Qatar Airwaysappointment of getting my cell phone

I took QR059 doh-muc on 2nd oct. 2019, my cell phone has fallen on the plane. The QR ground staff told me that they found it. The asked me to get it back at 1o:30 but I can't bz I must lead the group to munich so they tell me to come again at 11:00. I went back and waiting them at QR counter at gate A from 11-12:30 but nobody there. I lost 190€ for taxi round trips. I try to call to +[protected] more than a hounded times but can not contact QR at Munich. I need my cell phone asap. Please contact me on +[protected] or [protected]
Thxs Bhassakorn S. (My cell phone is iPhone7plus)

Oct 03, 2019

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