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Ritz Crackers Complaints & Reviews

Ritz Crackers / ritz cracker

Pat Jolicoeur on Mar 22, 2019

To whom it may concern: I Love Ritz Crackers, but this is a wierd looking Cracker, looks like snot or who knows what foreign object inside the cracker, I didn't ever think to look at my Ritz crackers prior to eating them & quite honestly not sure that I will again, I will be sending it to...

Ritz Crackers / cheese crackers

Gregory Dero on Mar 20, 2019

I purchased a box of the Ritz cheese cracker sandwiches. Every pack either had crackers with no cheese on them or some with cheese on 1 cracker. I always purchase either the cheese or peanut butter crackers. Was very disappointed. The date on packages is 20Apr19. BK14D. 06:26. I never had...

Ritz Crackers / ritz original fresh stacks

JohnSchipani on Mar 6, 2019

03/06/2019 I was eating Ritz Crackers from a Fresh Stack and noticed peanut butter on some of the crackers. I opened another pack and notice more peanut butter on several of the crackers. Not knowing how long the peanut butter was there, or if it was spoiled i stopped eating them. The bar...

Ritz Crackers / 13.7 oz ritz crackers

Hammer108 on Feb 9, 2019

Hello I and my wife eat slot of ritz crackers. We have never seen anything like this. Burnt crackers the hole box. What kind of quality control do u have.? Can't even eat two crackers they taste that bad maybe u should put a different label on the box. Burnt ritz Mmmm bad can't just eat one...

Ritz Crackers / ritz crackers

Donna Slania on Jan 25, 2019

I purchased a very large box of crackers. Every cracker in every sleeve had this "matter" on it. Some were affected more than others. Consistency of peanut butter, brown in color. At first I thought it was just "overbaked". no odor. Had to throw away box because I wasn't sure it was ok to...

Ritz Crackers / ritz crackers 13.7 oz box

Carolyn Angel on Jan 17, 2019

We purchased a box of Ritz Bits and Ritz Crackers ...the bits tasted terrible and we tossed them out ..I opened the box of Crackers and pulled out a sleeve opened it and the crackers have what smells and looks like peanut butter on the edges of the crackers...eeeeuuuu...I was going to to...

Ritz Crackers / crackers

Terry Bigelow on Jan 16, 2019

I recently purchased a box of crackers 13.7 ounces and I think they might have been over cooked? they are a little bit darker than they usually are ?(at least that's what my husband said). They are very dry and don't taste as good as I usually do I don't know if you change the recipe or...

Ritz Crackers / crackers

geraldcoolbrith on Jan 16, 2019

First let me say I am a big fan of the Ritz crackers. The last few boxes I have bought have crumbled when trying to spread anything on them and fall apart when you put something solid on them an bite into it. I don't know whether they are making them to thin or they have changed the...

Ritz Crackers / ritz buttery rounds original

KB514 on Dec 14, 2018

When I open up a bag of crackers there were some black "things" baked into 3 crackers. At first I thought it was marker on the outside, but when I opened it...I was disgusted to see something that looked like "bugs" baked into the crackers. I purchase these weekly, but will no longer be...

Ritz Crackers / substance on crackers

ljshollo on Dec 12, 2018

I have purchased at least 3 boxes of Ritz crackers recently that have a brown substance on the edge of the crackers. These were bought at local grocery stores, Kroger and Mac's. It looks like peanut butter, but I am not going to taste it to see for certain. If it is, that is a problem for...

Ritz Crackers / crisp and thins

Shea Morgan on Oct 29, 2018

We purchased a bag of the Bacon flavor crisp and thins and to our surprise, all of the crisps are burnt. Like the whole bag. Are they supposed to be like this? And they don't seem to have any Bacon flavor. My family loves bacon. That's why we bought them, but we are highly dissatisfied...

Ritz Crackers / boxes of crackers

Melanie Brannigan on Oct 29, 2018

We have always, always purchased Ritz Crackers . The last couple of months we have purchased three boxes of the original crackers and all three boxes were, I'll describe as not the norm. We try to take them out of the wrapping and they crumble. We attempt to put a spread on them and they...

Ritz Crackers / toasted chips original

Cheryl Harrison on Oct 7, 2018

When I opened my brand new bag for the first time today 10/7/2018 I pulled this out. The chips are connected with hair or material baked into the chips. This made me want to throw up and ruined my appetite. I tried to upload a video but it will not attach but I do have a video. I will be...

Ritz Crackers / original ritz crackers

Jayne Ortgiesen on Sep 23, 2018

I purchased a box of Ritz Crackers a few weeks ago with the mini bags of Ritz. I opened one up tonight, September 23, 2018, (it was the 2nd to the last package in this box) and took the first two out and proceeded to eat them. After going back to get some for my grandkids, I noticed I had...

Ritz Crackers / original

njurinski on Sep 2, 2018

I have been using Ritz crackers for decades for my evening cheese and crackers event. In the last year or so I have experienced they have become very fragile! There seems to have been a change in process or ingredients which produced this defect. The crackers break even when just being...

Ritz Crackers / breadsticks ‘n cheezy dip

JiMin Kim on Aug 24, 2018

I got this product at the Costco in Victoria on the 22nd or August 2018 as a little snack. But on August 24th 2018 when I opened one of the packets I saw that instead of eight breadsticks, there were seven and a half. Now this happens quite frequently and I wasn't too upset, but when I...

Ritz Crackers / crackers

Battles on Aug 5, 2018

I am the owner of Battles' Catering in Jacksonville, FL. I catered an event last night and ritz crackers was on my menu. Much to my surprise as I opened up my packages there was a dried substance on some of them in that particular package. As I opened up the rest of the package they were...

Ritz Crackers / ritz crackers

Jeffffffffffffffff on Jul 24, 2018

In April 2017. I send a picture of a ritz cracker that appeared to be contaminated. I received an email advising this would be looked into and a result would be communicated. At no point did I recieve feedback or compensation for this complaint. I have observed news feedback of consumer contamination of your product. Please contact me as soon as possible

Ritz Crackers / ritz cracker packs

Melab73 on Jul 21, 2018

I purchased stack packs. I opened one pack and they were fine. I opened another pack and there is a brown substance on the crackers that looks like peanut butter. I looked through all of the other packs in the box and I see the brown substance through the wrappers in all except one of the...

Ritz Crackers / ritz crackers

Catherine Butler on Jul 12, 2018

have been eating Ritz Crackers since I was a child. I will be 55 this year. At one time the box had to be on its side in order to fit in my cabinet. That changed some years ago, and now I can put them in the cabinet standing straight up. Also, I can no longer spread Philadelphia Cream...