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I went to the Quest lab at 7459 state Road 52, Hudson, FL 34667 to get blood work that was requested by my PCP. while getting blood work she went to look for a vein. For my own sake I like to watch cause that makes me more comfortable. As I could see the vein in the arm she had to poke me almost 5 times to get to the vein, after taking about 1 tube of blood she lost the vein. With the needle still in my arm she is swabbing it around moving it side to side which is making my arm shake really bad. She then gets upset and just says "come on now" as she keeping going side to side. As I'm obviously in a lot of pain she still continues and doesn't say anything asking if I'm ok. After 3+ minutes of her moving it side to side she gets the vein back and finishes. She then gave me an attitude stating "if it bruises I'm sorry". Her attitude didn't seem like she was actually sorry. The bruising started light. I thought it would be fine. It is now black and I have been made fun of and have been looked at because of it. From Friday until today, this bruise is getting bigger and bigger. I can still not extend my arm all the way without feeling a little pain. I am not happy with the service I was provided what so ever & it gives that location a bad reflection.

Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics

May 20, 2019

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