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My name is Marina Statsenko and I would like to lodge a formal complaint in regards to the nasty treatment I received by one your employees on June 14, 2019 at Superstore 51 Gerry Fitzgerald Dr, North York, On. It occurred approximately at 4 p.m. when I was at the Checkout #2. The employee working at the cash register was wearing the name badge, Natasha. Checkout lane #2 was the only Wine/Beer express aisle that was open. I had 14 items included one case of beer. Five people were in front of me. I put all my items on the conveyor belt and waited for a significant amount of time while the cashier walked around, she would also put her head down on the counter and tone out other valued customers who were in a significant rush. She would also leave her work place and would speak and interact with individual who were visiting her but were not employed by the store. She abandoned her work duties several times and significantly impeded the store, which resulted in a significant amount of aggravated customers. This conveyed a very clear message of disregard for customers by the employee, this is unacceptable as employees are the ones representing the values of this franchise. After about 45 min, I interacted with Ms.Natasha, who refused to serve me; claiming I had over 12 items without even counting what was in my basket. I did not want to hold up the line and aggravate the paying customers in line. I collected my items from the conveyor belt and placed them into my cart. I moved to another checkout lane and spent an additional 30 min in line.
I have been a loyal long term customer at your store and was very upset by the way others and myself were treated that day. I arrived in a very good mood and left the store very upset and disappointed. I am not someone who likes to complain about services as I am a very empathetic individual. But I feel like Ms.Natasha isn't customer oriented, and isn't the best fit for a cashier job. I was very upset as I was sent away from the cash register by her in front of everyone like I was "sub-human" I don't want to be humiliated like this ever again. I hope that this letter explains my feelings and concerns with what has occurred. I would not like this to happen to me or any other customers in the future. I would like to remain a loyal customer at this location, however if this persists I will be obligated to take my business elsewhere and hope that corrective measures are taken swiftly.

Jun 20, 2019
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  •   Jun 20, 2019

    Well-written complaint. I’d have removed two items and said that she should ring them up separately.

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