RCA 42& LCD HDTVstay away!


Model: L42WD22

Purchased on 06/10/2007 at Wal-Mart

One-year carry-in warranty

11/07/2007: The sound failed on 5-month old TV. I called RCA Tech Support and was advised to take the TV, along with the sales receipt, to the nearest warranty repair center which entailed an 80-mile round-trip.

11/20/2007: Having been without a TV for 2 weeks, I called warranty repair center to check status. I was told that a circuit board had been ordered from RCA.

12/04/2007: I again called warranty repair center and was informed that the delivery estimate for the board from RCA was mid-January, 2008. I called RCA Tech Support and was informed that they could not help me and that I would have to call Customer Service, which had already closed for the day.

12/05/2007: Called RCA Customer Service and was assured that they would either locate a replacement board or generate another resolution to the problem within 3-5 business days.

12/11/2007: Called RCA Customer Service and was informed that RCA was unable to locate the circuit board needed to repair my TV. I was requested to fax a copy of my sales receipt, which I did within 2 hours of that conversation.

12/17/2007: Called RCA Customer Service and was informed that they were going to replace my TV, but currently had no similar models in their warehouse. They expected to receive needed replacement TV within a week.

12/21/2007: Called RCA Customer Service and was informed that they were waiting for warranty repair center to provide them with a copy of the Work Order. They said that they had requested it on 12/20/2007.

Called warranty repair center and talked to manager. He said that he had had no communication with RCA since being informed about the part delay on 12/02/2007.

Called RCA Customer Service again and gave them the phone number for warranty repair center and manager's name. They assured me that they would contact him "today" and request the needed paperwork. They then said that I'd be hearing from them "sometime next week".

12/27/2007: Called RCA Customer Service and was informed that all necessary arrangements had been made to replace my TV except that they still did not have the correct model available

12/31/2007: Called RCA Customer Service and asked to speak to a supervisor. They offered me a 50" DLP rear projection TV.

I took the model number given me and did some online research, then went to Wal-Mart and looked over the RCA 50" Rear Projection TV that was on display there. I learned that the 50" DLP would be physically too large for the area I have available. Also, both my wife and I considered the picture quality to be below that of the LCD TVs.

Called RCA Customer Service, asked for a supervisor and declined the 50" TV, stating my reasons. I was informed me that my only two choices were to take the 50" or wait two or more weeks for a 42" LCD to become available. I told her Wal-Mart still had three 42" LCDs, same model number as mine, available on the floor and asked if she could send me a voucher to purchase one of those. Was told that would not be possible.

01/04/2008: Called RCA Customer Service. They again offered me the 50" DLP and when I again refused, was told that they should have an LCD available within a week.

01/07/2008: Called RCA Customer Service. Was informed that they still had no replacement TV available and had decided to refund my money, but were waiting for a copy of the Work Order from warranty repair center in order to process my refund check. I reminded them of our phone conversations on 12/21/2007 concerning warranty repair center and the Work Order. I again gave them the name and phone number of the manager at warranty repair center. They said a "resolution specialist" would be calling me within 24 to 48 hours.

01/08/2008: Called warranty repair center. They had never received any request for Work Order information from RCA.

Called RCA Customer Service. They stated that they would contact warranty repair center "today" and that I would be hearing from the resolution specialist soon.

01/09/2008: RCA Customer Service called and informed me that warranty repair center had received the circuit board necessary to repair my TV. I told them that I no longer wanted an RCA television in my house and was informed that I could still receive a refund check instead of accepting the repaired television, but it would take 6 to 8 weeks after RCA received my television from the repair center.

01/14/2008: RCA Customer Service called to confirm my address, phone number and the refund amount.

01/18/2008: A transportation company called from to make arrangements to pick up my TV. I referred them to warranty repair center.

01/31/2008: Called RCA Customer Service who confirmed that the TV had been picked up from warranty repair center and was in transit. Was informed that the Refund Department had my information and that I could expect the check 6 to 8 weeks from 01/22/2008.

03/04/2008: Received refund check from RCA.

It took RCA 4 months to resolve this situation.


  • Ji
    Jim Brashear May 29, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I'm in the same boat. I'm glad to hear you didn't get the DLP. I have that television and here's my story:

    I live in Wisconsin. Packer land. This was the last year of our hero Brett Favre. My television dies on January 3rd just before the playoffs with the Packers in there. The WHOLE reason I bought an HD TV.

    They diagnose over the phone it's a lamp and say they will have me send the old one back and once they get it I will get the new one in 7 business days. I overnighted it thinking by some miracle I'd get it back by the super bowl.

    I received the replacement lamp the last week of February.

    Received the lamp - it wasn't the problem. They told me to take it to my warranty repair guy. So I did.

    It's now 2 days before June and my television has been dead since January 3rd.

    I called them today and was given a major run around to speak wtih someone who could work with me. I had some call center across seas with some dude saying his name was Steve when I knew good and well it wasn't - it was probably Jihad or something.

    Either way - I demanded to speak wtih a manager which supposedly will be calling me tomorrow... we'll see. I'm livid.

