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Complaints & Reviews


My name is Kim and I work at Taylor Animal Hospital. We take our deposits in to the bank on almost a daily basis. The wait is getting worse and worse. Today there were 2 teller...

debit card, fraudulent activity and resulting incompetent libelous actions by regions

On december 16 the and 17 th there were four 125.00$ amounts removed from my checking account after using my debit card at a shell station. During the holidays regions blocked my card for a 20 something dollar transaction at a gas station where I routinely purchase gas and I had to contact them to confirm that I indeed made that purchase. For the four 125.00 amounts they did not block my card!!! Over a week later as I was looking at my transactions online I saw the fraudulent activity and wondered why I was never notified by regions. I checked my email and they had sent me an email for the first 125.00, asking if I made this purchase. During the holiday season I had not seen or checked my email however they should have blocked my card for four, yes four 125.00 debits taken out. That's one. I called regions when I saw these debits and reported them to a fraudulent activity "specialist" who told me my card wouldn't have to be blocked on his end and gave me instructions on how to go under lockit and toggle the lock/ unlock on and off at my convenience. That was number 2 mistake. He said I would get another card in the mail and he started an investigation. I called back a few days later to see when my money would be put back into my account and your second fraud specialist was appalled that the first "specialist" didn't block my card. She said she would block it. I received my card on jan. 2 nd. The paperwork said my pin number would stay the same as my old card. I went online to make sure everything was unblocked before I tried to use it at a walmart. It showed locked so I unlocked it online. My new card could not be used. I called regions again and was told that not only was my old card still not blocked but a debit had gone through on it that very day! Good thing the thief didn't wipe out the whole amount in my account, eh?!!! I then went on with this "specialist" (I am in the checkout line with groceries I am trying to pay for), who told me to tell them to run it as credit, not debit. The cashier said it said, "incorrect pin". I told your specialist that my letter that came with the new card said the pin would remain the same. He said he didn't know why it wasn't working. The "specialist" said he also didn't know why the old card wasn't blocked!!! We left without the groceries!,, 🤬this specialist told me he was sending yet another card in the mail and he had me tell him a pin over the phone that he said he would attach to the second new card. So regions has lost me as a customer. I will be transferring my banking needs and account with regular payroll amounts of over 3000.00 every two weeks to my credit union. If if if they are ever able to find the one person who is knowledgeable and does their job efficiently and my money gets put back into my account and I get one debit card that will work and if the thief who stole out of my account to start with doesn't wipe out the whole amount because of the incompetence of regions employees, then I will move forward into the new year with the literal joke of regions customer service fallacy in my distant memory only. I am a registered nurse of 36 years. If nurses were allowed to go through our jobs as incompetent as my service has been during this, then surely many patients would die. Not only did you put me at risk to have my whole bank acct wiped out, your incompetent employees out regions liable to assume the resolution of any amount the thief decided to help himself/ herself to at any time. And I still don't have a debit crd that will work. Disgusting.

customer service

A check I deposited in my business account was placed on hold on 10/07. This has happened before and I have went to the bank and went through the verification process. My banker verified everything and said the hold would be removed by noon and funds would be available. 4pm funds were still not available I called my banker and he said the manager is on vacation so it will be 10/9 and the funds would be available. Any transactions will go through and any fees will be waived due to their end not being held up. 10/10 still no funds available I have $150 in fees that have occurred that they will not do anything about I've talked to them 3 times today and they keep saying funds will be available soon they are not doing anything to help this situation checks are bouncing and my fees keep racking up. I have even contacted the customer that wrote the check and everything has been pulled from his account and yet I have none of it. I've never bounced a check with this bank never overdrafted never deposited a bad check. I've had several other Banks and I will return to one of the past Banks regions is the worst experience I've ever had with a bank.

check fraud?

