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buyer beware!

Rainsoft of Birmingham called us about testing our water and the very first night they tested the water...

predatory and unethical sales techniques!

Like other post I have read, we received cold call from someone offering free coupons to come over and...

rude customer service!

My Husband entered to win Bristol Race tix, and we were approached by RainSoft Water Purifying Co. to do an in -home assessment of our water. (What NASCAR and RAINSOFT have in common? I dunno!!) So we made an appt. on a Sat. 2-2-08 (the only day we had available). The Rep. came to our home. He was a nice older man. After a 3 hour demo, we decided to purchase their $5000 system. I was hesitant, but my hubby thought it would be a good investment. Not to mention the 5 years worth of, dish soap, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, bath gel, all purpose cleaner, and maybe another cleaner. Anyway, we told the rep that our credit was horrible. He said "don't worry, they will do what it takes to get you approved." Meanwhile, we waited a week for install. The Rainsoft Co. called our home and left a brief mess. asking us to return the call. We did not, figuring it was just a conformation call. NO more contact was attempted by them. Saturday came, 9, 10, 11, 12 o'clock rolled around, NO RAIN SOFT PEOPLE. Since I was hesitant anyway, I said "Good, Im glad they didn't come." THEY NEVER CALLED BACK TO SAY THEY WERE NOT COMING. THey wasted my time on 2 different days!!! So today, one week later, I called Rain Soft to complain about their lack of information/communication to us THE BUYER. BO, the office manager, was immediately angry, says that he called and left several messages, then admitted to only one call made, which offered no detail. I read the complaints about rainsoft BEFORE the install was to happen and was that much more against it. (the price I should say) And I learned that many other people were as disgusted as me. I also learned the their are many systems on EBAY from UNHAPPY RAINSOFT CUSTOMERS. I found a system for $600 and he was giving all the soaps. Bo, the office man, hung up on me while shouting at me, I called back to let him know I was posting this complaint online and calling their main Office, He said "Good, you do that" and he DID NOT KNOW THE NUMBER TO THE MAIN OFFICE, HE TOLD ME TO GET IT ONLINE. My money spends like everyone else's. I could have paid for the system right then, but I am so glad it was never installed. You can get many other water softening systems for far less!!! Try your local home improvement stores before buying this system to compare the quality of other companies. Thank goodness for online postings to the consumer.

  • Ma
    Matt Feb 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was looking through some customer service ratings for rainsoft and came across your comments. First of all, I want to apologize for the rudeness you experienced with your dealer. I myself sell the systems and haven't had any major issues with customer complaints. I think a lot of it has to do with the dealership. I completely understand your frustration and really don't blame you for feeling the way you do. I would be the exact same way if it had happened to me that way. I just want to let you know that the dealership has a great deal to do with your satisfaction rate. Poor salesmanship, faulty installation and functionality of system, and customer service can all be directly related to the poor quality of the dealership. I know that there are a lot of people who aren't happy with the system; however, the are multitudes more that view the system as one of the wisest puchases they have ever made. My point is that while your experience and assessment is 100% accurate, it really shouldn't be generalized to the whole company. I understand that people are much more likely to voice a complaint than a praise. There is nothing wrong with that, its just the way the human mind works. I assure you that there are millions of satisfied rainsoft customers with maybe a few thousand that are completely unhappy. That happens in every business. I am so sorry you had a bad experience with us, and I hope whoever did you wrong doesn't have a job much longer. Thank you for expressing your distaste with the company. It will help us learn from our mistakes and fix them. Anyway, enough rambling on my part. Good luck to you.

    with rainsoft

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  • De
    Dennis Kroll Jun 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A few years ago, I called the Miami Florida Rainsoft distrb. for sevice on my unit. Appointments were made but never kept. I was not opening my business to wait all day for a technician that never showed up or never got a callback from the office to say he wouldn't be there. My calls were quickly dismissed and I was given another appt...another no show.

    Finally I searched the net and found a phone# in Texas where they manufactured the product. I got a factory worker there to call the service dept. in Miami on my behalf. More customer service from him than I was getting from Rainsoft. The next day the manager from Miami called, was upset, rude, and gave me a litany of excuses I had already heard.
    Last week I needed service again.

    Why was I not surprised?
    Yesterday, 8-10 am...no technician. Call to the office...he'll be there between 4-6pm. Call to the office at 5:30...they work up to 8 pm. To the present...no technician. A call to the office today...the technician was sick yesterday...I've heard that one before, twice a few years ago; I didn't believe it then and I don't now...You'll have to talk to the manager...O.K...he's not in...can I ask you, If the technician would have showed up and I wasn't there would you charge me a service call?...Yes, if it was a scheduled service call you would be charged...what recourse do I have to recoup the time and $ I am wasting...you'll have to talk to the manager...you said he wasn't there...call back tomorrow; would you like me to set you up with another appointment for service?...Why am I not surprised.

