undone. I tried to return it today, July 14th, and the manager, Dale, would not let me return it. I understand there is a no return policy on comforters. But when the...

Roses Express / Rude manager poor customer support

May 09, 2017

05/05/2017 I was shopping in your Roses Express 502 Pearl St, Darlington SC [protected] Merchadice​ on the entire, nasty bathroom, Dirty Store inside and out, and I needed help. I found a Manager, LISA LEWIS was the name on her name tag while asking for help her cell phone rang and she...

Roses in Clinton NC 28328 / Return

Jan 13, 2017

I need a return on Dec.31, 2016. I let the lady keep my receipt than I realize that I should had kept it. When to ask the manager about it but he was on his cell phone and did not give me his full attention. He told me that they couldn't pull it up but I am a manager in retail and I know...

Roses Department Store / customer service

Dec 10, 2016

Date of incident 12/10/16 store554I was in customer service line when incident occurred. The associate had bad attitude and was very rude . I just wanted to make a return and exchange and she went crazy. Had my receipt for one thing and she went crazy. Never been treated so disrespectful. I...

Roses Discount Store / broken item; poor customer service

Nov 12, 2016

i went shopping this afternoon (saturday) @ rose's discount store located at homestead market s/c, 105 w nc 54, ste 287, durham, nc. i am physically disabled (progressive multiple sclerosis) & i have a small diabetic alert service dog. i bought a number of items in this store several...

Roses Department Store / service

Oct 21, 2016

Was in department store, examining a pair of curtains that had been previously opened. Employee approached and began to yell and verbally assault my mother and myself. I asked her for her name and that really made her mad. Then she finally offered to get manager but then proceeded to tell...

Roses / bathrooms

May 21, 2016

As I always go into the store the bathrooms are always open, but today I visited the store and the sign says Public bathrooms are unavailable, n I ask were they broken n employee said no, somebody messed it up for everybody, I guess she meant tht the bathrooms are dirty, so my thing if a...

Roses Department Store / deluxe swing and bar set

May 17, 2016

I purchased a Deluxe Gazebo swing, a Deluxe Bar from Roses In Ashland Virginia  store #442 both items was missing screws and parts I tried to call the number in the instruction book, no luck I tried to email only to find out the email address is incorrect so I contact Roses and  I was suppose...

Roses Department Stores / Poorly organized store and customer service

Jan 01, 2016

The store located in Denmark, SC is in such disarray you cannot find anything and items such as household cleaning products are in 2-3 different locations with in the store. The cashiers are not pleasant which indicates a lack of interest in the job. The store manager needs to go your...

Rose's Department Store / comforter set

Nov 20, 2015

I visited a local department store in Burlington, NC on Church St. They had a comforter set which had no price, no description or anything that would tell me what size it was or what was included. An employee tried to help me. They called a rep I guess. The set was found out to be $29.99...

Roses Department Stores / Returning of merchandise

Nov 20, 2015

I purchased a rug runner and it didn't color match like I thought it would. So I tried to return it but couldn't find a receipt. I was told couldn't return without a receipt. I told the attendant that all I wanted was store credit as I was purchasing more merchandise. He told me without a...

Roses Raleigh / outdated food merchandise on shelves

Aug 16, 2015

I cannot understand why they have outdated food on the shelves from 5 months ago. when I asked for the manager to come to the register, she cut me off and said is this why you called me up front. There was items for numerous types of food dated from March 1, 2015 and this is August 16...

Roses / rude employee and manager

Jun 17, 2015

I recently bought a pack of two men's small tank tops to wear under my scrubs at work I'm a nurse, they were way too small like children's small, so I went to return them when I went in the store on Tue June, 16 2015 the lady working customer service just stared at me and...

Rose's Department Store / polaroid 9& tablet

Feb 03, 2015

I purchase a tablet from rose's on Saturday January 31, 2015 i lost my receipt i called the store and ask could get a store credit i payed with for the product with my debit card i could get a print out showing that i made the purchase they said no so i called back and ask for the...

Roses Department Stores / Poor Customer Service

Nov 13, 2013

I was shopping at Roses to pick up a few clothing items for my grandmother in the hospital. My purchase total was $19.80, and I had paid with a hundred dollar bill. As I was finishing up my shopping at another store, I realized the lady only gave me $60.20 back instead of $80.20. Thank...

Roses / rude and unprofessional cashier/assisted manager

May 30, 2013

I recently visited Roses and made a purchase. In that purchase a pack of male boxers were included. When I arrived home I opened the pack and realized that they were entirely too big for my son, so I repackaged them. I returned to the store the following day. I stood in line and when it...

Roses Stores / Augusta GA / Gordon Hwy & Windsor Spring Rd / racism & job discrimination

May 30, 2013

Both stores are well-known for racism & job discrimination, refusing to hire African-American men as managers, even if they are more qualified than the Women or Caucasians, who've been fired or still work there!! They constantly mistreat good customers, and they are routinely losing...

Roses Dept Store / Customer service

Nov 20, 2012

I made my first and last visit to the store. You have the same problem as walmart down in the commons, which is discrimination. I am a 56yr old white female, and have been in retail for 40yrs. You have latino csr's coversing with latino customers, after the sale is finished. When the young...

Roses Department Store / cutomer service

Nov 20, 2012

Roses Department Storeyes i was in the store today and i was dissatisfied w/ the lack of customer service. i went to check out and well my cashier was on her cell phone w/ a text. she looked at me like lady your going to have to wait so i did w/ out a complaint. ended up i needed to have 2 things voided. a man...

Roses in Aiken SC / racism

Oct 02, 2012

Definately THE WORST DEPARTMENT STORE, in The C.S.R.A., The manager is a racist, evil woman, and she keeps hiring & employed -degenerate, ghetto-fied employees, who are lousy at customer service and keeping the store organized or clean!! They were nearly shutdown numerous times for being a...

Roses Stores in Aiken, SC / horrible dept. store, racism, and lousy management

Oct 02, 2012

Definately THE WORST DEPARTMENT STORE, in The C.S.R.A., The manager is a racist **tch, and she keeps hiring & employed -degenerate, ghetto-fied employees, who are lousy at customer service and keeping the store organized or clean!! They were nearly shutdown numerous times for being a bad...