Reliance Communicationsinstallation of tower on the terrace of my building


Mr.d.J.selva ganapathy, executive of Reliance Communications, No.6, Ave Maria Complex, Trichy Main Road, Thanjavur-613006 (Tamil Nadu) (phone: -[protected]) had approached me about 3 months ago for hiring the terrace of our building "Sai Complex", Near Anna Nagar Bus Stop, Nanjikottai Road, Thanjavur-613006 for erection of Reliance Tower and allied facilities. As per his oral instructions, i had submitted all the papers required by him on an urgent basis as he wanted very very urgently . For three months he kept on saying that the matter was under process and would be cleared fast. relying on his oral positive reply, i refused offers from other service providers for similar erection of their towers. But, after three months, he has sent back all the papers without even a courtesy- covering letter assigning reasons for doing so. Thus, i am put to loss on two counts - 1) i spent about rs.3000/- in getting the papers from the Govt depts on an urgent basis (2) i lost the opportunities from other service providers who offered good terms. Therefore, the management of Reliance Communications should investigate into the matter and let me know why these papers were returned to me after 3 months without assigning any reason. -


  • Ra
    Raghuram Dec 19, 2006

    When I bought the RIM with DAP offer (Dhirubhai Ambani Pioneer Offer) i.e. a 1st post-paid plan from RIM, I had paid deposit of Rs. 2000 for R World membership charges. Now when I switched over to RIM Prepaid plan for the same Mobile no., the very good-minded Executive Reliance Communications said that you will not be refunded the deposit but the existing post-paid pending bill payment or unbilled amount will be adjusted,. It is surprising and vague, as you have to make the calls for Rs. 2000 before submitting the request for switching over from Postpaid to Prepaid plan. At least, Reliance Communications must have courtesy to refund the deposit in form of Prepaid talk time since switching over from Postpaid to Prepaid.


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  • Mo
    Mohd Mushrafeen Jan 11, 2007

    I am suffering with my outgoing barred for the last three days, on the same day i made my balance payments but still they are not open my outgoings.

    *333 customer care service always engaged, i am totally fed up with this kind services, some of customer service executive told me on second day that your payment has been received and we are processing your request to activate your outgoing, with in 3 hours you will get it open, but still i am facing problem, this my 3rd day.

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  • Br
    Braja Mohan Swain Apr 17, 2007

    Myself Braja Mohan Swain a bonafied customer of Reliance Telecommunications Delhi. Having Prepaid Number 9312550431, I have observed last few days that the deduction of calls tarrif is fully unexpected, on 11/April/2007 I have called to the number 935010822 for 1 minute and 19 second suddenly they deduct 12 rupees from my account at that I have complained to the customer care (*333), they told me that it is the mistake, till now I am not getting any information really It is very regretful, today I call to the Number 06786233338 but there is no ring suddenly I stop the mobile but deduction is Rs 3, continuously they deducted without reason.

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  • Ra
    rathankar Jun 11, 2007

    This is a worst company in servicing of mobiles. It's really useless to purchase any kind of mobile in this company. I have got fed up with this but still no use . I had purchased a cell under 999 scheme on April 22nd 2007. for 2 days, I got all my incoming calls and outgoing properly and later on it was disconnected. they said, they need a new proof of documents, which i had submitted at the reliance webworld after two weeks at indirinagar. Until now its still inactivated and i had been roaming to their center then and then. they say it takes 2 days, 48hrs , 12 hrs etc to activate it but never keep up their words, so really don't know how to get it activated.

    If any fans / genuine employees of reliance are in this board, do help me out. i had tried to mail the reliance call center service too and every time they ask me the CAF no, and other details, which i had been providing them but in vain no use. I have a copy of all these mails with me and if reliance company needs it, they can refer to it also. Hope at least this time it gets rectified.

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  • Ra
    Rajaratnam Bushi Jun 19, 2007

    Somebody yesterday some time in the afternoon called me from 080-30776100 asked me whether I am interested in taking a new reliance post paid connection for which I refused since then I am getting calls very often and when I try to answer the call no one responds from the other end. Today just within the afternoon I got 5 calls from 3:52 - 5:09 Pm and they irritate so much and disturbing me in my work.

    I think some thing needs to happen otherwise these guys will fool around with many more people like me.

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  • Ra
    Ramakrishna Mareedu Jul 12, 2007

    The I have reliance netconect and it's not working for the past three days. The customer care says the this problem is there for all the customers through out INDIA and their technical team is working on it (not sure how many days they will work). My sincere suggestion is don't go for the reliance services any more.