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  • Ma
    matthew Sep 11, 2008
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    I have the same problem starting Feb 08. It is Sept 11, 08 and I am still trying to resolve this. I will never buy any RCA products ever again. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

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  • Bl
    Blythe Long Sep 12, 2008
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    I bought a RCA Model L32Wd22 I had this television set for only 1year and 2 weeks. Two weeks past warranty. Can't get part for tv call support 3 different times and just got around. I ask them to send part for tv, said they couldn't do that. This support call center is in Manilla. Wanted me to send the tv and pay for shipping it plus want another 189.00 for exchange, of course they wanted my Visa #. I told them I may not be the swiftest bird in the cage but not the slowest. Never got anywhere with them so bought another tv. I will never never ever buy another RCA product. Blythe

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  • Ke
    Kevin Paul Oct 01, 2008
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    It was a cool december morning, in 2005. I finally decided to make the leap, not marriage...but to be apart of the HD nation. I went out to my local electronics store (name will be spared so they dont sue me) to purchase the most recommended tv available. I bought a 50 inch HD DLP (HD50LPW175). The brand was RCA. If I knew this website exsisted, we would not be reading this blog, commment or whaterever you want to call this. Now just my luck, the P.O.S. goes out. I assumed it was the bulb but I was advised that if the bulb goes out there would be no picture. I had picture and the tech only said it is somethign worse. The advised me I needed to Photo light Generator. Long story short since I did not buy the extended warranty plan, I am screwed. The part I need, does not exsist. I get the run around from RCA and they tell me there is no ETA on when the part is available. They tell me it could take up to a year to get the part. The retailer is no help, come to find out they do not even carry that brand anyway. Now I am stuck with a TV that doesnt work and cannot fix. Well I was also advised by another repair shop that RCA tvs are the most expensive to repair. And today a repair shop advised me I can wait 2 months until black friday and buy another tv... DONT BUY RCA... AND ALWAYS GET WARRANTY FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN GIVE YOU... well I have to go now.. I have to get my old tv from college that still works great. The Irony of that is, it is RCA as well. Guess that will go soon too.

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  • St
    StacyB Dec 28, 2008


    RCA L46WD22 ... while watching the TV all of the sudden it went black and says UNUSUABLE SIGNAL on all of my analog channels (we have basic cable, NOT HD/digital cable). I have upper channels that are digital and for some reason they are watchable. The RCA Tech Support line guy (from the few sentences I did understand) said to unplug it and waited a few minutes & he told me to plug it back in. Well, I did and now I still have the trouble but NOW there is also something jacked up with the volume. I can see the digital channels but to hear it they all have to be on FULL volume and it still sounds half-muted and crackles like blown car speakers, then the sound fades off totally.

    MY FIX:

    Upon removing the back and base and then the metal cover towards the TOP, about 2 inches behide where the coax plugs in is a TINY fuse labeles F...it is 1/2 amp and needed to be 3/4 amp...fuse BAD!! I searched for the item # F1455CT-ND (new 3/4 amp fuse with G printed on it...don't faint when you see it...it is only about 1/4 the size of a match head) and bought it from www.digikey.com for a whole $2.85 including shipping. It arrived in about 2-3 days. Hubby bought a fine SILVER SOLDER and a $20 solder gun @ HomeDepot.

    We placed the new G fuse right on top of the old, dead F fuse and with the use of a magnifying glass we barely touched both ends with the solder and reassembled all we'd disassembled. Hooked Coax and power back up and BADDA BOOM...we have sound and the analog channels back. For us, there was NO other option. NO ONE here in SE KS will touch this TV. Feel free to E-mail me with any questions if ya need. [email protected] GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • Ka
    katherine1259 Aug 19, 2009

    ANYONE who has purchased a RCA L46WD22 46" Television and has had a the main PCB fail, part #274704, please contact me. My RCA is completely dead after a short 2 years. There is a known problem with this model. RCA no longer manufactures the part, and I was told by their customer service department that since it was out of warrenty, that its "no longer their problem" I am hoping to find enough people who have experienced the failure of their television and the unbelievable, terrible customer service from RCA, to force RCA to do something/anything to resolve this problem. [email protected]

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  • El
    Elizabeth H Jun 13, 2010

    I purchased a RCA L32HD31 and I hardly watched it being alone . Well it was less than 18 months old went completely dead took to repair shop needs a new converter can't get the part I was told . Called RCA support was told to fax copy of the sales slip then i would have to ship TV back to them in Ohio.And I would probably get 20 to 25 % of what I paid for the TV back. I told the repair man junk the TV as I am recovering from cancer and do not drive or have family who does. So if we all get together and fight RCA hopefully we all will get what we deserve our money back I will never but another RCA TV. OH by the way there are no parts for RCA in the USA I was told. lets all get together fight this my e mail is [email protected] I am writing to the lady above too join me

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  • Rc
    RCA sux Jan 17, 2011

    We have a 42inch RCA lcd tv about 3 yrs old. We have sound but no picture, it is black. I can listen to music channel and listen to the shows but not see anything...lol...Any suggestion

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  • Pa
    patty22 Sep 30, 2015

    Yes .I agree ..I just bought a RCA 60 inch Led TV at Sears .. The warranty was just up on it ..it was made in Feb of 2014 ..I bought it August of 2014.. And now it's dead...a month after the warranty..nice..the picture on it..had colors running into each other.. Like the 70s .. Was told that it was the main board..and it would cost me more to fix than what it's worth... So .. what are they doing ??making throw away TVs .. You buy one ..then you throw it away after a year.. Damn...what's up with that..where's quality control? They don't have any in China ..I forgot..

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