I cannot get in touch with anyone on the phone about this matter. I sold some items on Postmark a couple of weeks ago and the girl that I spoke to through both phone and email was sincere and personal. I got the check in the mail through fedex with a tracking number and everything. I deposited the check for $1310.00 in my bank account and it cleared 3 days later. I purchased groceries and gas and normal things and 2 days later the check was recanted and left my bank account -$500.97!!! My paycheck gets automatically deposited into this account. I filed a police report for check fraud against the lady. When I called regions the person I spoke to said it was my responsibility to pay it off because ultimately I am responsible for what I deposit in my account?!!! IT CLEARED THE BANK. How the heck is this my fault when it cleared. I had no idea they were going to take it back or why it was reversed. I asked if I had fraudulent check protection on my account and was told again that I was responsible. I have filed a police report and I am really sad to see my relationship likely end this way with regions bank. I have been with them since I was a college student.

unauthorized account closure

597024 I signed up and followed all the instructions to receive a $400 bonus, I completed it in 2 weeks and confirmed with bank employees that to make sure I was eligible. When it came...

Regions Bank — fraud department

27837 I got an email from secret shopper saying they where hiring! And at my job they closed down for the month of september for cleaning and servicing the elevator! I work for the...

debit card

I have been with your company for 15 years. I am going to close down the account specifically because of my experience today. I have been sitting on hold with various departs for over an hour. This is my valued work time, and I need this problem to be solved prior to a national holiday set to happen on the next business day. You guys blocked my card, for whatever reason. I have tried a number of days to call in to the fraud department. Specifically, I have tried for most of my morning to address this again. I will sit on hold for 15 mins and then the call will just end. I call other departments and they transfer to the same place where the same thing occurs. One person who transferred me said "oh, im sorry. That problem is solved with a click" then I lost the connection. Im even more infuriated that something so "simple" to solve has taken nearly my entire work morning to try to do so. I have gone through great strides to continue to be a part of your bank for as many years I have been. I feel no gratitude for that today. If you Fraud department is so consumed, hire more people or address the amt of fraud capabilities. This has happened in the past and the exact same outcome happened then as it is now. Why should I continue this relationship further?

regions closed account Regions Bank Regions Financial Corporation 1900 Fifth Ave Birmingham, Alabama 35203 [protected] 5:25 PM. The Regions bank fraud...

monies missing

Ian an Eagle in bookkeeping, I have been with Regions Bank for 3 years now. But I find very strange and unusual activity going on within the ranks of accounts. But multiple times My bank account has come up depleted.Every transaction I did, was recorded. But somehow my bank account is still being depleted. I think that this kind of activity, needs to be investigated. Hopefully not a another Wells Fargo deal.

customer service with insurance losses

Loan # [protected]
I am a long time RF customer. I have even owned some RF stock(no longer). I live in Wilmington N.C. and had some damage during the hurricane in the fall. When the insurance company finally sent the insurance check, it was co-issued to me and RF. After some time, RF sent me a letter with the "requirements" for them to release funds.

Fortunately, I had the resources to start repairs on my house well before the insurance claim was even settled. By the time I got the list of "requirements", most of the repairs had been done.

During my various conversations with your representatives I feel like I have never been listened to. I feel like I am talking to someone who is just filling out a form. I made another call today, and was told "we just got the information last week and will be processing it. The prior week, I was told to fax two documents in and the check would be issued in a couple of days.

I have just a few years left on my mortgage. The loan to value ratio on my home is quite low. I have an 800+ credit score. I suppose you delay paying these funds because you can profit by doing so. I feel for the people who do not have the resources I do and must deal with a bank that lacks a customer service direction.

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    SXRoberts Jul 02, 2019


    We are in Arkansas and experiencing the same issues with Regions Insurance Department. Thankfully we had money in savings to cover the repairs. Otherwise, we would have to take out a loan. They have been very inconsistent in their answers and certainly drag their feet on paying for repairs after documentation has been submitted. We will NEVER take out another mortgage with this bank. We are beyond frustrated and see right through their business practices. I do hope your claim is resolved soon.

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fraud resolution center

I received and email saying Thank you for signing up for Zelle. I have no idea who Zelle is but they let someone sign up using my name and add their own name to the Zelle account they just opened. They then had Zelle send them a check for $160 and they then cashed it. I did report it but Regions still refuses to credit my account back. This bank is clearly out of line and I was clearly frauded!! Is Regions the one frauding everyone for money? Nobody else has my info. I just received another check that Zelle sent out in my name to someone black who lives in Chicago. I dont even know anyone in Chicago or anyone whose black!! Regions is the worst bank ever and if you have an account their dont trust regions and hide your money in a wall. I think its Regions who ripped me off to begin with!! I have never even written a check and I'm left handed and its clearly not even close to my signature!!! Up your ass regions!!

