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Reviews and Complaints

Rite Aid 3920behaviour

I was in the store on Monday morning and went in to process photos and actually say hi to the visiting store manager. I will say right away that I was asst. mgr there for about a year and after the store manager left I became the store manager so for the next 4 years I was manager. This was not my first store and I had been in retail mgmt as well as restaurant mgmt. for around 26 years or so. I had made it known last year that I would retire this year. And I did on April 26th 2019.

I had sensed when I was shopping there before when the new manager was there that she didn't like me being there. Now to get this straight I like shopping at Rite Aid/Walgreens and had for years before I started working there. I go in get what I want and leave and yes I say hi to people. But on Monday I was trying to finish before she got there and just as she came in the printer ran out of paper and ink film. Nicole had just clocked in and I told her that it needed changed. She didn't know how and neither did the cashier so I suggested we get the visiting manager because even though I knew how to do it I was a customer now. So Nicole proceeds to try and I said I will walk you through it. I honestly was just trying to help her. So I was talking her through it and right off the bat she says that I may have to do it myself so I told her no that I would talk her through it which I did. As she was removing the film and paper she found that there wasnt any replacement film. So because I was almost done she took the film from the other machine which was fine. However I suggested that she get the visiting manager to help her order supplies. As she was working on this printer she said and I quote " Bonnie you left this store a mess". I did not so I didn't say anything at first. And the as I stood there I said "excuse me"? And she repeated it and then mumbled something I have no idea what. So I said "Back off" and then she turns to look at me. And she started to say something else and I repeated "Back off". She then proceeded to get the printer done and my pictures started printing. She then decided she would be nice so I answered her questions about my vacation and it went nice from there. My point is that this was rude. I don't work there anymore and I retired on good terms. And I don't need her trashing me. I don't understand this.

I will say that I hesitated to file this because I know it will be laughed at and ridiculed and nothing will be said to her. I love this store and I will continue to shop there but I will make sure she isn't there. I just don't understand why you would talk to a customer like this even a former employee. This is not how this works. It is just rude. Having said all this I honestly wish her the best but if she is rude to me how is she treating everyone else?