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B Dec 06, 2018
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I have recently resigned from the company due to personal problems at home. I explained this to my manager. I had others issues at work which I didn't want to raise upon my resignation such as racism and favoritism which persists throughout the organization. But that's none of my business. Today I received my gratuity after two years and 9 months of service which amounted to nothing to be honest. This is complete fraud. I don't want to blame the company yet. I want to blame the people whom I delt with in HR separations today the 6th of December 2018. It's an embarrassment to sign a hand written document that I have to copy out myself. While in the official documents the amount that I had received was not recorded. I saw this and kept quite because everyone in that room seem to know what is going on and they are all in on it. It's useless to complain to them, they disregard everything. They even set you up to leave on Friday or Saturday because then offices will be closed and you won't have a chance to raise your issues to the relevant authorities because it's a weekend. I mean when I joined the company I signed official documents with the company logo and everything. Everything was done professionally. Now when I sign to receive what was promised to me on my contract i have to sign some shady papers. This is so low, it's beyond my comprehension. I received one riyal per day for my service. Hahahaha this is a joke. But the sad is that it's not funny, I would to see that part in my contract. If this is how things are done in this company then it's the most exploitative company there is. But if not, you have criminals in your corporation and they are stealing from the people whom they deem to be weak and vulnarable. But I'm not poor, I come from South Africa, I came here to see the world and experience a different culture not because I was starving and will to sell my soul for anything. Even people who work in grocery stores back home get better detailed statements for their service. This is appalling, disgusting and an embarrassment. Anyone with some brains please view the statement which I received and tell me if that makes sense to you. Anyways I know nothing will happen. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. You could have asked for the money if you all are that desperate, I would have been more than happy to give it to you all because your level of desparation is worrying. Honestly, I have never seen such and I don't think I will ever see such again in my life. Everyone in my family was flying Qatar airways because I used to work for you all and I never spoke about you all negatively but now you have crossed the line my friends, no one that I know will ever fly Qatar airways again, I will make sure of that, even if it's one person I will be satisfied. I can't wait for you all to escorts me out of your country like a criminal after serving you all to the best of my ability because that's how you treat us after robbing us here. Quite frankly I don't want any payments from you people, I'd starve to death if I must but you can keep it, you need it more than I do, I don't want anything to do with you all. Ever ever again.

my gratuity

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