customer service - supervisor jarvis

My name is Joseph Jimmerson. My wife and I opened savings account for my son 5-6 years ago. We were unaware that there was a maximum number of withdrawals on the account, ending in 6472, each month. We are now aware. Moving forward this will not be a problem. This may be in the paperwork we signed but we were not aware. I called customer service and spoke with supervisor named Jarvis. My 6 year old son was given an excessive withdraw fee of $14.8 on 5/31 and $3 on 3/29. Jarvis informed me that he could refund the $14.8 but could not refund the $3 for 3/29. Something about only one courtesy per year. I informed Mr. Jarvis that we were unware of this rule and I did not believe my 6 year old son should lose $3. This is a small amount but this is about the principle of the matter. I have been a loyal regions customer my entire adulthood. 3 mortgages, care loan, 3 checking accounts, and multiple savings accounts. Hate for $3 to come between our relationship but I'm very frustrated with Regions right now and am strongly considering transferring all of my business to another bank. If this is the way Regions operates you can count me out.

overdraft fees

I dont appreciate regions bank holding my funds that has future pending dates just to charge me overdraft fees on smaller amounts. Its ridiculous. They were sued before for doing the same thing now they are doing it again. This is the second time this has been done. I will be leaving this bank. I will let as many people know that will listen about this. That's stealing. Debit means take my money out at the time not hold anything. Credit means " pending" charge. Holding means it's my money and not theirs to hold. I will be filing another complaint with the better business bureau. This makes no sense at all. See pic below. Explain this to me!!

overdraft fees

account fraud

I have been a loyal customer with regions for numerous of years. In January of this year I was scammed out of $3, 000 by a person name Ryan, who promised to deposit $8, 000 in my account if I sent him $3, 000. I lost everything and had to pay the Regions the money back. My name was forged on the back of a fraudulent check. I was told I would never be able to open an account with Regions again even tho this was beyond my control and I paid the bank all the money back. I reporited the fraudulent scam and alert the bank less than 24 hours. I don't what was deemed appropriate within a timely manner, I went into my local branch to reopen another account and was told I would never be able to open an account again with Regions. I have attempted to resolved to on a local level but this only resulted to a dead end. I have reached out corporate by email and no one has contacted me. Can someone please contact me ASAP at [protected] Mr.Mckinney. I have been a local customer and I want to open a checking and saving account with Regions.

bank is constantly locking me out of my online banking access

Just because I am out of America for awhile Regions Bank Starts locking me out of my online banking access, I can't see what bills need to be paid and can't see where my money is going, this is crap. My Social security payments have been blocked by Regions Bank to where they are sent back to SSI I am still owed many thousands od dollars from Regions blocking deposits. How am I suppose to pay my bills if I can't see who I owe and when I owe?

  • Updated by majcoffman · Feb 25, 2019

    Regions Bank I have had this acct along time I moved to Russia, now the Bank blocks my ISP login because I am in Russia, I don't need protection from hackers I need protection from Regions Bank, How to do your online Banking if your ISP is blocked

bad service/not holding up to expectations

I have had multiple transactions come off my account that have NOT been me. I have had my card replaced and it has happened again, this time whipping out my ENTIRE PAY CHECK. I have filed complaints and have NEVER received a refund on the money. At this point I am completely fed up and will be changing banks. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. This is the worst banking experience I've ever had. My family has also had these issues with regions.


My father in law has been gone for over a year. Trust still not settled. The trust guy told them they could move into the house. They have been living in the house for over a month. The trust is paying all there house expenses ( electric, Lp tank etc.) The guy living in the house told us he is turning up the heat because the trust is paying for it.. I think we should get some rent from him .

  • Updated by Florence Hanus · Dec 12, 2018

    My father in law has been gone over a year. Trust still not settled. The trust guy told them they could move into the house . They have been living there over a month. The guy that moved in said he is turning up the heat because the trust is paying all the bills for the house(electric Lp tank etc). I believe he should pay us rent. We have seen no money for the house . He is living in the house free.

personal savings and checks

597024 Customer Receipt#PD09-17-2014 @ 10:59 A#97 LA4056#12DA **7735 Cash Deposit Records financial letters annually end of Years Regions Branch Banking financial Corporation corruption...