    I called Aquion Water Treatment Products 847-437-9400 and talked to someone in the RainsoftDiv/customer service. They said they would send a letter/email to the Miami Office service dept. (which is really somewhere in Orlando) immediately. We'll see what happens.

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  • Bo
    boho_47 Sep 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I had a similar experience with Rainsoft here in Orlando, FL. We were treated with amazing rudeness by 2 managers and were promised a gift card from HOME DEPOT which was never mailed to our home. A Home Depot manager told us that there had been similar complaints and that it was his opinion that they shouldn't be representing the store.

    We are getting the last laugh there though: a consumer advocate group here in Orlando is having group members from 3 major counties in Orlando call and book appointments with Rainsoft weekly. When the representative shows up, they will be turned away at the verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry last minute--since they lie about bringing along a 50$ gift card for Home Depot. How much will this cost the company? Hmmmmmm

    The manager to be wary of is Nils Bean located at the Edgewater, Orlando office. And avoid the guy with the clip board at the Clermont, FL HOME DEPOT.

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bad quality product!

I just wanted to write a letter in response to all the complaints I've been reading re: rainsoft here in Louisiana. First of all these complaints are over a year old. This company was recently bought (in Sept. of '07 from what they said) and is now locally owned and operated. This company is also no longer associated with Discovery Marketing. They have done everything in their power to address the complaints and satisfy their current and new customers. The service department has been revamped and I couldn't be happier w/ the service provided not to mention the system that was installed. Support your local companies.

  • Tr
    Truth be told Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So you are a rainsoft Representative.
    I see you have your web address above (www.rainsoft.com)
    I just wanted to tell you were to go, if you dont already know.
    Hope your company is enjoying the internet.
    The truth about your company is everywhere you look.
    Nobody to blame but yourself!
    New ownership, Same bull!
    My first and last experience, November, 2008

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  • Ex
    ex tester Feb 23, 2009

    They ALL use the same corporate system...same script, same process. Rainsost has been doing business this way since 1953. All dealers use the system that Rainsoft has developed. Let them in and you'll be poorer and regret ably wiser for the experience.

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not able to talk to anyone about what happens after my account is closed!

I have tried to contact rainsoft and talk to someone about discontinuing my service. It is financed through HSBC I think. I can never talk with an agent. Beware people!

  • Xe
    x employee of Rain Soft Mar 10, 2010

    I was a Rain Soft salesman; the good news is the 2010 updated model does work and does do what it's supposed too. It’s in my house and I'm keeping it. The BAD NEWS is Professional Water Services (in Bristol Pa) One of the original RainSoft dealers (1975) are, just like all the other dealers, major Rip-off artists! $8, 390.00 - drop to $7, 390.00 and then pressure the heck out of you until you ask them to leave, then they insist on calling the office ONLY to get you on the phone with a very savvy manager who will start all over again.
    *They even made a good profit on me charging me $4, 830.00 + 338.00 tax =$5, 168.00 Ouch!

    The manager at P.W.S. is from the Corp office and I heard him say over and over again, ..."you have to keep closing, close close close, " (that's sales talk for close the deal, push push push) when a fellow salesman said, "but you will offend the home owner" the Corp manager said, "I don't care." and he said this all week long in the training, "buyers are liars, I don't care, I don't care! You have to close'em"

    If you could get them down to $3, 200.00 with installation and a lifetime warranty, don't keep the soap, don't keep the air cleaner then it's worth it. Oh please do not become bedazzled by 4 yrs of free soap - it wasn't free you paid for it... hello! $7, 390.00 and don't be impressed with the free Air purifiers - you paid for that too $7, 390.00 and don't be impressed with the free installation.. You guessed it, you paid for that too... $7, 390.00 IT'S all worked into the price!

    Their tactics are brutal on the customer, Home Depot should be ashamed!
    WARNING: they install the NEXT DAY even on SUNDAYS because they know if you get a chance to look on the INTERNET you will cancel. They also believe you (the average home owner) is too stupid to know your 3 day Right of Rescission is still in-effect even though they installed the next day! Fill out your 3-day form get it post marked registered return mail, and mail it off. If they don't remove it call the Attorney General, the BBB, and Home Depot Credit line.

    Salesman commissions as of my training 2010:
    11% to 17% of the total cost before tax.
    That’s $860. to $1, 256.00 per sale!- now you understand the motivation of the salesman (water tester haha) to close the deal tonight!

    WARNING: Professional water Service will have access to your credit report and all private banking and home information once you sign the application.