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  • Ra
    ramla Jul 27, 2007

    To make a long story short, I had a WLL unit which was duly returned on Oct 31st 2006, and account cancelled, and they indicated the refund will come in 3 months. And I thought it was OK. However 6 months past, and after repeated visits and emails to the consumer dept of reliance, they said a check was issued and that was that. So i asked show me proof of delivery, and my signature, and the fact the check was encashed. They said it will take a month so i have to wait.

    Now 2 weeks they billed me again thru ECS, and charged me again for the same amount. I got furious at the Reliance Hello world, (had a nice cold mocha on their tab) and told them they owe me the previous balance plus the new amount they have deducted. So still I don't have a happy ending, they have my money, and still will not entertain in returning the amount (Rs96.00!).

    I intend to go to the Java Green, and eat all of that on their tab. What do you say...

    Also stay away from Reliance... I am quite happy with airtel!

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  • Am
    AMITAVA GHOSAL Aug 26, 2007

    To be a 10 yrs long life time member (free incoming facility) I had started last yr in August month to pay the Company, Reliance Communication, 79Rs/- per month and this yr in July i had given my last 79/- rs as per the company rules and instruction. But now while completing the total payment to company, it says that you failed once(that they dont know which time) to give the money in 30 days time. so u have to give the total again. it seems to me that as people say, Reliance is one of the top most cheater company that cheats the public and harass also.

    People should be aware from such cheater company like Reliance Communication.

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  • Av
    avijit chatterjee Aug 29, 2007

    My reliance mobile no is 09330943730 and am based in Kolkata. I am unable to make any outward calls from the morning of 28/09. I am also not getting any inward calls. What kind of services Reliance rendering? There is balance available on my phone. In fact i have re-loaded yesterday.

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  • Ra
    rahul pachoury Sep 02, 2007

    My connection have been suspended without any reason. I took reliance connection on 10 aug 07 & service is suspended on 20 aug 07. I have submitted all my required documents twice.


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  • An
    anuj Sep 02, 2007

    To all my friends who are seeking for a mobile connection......................................................

    It is my humble request please do not tke relience connection.It has a service which can make u frustated.

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  • Um
    Umesh Kumar Sep 11, 2007

    One day I got a call regarding above mentioned pack but I never requested for that pack even then they activated the product and deducted the money.

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  • Ra
    RAHUL SINGH Sep 16, 2007


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  • Ma
    Mandar Sep 17, 2007

    As per my experience I have submitted my documents to concern person on 8th Aug. After that I used to call each and every day to sales executive where I got different different reasons for delay. After Around one month I got came to know that cheque should be of local bank. After that there is no news even those people are not picking up my phone. This is really very bad example of irresponsibility.
    As I have already paid money I can not go for other companies for it and I am not getting this connection also.

    Please do not go for Reliance communication.

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  • De
    Deo Kumar Sep 22, 2007

    this happen also wid me....................
    i call customer care ,he said my money is back soon after enquiry???????????????/

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  • Av
    Avinash khandait Sep 22, 2007

    I have my prepaid mob of LG company
    i had change the mob munber to new mob
    now i had to add a new number in my mobile ,but wen i press *228 i reived a message "your phone is not activated"
    please tell to me what i should to do now.

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  • In
    indu chaturvedi Oct 01, 2007

    I have not received my reliance postpaid mobile bill from last two months after many complaints and consistent reminders. Every time I get a new complaint no. but of no use. Someone suggest me what to do in this case. I have visited reliance web world and confirmed my address also.

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  • Am
    amit Dec 27, 2007

    Hi my self amit karamchandani...........
    we are authorised dealer of cell phones and i complaining for reliance web express just besides us
    i m dealer of the uniersals cell phones GSM & CDMA.........when ever our customer went to web express the internal group gossiping that this the customer come from besides and they dont serve them the service of NUMBER transfer and some times not attainding our customers ........

    So please reply the solution soon....
    i waiting for your reply
    Thanking you....

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  • Za
    Zachariah Jan 07, 2008

    I bought a cordless phone LG CDMA LSI-110 from reliance on prepaid and used it for a while. I had about Rs300 calling time when I stopped using the phone for a while. When I wanted to use again it did not work. My number does not exist any longer.
    I complained and now waiting for more than 2 months to get connected.
    My phone number was 0469 3250498. The shop handling my case 0469 3250160.
    My home number is 0469 2605613 and Mobile: 9744299812

    Reliance is cheating the public and robbing people to become the richest in the world?
    Please make sure I get connected fast. Please do the needful.

