RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcredit card and feedback

M Aug 13, 2018

last year I applied for an increasing credit limit. no one ever responded to me . when I made a complaint they called to say they will submit it for me again but I didn't apply again.
A year later I went into the branch and applied as my salary increased again and no one called me back.
a decision was made to not increase my limit on the 3rd August and I waited 3 weeks and called customer service twice and no one called me to tell me.
really awful service and have been with the bank for so long and I don't get any response. I am so fed up. I will pay off my credit card and then I will change banks that all I can do. really awful service. Unfortunately it's my stupidity that I had my salary paid to the account and wasted all these years doing so to build my credit. in return I received terrible service and lack of customer appreciation.

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