Regions Bankinternational payments not passed to recipients bank account

I made the following International payments from HSBC UK to Regions Bank but the recipient has never received the money despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue.
From: Timothy John Anthony Feeney, Managing Director, Construction Management Consultancy Ltd. HSBC UK.
Sort Code: 40-08-10 Acc No: [protected]
The International Payment detailed below was sent to Beatriz Quinones, formerly of 2011 Hasley Street, Bronx 10461 to assist her family with funeral costs following her tragic death at the age of 33. The account had been frozen so I sent documents signed by a Notary Public of which Regions Bank have copies at the local branch in the Bronx. I would like this money traced and returned to the above bank.
GBN12067HBEUI074 BEATRIZ QUINONES 12 June Routing Code [protected] Acc No [protected]
The following payments from the same company were sent not fully understanding that Carlos, her son, could not receive the funds as he was under 18 years of age.
Carlos became of age in April 2018.
GBN19067HBFK485C CARLOS J TORRES JNR 19 June Routing Code [protected] Acc No [protected] $1245.29
GBN050778WH21YM9 CARLOS J TORRES JNR 5 July Routing Code [protected] Acc No [protected] $1262.89
GBN19077ARICEIF4 CARLOS J TORRES JNR 19 July Routing Code [protected] Acc No [protected] $2547.66
GBN050970RMMU9VK CARLOS J TORRES JNR 5 Sept Routing Code [protected] Acc No [protected] $1265.81

In a desperate effort to make funds available, I personally opened an account with HIFX here in the UK and on the 12 August 2017 I entered into Foreign Exchange contract C4951114. I sold GBP 3, 000 to purchase USD 3, 849.60 at a rate of 1.2832 and your onward US dollar payment was sent on the 15 August to Carlos. This money too did not go into his account, so, I obtained a Trace number as follows [protected] and I am still unable to get this money refunded, can you please assist me.
Personal Bank details: HSBC Bank, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. United Kingdom
Sort Code 40-08-10 Acc No [protected] Acc Holder TJ&CD Feeney


I could not get into my account online .. says wrong password. Same one I have had since I started this online banking. Called a phone number. I was put on hold so long it...

unauthorized transaction

There was a unauthorized transaction in the amount of $257.00 from Pro tech. I submitted a dispute and have not got the money refunded back to my account. I just want to check on...

Regions Bank — promotional offers

I am very upset with the services I received. Back in April I took advantage of a offer by Regions Bank to open an account and receive $200.00. I started the process at my work...

closing my bank account

Today I received a letter in the mail notifying me of termination of accounts. I was shocked! This was so abrupt and had no reasoning for, especially since I have been customer...


I opened a checking account with them lifegreen checking for one I wasn't suppose to have overdraft protection then I had money in my account and starting getting non sufficient...

sign up bonus on checking account

On 5-25-18, I opened a checking account with the promise of a $200 bonus ( I later opened...

Regions Bank — representatives at branch

My wife and I entered branch location mcghee road and Carter hill of Montgomery, AL 36111 on or about 07/30/2018 to cash a trust secured check from our attorney upon waiting in...

poor customer service

I will be closing my account with Regions Bank. I was treated with poor customer service at the branch on Richmond rd. in Texarkana, Tx today, 06/26/18. I was sitting in the lobby...

unauthorized or fraudulent charge allowed on account

To whom it may concern: I reported a fraudulant charge by phone on 5/29/2018 that was still in a pending status for the amount of $276.90 that occurred in Sylicaga, Tennessee at a...

poor customer service

Received a check from a Regions customer, and went to local branch to cash it. They do not display ANY fee list, but charged me $2.00 to cash the check. When I made a comment...

nsf fee complaints

Back on April 20th, I noticed that my account was overdrawn and in the negative, so I paid money to get back into the positive. I transferred money from my savings of $300.00 to get back in the positive. What ended up happening is an electronic payment posted the same day I brought my account back in the positive instead of midnight, and for some reason, my account was overdrawn again, and I had no clue. I had seven fees, and I feel as though all of them should have been waived and they were not. I am in the midst of looking for another bank because I was helped but not entirely accommodated for the full issue. I would like those other four fees placed back into my account.

fraudulent charges/bank employees demeanor/mistreatment

I have been a customer for over 20 years and have had hundreds of thousands dollars in your bank but I do not like how I am being treated and I am considering closing my account.