    Thank you
    Sincerely yours
    Dr Z Varkey

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  • Sr
    srinivas Feb 18, 2008

    I have a prepaid connection from reliance,iam respecting your company because i am getting good service from you ,when ever an where ever i am getting range,so myself ,family and friends selected your network.
    Acutally iam retailer i have to be connnected to the city its important to me as my business works being intouch with my customer and shop retailers for that purpose i used a std calling card and E-recharge that but when i make calls to other mobile it was saying"this is not a vaild number plz check the number and dail again
    ur call coudld not be completerd thanku" .But when iam calling by other mobile it a was working fine mIND THAT WHILE USING THE STD CALLING CARD U SHOULD BE TYPEING *375FALLING WITH STD CODE AND NUMBER I know abt that .AT THIS POINT I CALLED TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND there was the whole drama starts when i explain what goig with this service the first person in the customer service was 1)RAVINDER ,HE SIMPLY transfers the call to without solving the problem he did nt lanuch any feedback or comlaint just transfer the call to
    2)SHRUTI she was HR in customer service i spokento her for 15 minutes i told the problem then she transfers the call to (reminding u she also did'nt lanuch any complaint and feedback the problem that i faced i told her to lanuch feedback and try to solve the problem) BUT she transfer the call to her SUPERVISIOR
    3)CUBER.SHEIKH she was superviisor and when she answered she doesnt know my problem and she once again asked me abt what i was facing the problem and without any itimation she just transfers to executive
    4)RAFI this was on of the halirous executive when i asked him "WHATS HIS DESIGNATION ?" he repiled that i am a B.TECH.and still he acan't offer any satif cation to me and transfer the call to other supervisior
    5)BINDU at last she took my complaint and but still she cant solve the std calling card so she transfers it to the techinncal department std to
    6)murali its seems he was the department incharge and given men the service department no coplaint number 63997160 and i also lanuch a complaint against the excutives to and their complaint number was 63996782and upto know its not been solved so what should i do ?????????????
    please reply me


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  • Su
    subodh Mar 16, 2008

    Dear sir
    I have a plot of 90sq mt. in ghaziabad the site is on TAJHIGH WAY in BAGU village
    If it is valuable for you. you con coll me on 09411901099 and write on [email protected]

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  • Do
    Dopankar lahiri Apr 06, 2008

    The following is the complaint that I lodged with
    Reliance for their unscrupulous work. This also
    concerns you.
    Your labourers are laying the underground cables in my
    locality at New Alipore, P Block, Kolkakta so randomly
    that they were about to snap a 130, 000 volt electric
    line to a distribution box. Luckily four CESC
    supervisors visited the spot and stopped them. They
    said that the electric furnace are cremated work on
    6000 volts. So, napping of such a high voltage line
    will create havoc. They do not have any underground
    plan, and are likely to snap gas line. electric line
    or sewer line. You should note that any of these
    snapping will cause penalization of the residents. I
    wonder why there is no supervisor to whom we may
    communicate to raise the their attention to our
    problems. The labourers do not have any
    accountability. The nature of their work may raise
    serious questions about the integrity of your renowned organization.

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  • Sw
    swati Apr 15, 2008

    I have been using RIM from 1 year now but the serivce provided by the sompny is not upto the mark.
    I am seriously very dissatisifed with them and would not be recommending the RIM to any of my friends.
    They just terminated my prepaid number without informing me and also i tired to contct customer care it is not connecting to that.
    Seriously very bad service.

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  • Gi
    GINNI MALHOTRA May 08, 2008

    I had a recharge balance of rs. 38 / - (Appx.) in my account which was deducted by the rcom team without any notification and permission and my balance reached rs. Nil, without even making a single call. This happened many times before also. I called up at the customer care centre to know the reason but they did not respond properly.
    They said no service has been activated on my mobile still they don't know why my balance reached to zero.
    I need my refund as it is wrongly deducted.

    Reliance mobile number - 91 - 9015743450

    Kindly check the above problem and revert it asap.

    Thanks in advance!

    Ginni malhotra

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  • Kv
    K.V.Seshasai Jun 12, 2008

    Disconnect the jokes messages and cricket information to my prepaid Reliance Mobile no.9346630286. I am trying earlier, but not suceeded.

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  • Ha
    hat Jul 15, 2008

    What the f*ck is a service like rim means. Such a worthless service. Yhe guys working there come there for entertainment. All useless and uneducated guys. I changed my number thrice in 2 weeks because they always misplace my number ans still they do the same. Still reliance continues to hire the illiterate people. Why?

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  • As
    ashutosh Aug 06, 2008

    I am a prepaid customer of Reliance & under Reliance 496 Plan where every reliance call, all over the country, is free. For the last 6-7 recharges, Reliance is transferring some amount (Rs.10/20- Everytime) from my main balance to Reliance Local Mobile balance without any notification and any approval on my part.

    Even after constant customer care harrowing experiences, this unwanted transfer has not been taken care.

