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I utilized the pc express shopping yesterday. When I arrived it took over 20 minutes for my order to be brought out due to a system issue and then my produce that was selected this time was poor. The lettuce was filthy, the onion was rotted and mouldy and the apples were over ripe. I have attached pictures of the onion. I have never experienced this before and I found it quite concerning. As well it was not convenient since I had to wait so long for my order and essentially could have picked it up myself. I hope to not experience this again as otherwise I appreciate this service as a working parent. As well, I find the website for placing the order to be very glitchy and slow. Thank you for taking the time to review my concerns.


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pc express
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    tina334 Aug 02, 2019

    I use to work for pc express it is absolutely disgusting I've been my coworker drop strawberries on the floor and then just put them back in the customers bin (dont worry I changed it that's nasty), ive seen mice in our work space and there is literally rodent poison 10 feet from your groceries, sometimes when all the fridges are full peoples food is left out for over an hour, ive seen it happen twice myself when we are so busy we dont have enough room in our fridges for everyone's orders. overall I would never use it those black bins we bring your groceries out in never get cleaned unless something has spilt in them. I would never use this service personally after seeing the inside of it. our managers are also insane once mine saw a brown leaf in someones sealed herb pack and opened it with her dirty hands to take out the leaf that was brown. id rather get a brown leaf than someone's dirty hands in my herbs.

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