Ralphs Grocery Companycashier during michelle's lunch break in self checkout

Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

Sat Aug 11th at the Ralph's downtown San Diego California, , five pm. .I went to buy grocery's ( Fri Aug 10, 2018...I had written a check and it was approved) wrote a check. Told it was declined, , asked what reason, , being when a check is decline it based on code 3 are 4... Yet the clerk said.. She didn't know, , she didn't return my check and Sunday. Today I go to look at my bank activity. . The check totaling $208.25 was used, , and I'm upset that she never returned my check .. She was.. Maybe a second and being it takes a minute to run check. She never process it... She got me for the money yet I have no grocery's ..I was taken by an employee at Ralph's...I can't even... Do anything about it... TAKEN BY RALPH'S, , I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!


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