Qatar Airwaysexcess baggage fees being charged at airport

A Nov 26, 2019

I boarded a flight from Amritsar on November 25, 2019 for 3:50am to Doha with final destination as Halifax. I was told at checkin counter that I can either take my cabin bag(roller bag) or my laptop bag as only 1 piece is allowed. Agent at the counter was very rude and adamant that he won't let me take both of them even when I tried explaining that both the pieces are allowed in my flight from Halifax to Amritsar which was also Qatar.

So, to avoid missing the flight I paid excess baggage fees of Indian Rupees 4893 by putting my laptop bag in one of my check-in suitcase which I completely don't understand.

Then later when I reached gate they were saying to deposit the cabin bag as well because of space in the aircraft . At that point of time asked the agent why I was not allowed to bring the laptop bag when all other passengers have two items with them at which she said sorry.

I can submit the excess baggage fees slip if required.

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