I've been feeling with rite-aide pharmacy for at least 27 years. I recently received my yearly printout for all pharmacy items up untill aug.31, 2019. Totally in access of $18, 00.00. I received 10 phone calls that all 7 of my medicine are all ready for pickup. All except 1, in which won't be ready untill today. (my most important one) sat. So I explain to them i'm leaving for california tonight. They assure me everything will be ready for pickup. I receive a recorded message on sat. Morning that my medicine can't be picked up till sunday due to the insurance. I'm only 1 day early and I know i'm given a 2 day grace period. Now unable to change my flight without losing $434.00, I am screwed, what right do you people have messing with people's life's. I can't believe that in today's day and age, rite-aide is able to make major mistakes with people's well being. I was so mad I told the pharmacists I spoke with, i'm taking my medications to another pharmacy. And she basically didn't give 2 [censored]s as to my vacation and 434$ lose.

  • Updated by Joseph Mosca, Sep 28, 2019

    My complaint is with Rite aide at 1710 Crosby ave.BRONX, N.Y 10461

Sep 28, 2019

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