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Re: your inadequate response to a medical emergency on flight bangkok to doha on flight qr833/07th september 2019... I took very unwell on this flight and requested due to previous experiences of these types of attacks that it was medically benifical that I lay in a recovery position on the floor, I alerted a crew member who agreed with me that if I had experiance of these attacks I could lay on the floor and see if it would alleviate any of of my symptoms, I was permited to do so by the first crew member of which I was gratefull for for the time period of circa 1.5 hours, not 5 minutes as the senior cabin crew wrote in her police statment, il return to this issue in a moment or to. I was in good health on the outward legs of my holiday, I became momentarily unwell on the forementioned flight, and had made cabin crew aware of my situation that I was trying to control it with a well known medical recovery postion rehydration and medication, I was permitted to lay on the floor with no onstruction to any passengers of flight crew. At no time, did any flight crew offer me oxygen, say they wer informing the captain, ask for any kind or type of medical assistance for me, I was left to my own devices with my partner repeatedly telling the cabin crew I was unwell, I was then rudely asked to get up from there, by the senior cabin crewe who 1 didnt ask what my emergecny was, 2, didnt make any observations, 3 ask me did I need any medical assistance, 4, bring me oxygen, 5 ask any other member of the public could they assist me... Your senior cabin crew asked me in a loud voice to get up and sit on my seat, I managed to get myself up in my sick condition and ask her to move a few steps to the back of the plane so I could please tell her what was happening and ask for help, she refused to listen and kept repeating to get back to your seat you cant lay on the floor, I then told her to just leave me alone and [censored] off, I my body and mind were in the middle of a shock/anxeity/panic attack... I recived no help nor any help was offerd to me.. I was then informed I would be met off the plane by security officers, when the plane landed I and my partner were taken by security and police to the station.. My oartner upset and in tears was then informed she had to fly home on her on and with out me, I was then asked to explain what happen, and sign papers in arabic I think it was, I was put in a room and asked to wait.. The senior stewardess was in the same hallway as me, she made her statement to the police very loudly and animated, I have covert photos of her doing so... I then went to the small room she was sat in and apologised that I had taken unwell/medical emergency on the flight and ask that she accept that, which she did, it was not for me to say sorry to her, my partner asked me to do what ever I could to get on the next flight home, 4 weeks previous we had lost our baby during pregnancy and 3 weeks prior to that I had buried my mother, this holiday was supposed to be very symbolic for us both, it ended in a tragic mistreatment of a registerd disabled traveller...2 police officers who took the statement from the senior stewardess said and I quote, wee are sorry brother, she is making 5% to 100% in this matter because of qatar airlines policy and she does not want any trouble for herself... Police// if it was us brother wee do not have have a problem with you, the police then took me to see the airport doctor who agreed that my body was in shock and I had taken unwell on the flight and for me was to get home to my own doctor/hospital, see attached medical record... I was then taken back to the police station in the airport, can I just add the police were extremly proffesional and freindly..1 of the police could see I was thirsty and hungry and offerd me half his food and got me water.. I was then taken to a court house building and was there for many hours with no food water medicines or phone, I was not offers translation or legal or embassy assistance.. I was then quickly taken back to the airport given some documents and then asked to wait beside qatar information desk in the terminal... I was there overnight in alot of pain and discomfort because I had finished some of my medications also I have sever back pain and was made to sleep on the floor like some kind of animal, not a disabled traveller... If it wasnt for 1 of your security guards asking me had I anything to eat or drink I would have spent 24 hours there without anything... I was then forced to write a statment apologizing for taken sick on the flight it was a threat that if I didnt write that statement I would not be sent home, qartar wer shown evidence of my disabilitys and no funds... I was kept at the airport untill security deemed it nessacary I could leave... I have commened... The 2 qatar employees and also I think he is a big african qatar security officer, they wer compassionate polite and proffesional and very closing... Your senior cabin, has lied and failed to see I was in a real medical emergency... Other passengers wittnessed our distress and wer trying to tell the cabin crew but the senior assistant didnt want to know, there are security cameras on each plane the recording are kept for months, look back on that flight and see and hear what I said to her shes lieing about most of the events... Shes failed me, she failed proffesionally and medical observartions... She was only intertested in policy and washing her hands of this entire matter, airport police have told me qatar airlines is their most problamatic airline... I will give you 7 days from receipt of this mail to futher have a look at my case, if I do not recive a suitable answer, every embassy and travel hq that will be connected with qatar 2020 will recive all our mails and the context of what has happened... Also the qatar goverment travel department/affairs... I have already been in talks with disabled travellers associations and chat groups... Many many 1000s of disabled travellers will attend qatar 2020... How many would want to fly qatar if they wer afraid they took unwell on the flight... Your position is premium care officer, am I right? Were is the premium care ive recived???, ps I was a perfect customer on the way back home please feel free to ask the cabin crewe... Regards daithi o'cru... Retired.. Disabled traveller...

Oct 02, 2019

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