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To whom it may concern,

I wish to complain about the handling of customers following the diversion of the flight from Doha to Sydney (diverted to Perth.)

After 11 hours on board (most passengers in transit to begin with) we were kept on the plane for another hour and a half in Perth airport before being told we would have to stay overnight. While I appreciated the provision made for us in Hyatts hotel, the process by which we got there and again onto our flight the following day was laborious and added to our distress. For some unknown reason we were to queue for an hour in Perth only to be told we were staying at Hyatts. There seemed to be no reason for the extra hour queue in top of an already distressing delay. Added to this was the extremely inefficient processing of passengers onto the '1 o clock' flight today. Having been told that buses were leaving Hyatts at 8.30 a.m. forcing a rushed breakfast, we arrived at the airport 4 hours before the flight and over 2 hours before the understaffed check in counters opened. The queue was over two hours long when it eventually started to move. To make matters worse, the flight scheduled for 1p.m. was further delayed until 2.30 and at the time of writing (2.36) has not yet taken off.)

While it is understandable that accidents do happen, in the event of delay, one would expect that customers be treated with utmost respect. The avoidable queues suggests utter disregard for customers' time despite already being robbed of a day in Sydney and greatly added to the discomfort of the situation.

I sincerely hope that customers be compensated for loss of time and distress incurred through lack of adequate information and disorganisation of the following flight. Given that I had booked the flight because of the efficiency which the timeframe offered abd the prospect of spending a full weekend in Sydney, I did not get what I paid for.

Kind regards,

Eimear Henry

Apr 27, 2019
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  •   Apr 27, 2019

    To the author Eimear Henry

    1.Passenger is a person who has the ticket or air carrier PNR (booking) for the exact air carrier flight.

    The author does not show neither the ticket or PNR related to him or to the family member.

    2. Flight is a service of the air carrier which has the particulars:
    - air carrier ICAO / IATA abbreviation
    - date, time
    - airport of the departure
    - airport of the destination
    - number .

    3. The invoice / receipt is not seen. So, it is useless to state "Given that I had booked the flight because of the efficiency which the timeframe offered abd the prospect of spending a full weekend in Sydney, I did not get what I paid for."

    4. The regulations of some countries do not forsee the compensation due to the delay.
    The Europen and the UK, for example, regulations forsee the compensation and additinal service due to the delay.

    4. Compensation.The legal professional, who is hired and who has access to all the documents, can advise more.
    If seek the compensation, you need to collect the related documents (eticket, boarding pass, the above text)
    and to hire the legal professional for charge in order to intiate the case at the court.

    5. The ICAO regulations forsee the time limit for the submission - 1 year from the date of the flight.
    In practice, the complaint / law suite, which is filled within 30 days, following the incident / last submission or a reply increase chances for a fair compensation.

    Oleg G
    Sr manager for ICAO irregulations matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan enginners ltd
    address for request along with documents to e-mail for: aryan{at}
    // substitute (at) = @ in the address field

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