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Reviews and Complaints

Rite Aidcustomer service

An associate named April checked me out and she was very rude. First of all she didn't acknowledge my presence, she gave me a dirty look and didn't even say hello. She didn't offer the wellness number or acted like I existed. I was blown off completely. She was very rude. This store is disgusting. None of the associates are nice except for mary who I don't see that often. The store is always a mess and product is never stocked. You need to deal with this store ASAP or sell it to CVS which is a good clean store. I am now going to visit the CVS down the street. Disgusting store with bad employees. The men are terrible too. One is a manager and he is awful to me. I could file a complaint for emotional distress and abusive behavior. Please deal with this stores employees. They seem lazy and I have even overheard them talking about each other in a negative way. So ghetto with no team environment. If I were the boss I would fire all of them immediately with exception of mary. Too much turnover too. I work in the customer service arena and you all need to deal with this. Terrible store.

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    Flowerchild92 Aug 11, 2019

    Sounds like the new cashier named Susan at the Ridgecrest store.

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