Red Lobster Hospitalitystaff

G Aug 12, 2018

I worked for red lobster for 4 months did my job and left. didn't hang out party with the other emoyees as most did. I was cut early off floor one day a and a girl named Aubrey came up in my face yelling you know your not supposed to be cute before me. I told her I didn't make cuts management did. she proceed to get in my face and tell me ahe would kick my ass. so I went straight to management. I was so up set I was crying. well they preceded to tell me that they don't believe me but I'm not fired. she treathen me and should have been fired. But now that I'm gone the police surrounded the building to arrest the same girl who threaten me for possession of crystal meth. well Josh still didn't fired her. is this the type of employees you want there working. meth heads.jumping on other emoyees and police surrounding your restaurant. I'm sending this to all corporate to let them know what's going on in your stores. Gina poe [protected]

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