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We travelled from aamritsar to Doha by QR549 today . The flight was delayed by 2 hours .
Due to which we lost our onward flight to Prague

We were offered flight to London and then to Prague... which we refused due to travel tim of 17 hours
We asked for a day stopover at Doha followed by a morning 8 15 flight to Prague

Waited for these tickets for over an hour
Then we were issued tickets for same dat 11 45 london saying it's the next days ticket... we were lucky to have checked the dates on the boarding pass

On complaining we were attended to after an hour... we were to be given vouchers and tickets for next day

We waited for another hour foir the same
We have been really troubled today ... had to wait for over 6 hours for a solution

Our hotel bookings . Pick ups and bus tours were paid up for
All got wasted

Kindly look into this matter at the earliest

We need a compensation for all the losses financially as well as time wastage

Anjali puri
Deepali puri
Seema Batra

Jun 27, 2019
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  • Ja
      Jul 01, 2019

    28th June 2019. We boarded flight to Doha from Amritsar scheduled to take off at 3.30am. However due to different technical faults being explained by captain thet kept us on the plane until 8am before the cancelled the flight due to the engineer having not got the required tool to fix the technical problem. the planes air conditioning was turned off whilst repairs were undertaken and really uncomfortable -they gave u coleslaw sandwiches and crisps at about 7am before cancelling the flight. We had to disembark go through immigration and recollect our baggage and wait for a further 5 hours before they trans[ported us to a hotel -we were made to stand with heavy luggage. We got to the hotel at 1pmish in a clapped out bus with baggage full to the brim and blocking access routes to the bus . We stayed at the hotel for less than five hours before summonsing us back to the air port . the elderly paasengers soein their 70s were dropped off a quarter of a mile from the airport entry and made to walk and carry luggage . ihave video evidence of this with driver and staff refusing to take the bus to the entrance despite other buses also present their -representatives of Qater unhelpful and di not care -No apology and unhelpful. Further waits until 9pm that evening before we eventually boarded flight .They ruined my family's holiday and yet they said they are an awarded national carrier -I will be submitting a detailed complaint -Animals get better transport in the E U

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