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I've had several issues with this pharmacy. I was told a prescription I needed was out of stock for several weeks. I kept calling to see if it was available and was eventually told the prescription had been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, I was able to transfer it to Walgreens and pick up that same prescription that was supposedly discontinued and I've gotten several referrals so in no way was it discontinued. Also this rite aid charges me for prescriptions that walgreens tells me is fully covered by my insurance. I had stopped using Rite Aid due to falsely charging me and lying about available prescriptions but in January I was forced to go to Rite Aid to get an EpiPen because Walgreens was out of stock. I received the EpiPen on 1/16/19. I provided that EpiPen to my son's daycare. Licensing was out at the daycare and stated the EpiPen was expired. Upon looking at the prescription it expired 1/31/19. So I paid a significant amount of money for an EpiPen that expired 2 weeks after I got it. Its ridiculous that a life saving device was provided to me that expired in 2 weeks! I have a toddler with extreme allergies. Thankfully I've been diligent in avoiding his allergens. Now I need a current EpiPen in order for my son to go to daycare. I shouldn't have to pay for an expired product that rite aid knowingly gave me.

Oct 08, 2019
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  •   Oct 08, 2019

    Maybe Walgreens had the script in stock and didn’t have to order it.

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