RaceWay Gas Stationsemployee's mistake cost me money for the 2nd time.

On October 5th I stopped to get gas and cigarettes at this location. I went inside paid for everything and went to pump my gas and the pump wasn't turned on. So I went back inside and the manager Jackson I believe noticed the gas was put on the wrong pump. So he said he refunded my account. I asked him for a receipt showing I was refunded and he said he couldn't give me one for a refund. So I checked with my bank and the money wasn't there as well as no reversal being noted on my account. He assured me the money I paid for the gas would be in my account in 24-48 hours and insisted I paid additional money for gas I had already paid for. He told me if the money wasn't in my account within 48 hours to come back and he would make it right so I repaid for my gas. Three days later the money still wasn't refunded to my account so I went back with my receipts and talked to the same manager again only this time he was very rude insisting it is the banks problem and not his problem. Basically being very unprofessional. I had told him when this first happened I had this same thing happen to me 5 or 6 months ago where my gas got mixed up and I had to pay twice for gas and not get refunded by this same location. I spend a lot of time traveling and I have 5 kids so I do not have the time to run back and forth to a gas station to try to get money refunded to me. Not to mention getting my bank involved. My bank suggested I contact you guys directly before they take action. I love this gas station and all the options for its consumers but I can't keep paying $20 for $10 in gas or $40 for $20 in gas. It's just not plausible. Hopefully this message makes it to the right department and I thank you for your time.

James Jenkins

Oct 11, 2019

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