    On a good note underneath all the price gouging and unethical high pressure sales tactics, demeaning and uncaring treatment of their salesman –I still believe the Borchainer family actually does mean well, they’ve just lost their way and have become seduced by greed, and bitter by their own karma from years of miss-leading the average consumer to buy something you can get from Pelican for $1, 500.00 without all the fanfare.http://www.pelicanwatertechnologies.com/combo_series.php click to watch all 3 videos

    How sad it must be for them to own a business so hated by so many scorned customers across the entire country. Funny: a system that works teamed with a company with no conscience equals: low ethics, low standard of morality, a presumption that You are stupid and fueled by greed. hum I believe these are also the devils qualities.

    All commentary is expressly my opinion only, based on what I’ve seen, heard, was trained to say, and actually did in the home on behalf of my commission and RainSoft through the Dealership of Professional Water Services, Inc.
    * it is possible in my short time with Rain Soft(PWS bristol Pa) I did not learn enough to have a better opinion of them. Please do your own investigating and give equal time to both sides: Love'em or Hate'em You decide

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Hidden fees

When I purchased my Rain Soft home water filtration system back in 1999 I was never told that every 2-3 year...

fraud and cheating!

When my wife and I originally bought this system, we were adamant about the fact that we didn't want this account to be like a credit card. We were assured by the sales rep that it was a fixed rate and not an open-ended credit account. An open-ended credit card account is the biggest rip-off going, and we both new that based on past experiences so therefore we wanted no part of it. Unfortunately, we were both lied to and find ourselves paying this bill off by utilizing another credit card with lower interest.

  • Te
    tennessee vet Mar 13, 2009

    Every Rainsoft dealer is separately owned and opperated, and financing is based per dealer. The main line of credit is not a revovling account, as you have described. And this is the line of credit we try to offer to most customers. However, based on situations such as income, debt/income ratio, credit scores, etc that are out of our hands, some customers are put on a revolving account with a lower monthly investment, making the system more affordable on a monthly basis. I am sorry you were not made aware of the revolving account. The distribution agency I work for has the installation department bring out the credit contract and go over everything with the homeowner before installation. I'm not sure how the distribution agency you dealt with works, but that is supposed to be standard procedure. I do want to apologize on the behalf of Rainsoft for this inconvenience to you and your family.

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high price - poor quality

Our experience with our rainsoft watersoftener has been a bad one. We paid thousands of dollars for the softener and it has been a maintenance nightmare. Every couple of years it malfunctions where it runs its brine out on to the carpet. There seems to be no warranty that applies as we are always charged for parts and labor. The latest setback has been the timer that rainsoft no longer makes parts for. Their solution is a 800.00 updated controller that costs more than entire systems purchased elsewhere. My sister and her husband were in high pressure sales of watersofteners in the 80's. They scolded me for buying rainsoft when I bought my unit in '99. They said at the time there were better softeners out there for 600.00 Just because something costs more doesnt mean its better.

  • Ca
    Carter Dec 29, 2008

    I agree--- I think there is some shady stuff going on at Rainsoft. I called Discovery Marketing (that is who Rainsoft.com told me to call for Florida) and they said I had a PAST DUE bill to cover before they would send out a repair person at $125 for the first half hour. Apparently, they rebuilt a motor last year and never told me about it! I remember calling them last year for salt delivery and they said if I bought X amount of salt that they would do a "free inspection" of my unit. Well, I left them a check for the pre-determined amount, and that was that...until now, a year later when they informed me that they had rebuilt the motor and that I still owed on it. WHAT?!?!? I never even received a bill for these unwanted repairs! The customer service person offered to take the late charges off for me...ugh. I am digusted with Rainsoft and Discovery Marketing. What a scam!

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  • No
    noname Apr 25, 2009

    I had the warantee in my hands I took it upon myself to actually READ the LIMITED LIFETIME WARANTEE. Maybe more people should actually READ. It's not that hard and it doesn't take that long.

    Wouldn't anyone notice if they had a rebuilt motor? I would think that the work order would specify that this type of work was done, this is just one word against another. There are so many people out there that are super happy with their systems. Some people are just looking for something to complain about. Yes, I am implying something.

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No one there cares if tank leaks!

I came home and one of the tanks are leaking on the upper side, unable to shut it off to keep it from...

beware of rainsoft equipment warranty!

I am writing to warn anyone looking to invest into a Rainsoft System, which is not cheap, to beware of...

rude management!

The service I have received from the local rep has been deplorable. I have asked them to reclaim the system and refund my money many times. I have contacted the Local BBB and they have forwarded my complaint and have had no response. It took the company 9 months to install the unit and I am left with out any confidence that the unit is work properly today. The local manager is rude and has not provided any relief.

no money refund from rainsoft!

Re: RainSoft Another month has gone by and still no one from Rain Soft / Discovery Marketing and...

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