Rite Aidemployee mistreatment and elderly abuse

K Aug 03, 2019

I worked as a pharmacy tech under manager ronni yellen. I quit because I was not allowed meal breaks working 8-10 hour shifts. When I was loaned out to other pharmacies to help them, I was allowed a meal break. After I quit, I was called repeatedly by ronni. When I would not answer, she called my spouse fron her personal cell phone and harassed him saying she was going to call the police. Then she had an employee named "Chris" call both of us from his personal cell phone. When we did not answer, he called my 77 year old mother and said he was the police and alarmed her as though I was in some sort of trouble. My mother called me and I told her I was okay. Then the employee called me again and when I answered he said he was doing a wellness check on me. I informed him that he is not qualified to call me from his cell phone or to perform a wellness check or impersonate a police man and that is a crime. We are African American and to threaten us with the police is alarming. I am going to inform the Better Business Bureau if this unfair and racist treatment is allowed by this pharmacist.

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