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I received a voucher in the mail for a vacation package and i responded. The entire vacation was explained but none of the refund and non refundable deposit information. At the time it seemed fair priced so i went ahead and put a partial deposit on the trip because i didnt have all the money at that time. Well i talked to my girlfriend and we decided not to take the trip. I called back and tried to cancel and refund my deposit and was told i couldn't. So i got a intension on the trip planning until 4/18/2008. I recently did some research on this company and found some disturbing facts and now i want my full refund because they are misrepresenting themselves by showing lavish hotels and etc, which in fact are very old hotels etc. Please contact me if any other details are needed in order to help me get my money back from these thieves... Thanks


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May 10, 2022 12:59 pm EDT

I stayed here for 3 or 4 weeks I cleaned my own room cause it was dirty n I couldn't trust the cleaning crew I didn't even get my deposit back there was bugs n the room and on the outside of the hotel every time the door was open the bugs would get worse on the inside my fridge wouldn't even work in when i got it to come on it got so cold that the hole inside turned to ice n pushed the door open there were always people fighting by the doors n loud screaming the people at the front desk only one was nice the others were clueless in just rude

Aug 31, 2019 7:05 pm EDT
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Room is not made up properly and toilet is dirty . Problem reported to front desk and but it seems no knowledge or luck of experience by hotel staff to resolve the issue.

Jul 14, 2019 9:38 pm EDT

im rami stay in ramada hotel and suites in baku the people here very taffy and the take my many and not returned for exchange

Jun 23, 2019 10:09 pm EDT

We walk in room dusty, bathroom durty, hair in bathtub, needle in the carpet, infront of the entry door really durty
Refrigerator durty . Durty sheets .

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Jun 16, 2019 10:23 am EDT

We Informed them of the blood and offered only 10 percent off a spit in my face basicallly that could have had aids on it

Dec 03, 2008 10:15 pm EST

Thank you all for these complaints. I just received one of these vouchers (I too live in Canada) and I called. They went on and on about how great it was, the moment I had a tough question they put me on the phone with the General Manager, they gave me the number to the Ramada location (which i honestly was not going to waste my time calling - with it being long distance and all). After speaking with them, I honestly wanted to participate. So while on the phone I googled them and found these complaints. Then I told them that I had to go with my gut feeling and decline, at that very moment I received an offer to receive all of my meals at one of their restaurants free, and an additional $200 off the total price of $798. I almost jumped at it, but kept on reading these complaints and decided not to go with it. I must say they do a very good job at trying to get people with this. But just wanted to say thank you for the heads up, much appreciated.

Aug 21, 2008 11:09 pm EDT

I was recently suckered into one of these vacation deals, and while I'm not saying that I wasn't incredibly naive by giving out my credit card info over the phone, this company does practice some questionable sales techniques. For instance, they got my contact information from a contest that I entered at a Ribfest (innocently enough), and when they called me, they said I had been "selected" to receive a fabulous and luxurious vacation package to Florida and the Bahamas (valued at $2500). Now, the package was nowhere near worth that (after I later did some research). Plus, there are many hidden fees that wouldn't be aware of until you actually go on the vacation (just Google the people who have traveled with Imperial).

However, it's natural when they quote you that value that your mind jumps to visions of grand cruise ships and the "white glove treatment" that Imperial promises. Needless to say, when I agreed to pay the heavily-discounted promotional fee of $299U.S./pp, I had no idea that this would be non-refundable and that the company had a "no vacation cancellation policy."

If you do your research, and look up the "Sellers of Travel" section on the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website (, you'll see that according to Florida Law (and I live in Canada by the way), a consumer is entitled to a full refund within 30 days of purchase. However, every time I called Imperial's customer service, they refused to cancel the package, offering to extend the period that I could use the vacation, or a 100% money back guarantee (after you go through with the trip), or to upgrade your package. They told me that they could not refund the 149$U.S. security deposit that I supposedly agreed to. And that if I cancelled, I would lose all my money.

Know your rights. Contact your credit card company's dispute department, and they'll advise you on how to return Imperial's package (through registered mail) and with an official letter of cancellation. Or better yet, complain to the Florida Better Business Bureau (Canadians can send a complaint through our local BBB), and complain to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

I did, and got my full refund within one week (August 22, 2008) of falling for this "luxury" vacation package. Now I just hope there aren't any weird or unauthorized transactions on my credit card statement.

The irony is that Imperial Majesty keeps calling my house, and asking to speak to my parents. They seem to be aggressively targeting Canadians now, so warn your friends even if they are "smart." I considered myself smart, and yet I fell for this. They are incredibly persuasive!


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