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  • Jo
    Joffy Aug 11, 2008

    I have been complaining from last 4 months for the devotional pack activated on my mobile no-9322114577, I have called the customer care several times but no proper response from any customer care representative (CSR). The CSR says there is no Devotional Pack, but every month Rs.30 is been deducted from my mobile no-9322114577. The last call which i called today - 11/08/2008, the CSR has kept the call on hold & then disconnected it. It is the concern of poor service & unnecessary deduction of money where as I have never use the service.

    Please do the needful,


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  • Ch
    chirag Aug 12, 2008

    Even after paying the bill and amount being cleared from my bank account, still the amount is shown pending in the next months bill, charges for late payment charged. Reply received when questioned to customer care the mobile account is not reflecting the money paid.

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  • Ma
    mansi joshi Aug 15, 2008

    im mansi a prepaid customer of reliance n i want too complaint about that my main balance is continously deducting after recharge of 50 n 30 rs please check the deducting. after sms top up of 49 rs that also my balance is deducting . so i kindly request u to please see n correct the no is 9302197442
    owner of this no is my father mr.avadhut joshi.

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  • Ku
    Kushal Aug 16, 2008

    I fully agree with what is posted here.

    I have my full share of greviance which I want to expose.

    Kindly read these three blog post of mine:


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  • Ra
    rajiv Sep 01, 2008

    reliance communication lawyer send me notice for repayment rs 450/ i hav alreay paid my bill and show recpt excutive come my home and take bill cash.porblem occur that your company executive mr.abhishek agrawl is fraud and not deposit my bill in reliance cut my internet connection and asking me give again 450 rs.Your employ is fraud what is my fault my account id is 310625955611.I hav register a lot of complaints but no response Now this is my deep request you please verification my all details and start my connection as soon as possible

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  • Ta
    Tapas Kumar Mandal Sep 12, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    I have no reciving your bill starting of connection of my walu 350R 9300007380 So please give me per month bill to my submitting addresss.


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  • Dh
    Dhiraj M Vaghela Sep 21, 2008

    I tried several to recharge the my account, could not the website!!!I don't believe this for Reliance

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  • Sa
    Sankar Banerjee Sep 25, 2008

    I recharges topup Rs. 100.00 in my mobile on 12.09.2008 at 10.59 p.m. In this result normally I recived Rs 83.13. After that I do not any out going call. Then I recived a message on 13.09.2008 at 8.41 p.m. that my current mobile balance Rs.-10.87. How to possible this? In this sitution I conface my problem to your customer care but they do not any responce. My mobile number 9330042971 so kindly you will give me any solution.

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  • Ja
    JAISIMHA KADAMBI Oct 03, 2008

    i am a proud owner of your reliance simce 3 yrs and do not have any no. of late the service is pathetic and very clumsy
    had lodged a complaint whether u r debiting any amt towards caller tunes the person confirmed the said is beng debited and the same will be rectified pl note this is 3 rd time it is happening when i confirmed wheter it is done on 22 nd sept the person asked me to send a sms .. complaint no 77016989. he said it will be resolved in 24 hrs. when i called up again and said i would file a right to information with regard to my account statement i receive a sms 9320572051 the problem is solved and no amt is debited.
    my question is why didi u admit there is a debit towards caller tunes. can u unilaterally say no debit what is the proof and simply say the problem is solved cant u guys make one call and speak to the customer...

    u need to know wheter this is the way u treat good old customers

    it is prepaid that is the main problem the guys who answer the calls are not properly trained to handle simple matters and in the end after 10 days of loding a complaint i get a sms no debit has taken place it is very pathetic

    looking forward to hear from u


    jaisimha kadambi...9346318820

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  • bojour à vous
    j'aimerai avoir un membre d'usafis en ligne si neccessaire

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  • Mr
    mrudul Patil Oct 03, 2008

    Dear All,

    This is not a compaints, I am interested to put a mobile tower on my building, Building is located Sect 29, Near D Y Patil college, Pune 411044, Maharastra.

    If you can help me, pl do the needful.

    Pl feel free to contact me on [email protected]

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  • Pr
    prafulla Patil Oct 27, 2008

    This is not a compaints, I am interested to put a mobile tower on my building, Building is located near Uran (14 Kms from Uran City) At-Post-Chirner, tal-Uran, Dist-Raigad., Maharastra.

    If you can help me, pl do the needful.

    Pl feel free to contact me on [email protected]


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  • Mm
    M mohan kumar Nov 20, 2008

    reliance tower
    we have given permision to the erection of tower on terrace of our house at bhagirathnagar, bangalore . here the work is very slow & it is disturbing the other tenents . The qulity of civil work done is very bad we are affraid that it may cause damage to our building & they have caused damage to the stair case steps while shifting iron materials . no higher authorities are checking & not seen at the site at all & not available to the phone calls .the rent they are giving is very very less compared to others in that area, here the middleman is making money in this regard. we want the management to see to it & get justice to us.

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