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Regions Financial Corporation

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Regions Financial Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Regions Financial Corporation / theft

James4949 on Jun 8, 2017
Branch Mgr placed a hold on an insurance check and refused to release even after the company reached out to her personally to try and resolve. So to start at the beginning we took our car to a local mechanic shop who made a mistake and blew our motor.We spent 3 weeks walking to and from...

Regions Financial Corporation / unethical behavior - irresponsible business acct handling

AnnieeG on Jun 7, 2017
My company has been a loyal Regions Bank customer for the last 20 years. The branch I had been doing business with closed and my account was moved to a downtown branch in Miami. My new" banker" never even bothered to call me to let me know she was handling the account. On June 4th I walked...

Regions Bank / overdraft fees

Tloft on May 16, 2017
I understand that overdraft fees are necessary for Banks to make money but I have been charged an EXCESS of fees within the past few months and most of these fees appear to be intentional. I was told that ATM and checks are processed first but all of my small charges that could be covered...

Regions Bank / Check cashing

Cory Harrison on Apr 29, 2017
Today I went into the Regions bank nearest me in Dallas Ga. I have been going there for many years and haven't had the time to open up a bank account through them. I have cashed my paycheck hundreds of times through the same branch with no problems. Today I went to cash my paycheck and wa...

Regions Financial Corporation / stop payment

Chris on Apr 27, 2017
I submitted a Stop Payment request on 4/3/2017, Regions charged me the 36.00 fee and immediately debited my account. On 4/10/2017, the Stop Payment request did not take because the merchant was able to take the funds out of my account which sent my account into a tail spin. I then spoke to...

Regions Financial Corporation / Re: spring hill branch tennessee

Jude Toy on Mar 7, 2017
I went to your Spring Hill Branch (Tennessee) beginning of March to talk with a representative about a home equity line of credit. I usually have a great experience with your bank but the woman that helped me (Miranda) was not very helpful at all. I was extremely disappointed after year...

Regions Financial Corporation / Regions checking

Vintoria Hatcher on Mar 3, 2017
I have an account with regions and when I had an available balance an overdraft fee was taken out, which caused my account to be overdrawn only 31.75 and went from there. Called regions once and got hung up on and then called back and had to wait 20 more minutes to hear information that...

Regions Financial Corporation / Unfair overdraft fees

brittany muipatayi on Feb 16, 2017
I emailed these people bc they took 108 dollars of overdraft fees out of my acct. and a so called supervisor called me and said there was nothing he could do and when I asked for a corporate number he said he didn't have it. It's a waste of Time reaching out to these people! We just had...

Regions Financial Corporation / Unauthorized charges unsatisfied customer service

Hart Tandra on Jan 25, 2017
I went to my local branch at Winchester and Hickory Hill in Memphis, Tn. to get assist with a problem that I had with an issue involving unauthorized charges being made on a bank saving account I’ve never used. When I entered the customer service area, I was greeted with a bewildered look...

Regions (Bank) / Lisa - manager at westside in tupelo

nathan1986 on Dec 5, 2016
I have witnessed this manager being rude to employees, customers, and just plain disrespectful on numerous occasions. I have a friend in that branch and she makes them do things they aren't supposed to do, according to the regions she cuts corners. She plays favorites, makes some do more...

Regions (Bank) / Collections

Dorianne on Jun 23, 2016
Regions stole my money to apply it to my ex-husbands account- $735.07 the first time and less than a month later and before I could close the account and move my auto-pay bills, they stole $409.68 just before my last bill was to be paid... After they knew the account was MY ACCOUNT ONLY...

Regions Bank / Home loan

Larry Hutton on May 23, 2016
This review is in regard to dealings with Regions Bank branch 3720 Norman Bridge Rd. Montgomery AL. Manager Ora Buskey in 2016. Dec, 2015 I had a mortgage with Regions Mortgage. Payments were made as agreed for over twenty years. I contacted Regions Mortgage about refinancing the...

Regions / Horrible Customer Service

Reviewer86177 on Dec 9, 2015
If you live in Birmingham Alabama, don't ever go to the Regions at 193 Main Street in Trussville. There is a woman who works there named Linda Funderburke & treats everyone who she provides service to like they don't have a brain in their head & she even admitted it to me! She...

Regions (Bank) / Customer Service/Professionalism

Reviewer37852 on Dec 5, 2015
SI'm not a Regions customer anymore but my husband is.. There's this one employee in which was a financial advisor now Branch Manager that doesn't keep to the business side.. She's calling my husband off her personal phone and sending text messages all the while flirting with him.. My...

Regions Bank / Online Banking

Reviewer53066 on Oct 19, 2015
Hello, I am writing to you today to inform you of what kind of service that I have receive from you call center, Highly disappointing and upsetting, I been a customer with regions for just about 5 years, and after this, will be no more unless change is made, I scheduled a bill pay on 10/16...

Regions Bank / Missing Money & Misinformation

One Disappointed on Oct 7, 2014
I paid my car note on Sept 30, 2014 with Regional Acceptance. They said they took their money at 3:45. When I called Regions automated service I was told I had 720.00 and then I called a rep to verify this. I had also subtracted and pending transactions cuz I had one more bill to pay. I...

Regions / Unauthorized payment

Kenyaaaaa0809 on Jun 23, 2014
Regions refused to help me get my money back after a company ( which had similar complaints) took money off my account that I didn't authorized. Their core values are ###. I have to go through all this trouble to get my money back. When I do I will be closing my account after 3 year...

Regions Bank / Closing Acounts

Odeni Moreno on May 9, 2014
I've had accounts with the bank since 2010. My accounts have been compromised but we have worked through that. Now that my business and finances are getting better and that I need the historical relationship with the bank, they made the decision to close all my accounts. I understand...

Regions Bank / Misrepresentation

Bob from New Orleans on Feb 26, 2013
Regions Bank WATCH OUT! Misrepresentation of fees on a new debit card has cost me $50-70 valued time attempting to get fully compensated for apology, fees and personal balance returned per letter to Regions Bank CEO Grayson Hall, that I believe was intercepted by an incompetent sub-manager...

Regions Bank checking accnt / Available money

Well i'm experiencing something i have never heard of with this bank that's supposed to put ppl first...Well last month i was traveling the day after xmas stoppedfor gas and my card declined i called regions to see what the issue was they then inform me that because my account...

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