After last Xmas, I complained about fraudulent charges on my account. The transactions occurred in GA on 12/24 while my family and I were in Birmingham preparing for the holidays. THERE IS NO WAY I CAN BE IN AL & GA AT THE SAME TIME!!! The claim was denied because they said the chip & pin were used. These are in no way 100% secure and I refuse to pay for fraudulent charges.

I contested these changes at Regions on Morgan road with Zack & Krysti, I was very disappointed that they would not return my phone calls or update me on my situation. Therefore, I contacted the branch manager's boss about the charges and the treatment I have received. Also, I had order some product for $500 on 1/24/18 that I have not received to this date. I went into the same branch about it and weeks later I found out they never put the complaint in. It took the branch manager's boss to finally get it submitted about 3 weeks ago. However, I was told it would take 7-10 business days but I have not heard anything but all of a sudden my debit card has stopped working a week ago. I figure they have cancelled the card but I have not been notified which is very unprofessional. Regions say they are a relationship banker but I beg the differ. I would appreciate a phone call on what is going on before I make complaints to the bank's regulatory body.
Thank you!

fraudulent charges/bank employees demeanor/mistreatment

kim services in greenville, ms

Today, I went into Regions like I normally do after getting paid. This time a banker was talking to her co Worker. I specifically said, I want to deposit this amount, and I want a...

tardy service

Regions Broadway West Memphis AR. Most mornings this branch is not opened up on time. They open up as late as 8.35 on some mornings. Today they opened at 8.32. It was almost 8.42...

customer service and their fraud department.

I recently opened a checking account with Regions bank... I thought it was totally safe to put in my visa number to have a free account with an online company... This company turned out to be a shady overseas company that charged my account 5 times on 5 different days using different company names for each transaction... When I noticed these charges, I first called the company's customer service several times and got hung up on and was given the run around and told they would call me back and never did...
I received even worse customer service with Regions who is supposed to be protecting me from fraud... This money was for my first rent payment on a brand new lease that I have still yet to pay... I explained that to customer service... And was told the process could take up to 10 business days just to get my own money back that was stolen from me... Then the initial agent put in the wrong type of claim and my claim was denied with a factory based letter saying they saw nothing wrong with the charges... I never gave this company permission to charge my account even once, never received any merchandise, or even made a purchase with them...
After waiting the 10 business days I received a denial letter from Regions... When I called them back that same day, I was told the wrong kind of claim was put in... And it needed to be a fraud claim... I explained over and over that I was stolen from and needed my funds ($750) to make my rent payment... I have a family that is counting on me... I was told once again that they had to put in a another claim and it would take another 1-5 business days... And to fill out some papers and send them back. When I received the papers, the amounts were all wrong which I corrected and initialed and sent back to them...5 days later... Today I received another factory type of letter back from Regions saying they saw nothing wrong with the charge or charges on my account and only listed 1 of the 5 charges from this company that used several company names when charging my card fraudulently... Every time I've called customer service, I've been put on numerous long holds, transferred back to automative systems... And no one seems professional or care about what I'm talking about... This is the worst customer service experience I have ever with any company!!! This is my hard earned money that I need to take care of my family that was blatantly stolen from me. And that shady overseas company is laughing while my bank that is supposed to protect my funds will not do anything about it... Any other bank would have credited my account a long time ago and easily found the fraud committed on my account. I need to know what recourse I have from here... Please someone help me...

mistreated manager

Manager Carlos M Paez in the brand of Miami Beach location zip 33140, was super improfessional in handle my problem with statements not been delivery to my Address. Super rude...

Regions Babk — debit card purchases

On sunday I only had $10 available in my account (I had 2 pending charges leaving me with only $10) when I accidently made an amazon purchase of 69.95 for (Knives of all thing...

checking account

I was charged excessive fees after being told by a customer service representative that I will only be charged $215. When my payroll check was deposited, Regions charged me...

estate funds

I was in your bank in Orange City Florida today trying to find out for my niece if she ever received her money from my parents estate since I was executor of there Will and she...

credit card

I am Joshlyn Ford. I feel as if regions was discriminating in approving me a credit card. I have been a loyal customer for 10+ years and have never had an overdraft and I have a...

denied access to my bank account for no reason

I received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago asking if I could come in and provide my ID, social security card, and a utility bill. I went in and showed him my ID, told him my...