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Qatar Airways — service during the flight qr 831 from bangkok to doha departure time 09.05 morning 11 june 2018..

Mr. Ivan Holecka gold member client of Qatar airway wold like to inform you some problems during the flight...

Qatar Airwaysfaulty airplane television

I'm on the QR003 flight from Doha to London. My seat number is 25E. The button to release the tv is missing, making my seat with no access to entertainment. I am disappointed in the lack of inspection on this plane. The stewards were unaware of the fault. I feel like some sort of compensation is in order as I did not receive the full service I paid for.


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    Qatar Airwaysgiving us la ram instead of qatarairways

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    My name is ghizlane idrissi and i am a moroccan national. Well i travel everytime with qatar airways either to india or from oman to morocco.
    I have noticed lately that whenwver we are going morocco we are getting la ram instead of qatar airways. And we are so disappointed with this.

    La ram service is so bad ..you call the stuff they come only after 30 min or they will forget your order or what yoi asked for.. no good entertainment nothing. If we want to travel with la ram we could have gone directly to thier website and booked there . But we want to travel with qatar airways..

    All my friends are complaining about this not just me we don't want to travel with la ram ..i hope my next trip i don't get it or else we would be forced to start booking at other gulf airlines ...

    Kindly think about it.

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      Qatar Airways — damaged bag

      Hi Dear CRM:[protected] - Damaged Bag I hope you are well. I had some problem last year trip with Qatar...


      Qatar Airwaysbaggage charges

      Full name : Rena Alieva

      Qatar Airways booking reference:U66YSO

      Flight Number : 961

      Ticket Number : 157-[protected]-15

      Date Of travel : 10th May 2018

      I was fooled and charged massive amount of 250 dollars for luggage overweight of 5 kgs which was not the case. the qatar staff checked the weight and it was not more than 3kgs (I aslo suspect this bcoz I checked my luggage weight at hotel and airport and it was a bit above 30 but less than 31). I asked them that I will adjust the luggage and make it below 30 and they told me to hurry up and were very rude and didnt even give me a chance to take out some fruits which weigh like 2-3 kgs. Moreover I was made to pay 250 dollars for this. I was told there is a fixed fee of 250 dollars for anything over 30kg and upto 35. but when I checked afterwards it was 50 kgs per kg. so again I was cheated here. I am shocked that a reputed airlines like qatar can cheat a passenger this way. Kindly take strict action against this staff at bali report and refund me the full amount of 250 dollars which was baselessly stolen from me. I could have easily taken off fruits which weigh 2-3 kgs and would have made it less than 30 kgs. and I wasnt even given a chance

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        • Complainant20091 Jun 03, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          There is inssufficient data in complaint.
          It is addressedd to noone.

          in order to submit a legal claim on your behalf for the compensation, kindly send
          1) e-ticket
          2) boarding pass DPS Bali- Doha
          3) the receipt for USD250, if it is issued by the Qatar airways
          4) your above text
          5) name, city, email, mobile phone for SMS/evening contact
          6) additinal document can be requered
          e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi.net
          air.irregulations(at)asia.com, @=(at)

          1) USD10 against invoice before the complaint, by card
          2) 10%, but not less than USD25, after the refund is issued.
          3) charges of the bank

          manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
          e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi.net
          air.irregulations(at)asia.com, @=(at)

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        Qatar Airwayswrong information about baggage allowance

        I flew with Qatar on the 30th of May from Perth Australia to Ireland. As I was flying with my baby and my husband I decided to call qatar to check the baggage allowance a day before our flight, because according to our tickets we were allowed to check-in 3 bags 30kg wich. As the website site is not clear enough, I called Qatar AIRWAYS on the 29th of May, and the information I got was the same I had. 3 bags of 30kg plus 11 kg of my baby bag to carry on the plane and 7 kg each.
        When we went to check in our bags, the staff got confused about our tickets because according to them, my baby ticket was process like an adult ticket. After 30 minutes waiting they simply decided we had to leave 1 of our bags or we wouldn't be able to fly, I try to explain that I call Qatar one day before and I got confirmation about the information I had.
        The bag had my baby clothes and my husband clothes. As we didn't have alternative we left our baggage.Our situation is very hard as the alternative we have is shipping the bag wich would take a while to arrive here, and in that way probably most of my baby's cloths won't fit him anymore.
        I would like to know what you can do to fix this problem.I want to aware you that, simple apologies won't fix my problem, so I am requesting a solution for the problem that your company created.
        It was the first time I flew with Qatar and so far I am not planning to do it again or even advice anyone to do it.

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          • Complainant20091 Apr 14, 2019
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            To the author,

            1. Nobody has a duty to respond or to examine the anonymous complaint,
            or purely indefinite complaint,
            or the complaint, which does not disclose the evidences (receipts), such as:-
            - e-ticket,
            - PNR,
            - boarding pass,

            - BAG TAG to the bagage related issue,

            - additinal receipt, if any,

            - explanation, what exact service was not provided or provided gainst the rule of the ticket (class of the service).

            2. There are no evidence of the paid booking or of the flight related to anyone in the complaint.

            3. If the author does not know,
            - when,
            - where
            - the way of the submission of the complaint, the author can hire the profesila in reelated field.

            4. We can provide such legal service for the complainant for a small charge,
            starting from equvalent of AUD100, paybale online againt invoice.

            Time limit for the legal action before the authority / court: 1 year,
            following the last flight or the last complaint.


            sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters (Asia and Europe)
            Aryan engineers Ltd UK
            email for request with documents to
            substitute {at}[email protected] in email field .

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          • Complainant20091 Jun 03, 2018
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            *** The rules on claim leave you the time till 5JuN for the decsion. After 5 June 18 you the chance for complaint is lost.

            0 Votes

          Qatar Airwayspoor service and greedy lady.

          Hello - My name is Yasmin Murad and my membership number is 157-[protected] and the reason for this complaint is that, me and my mom, travelled in Business Class, from Houston to Karachi, on December 30, 2017 and the first bad experience was at the counter, where the lady asked me to transfer 2 kg, from one bag to the other (to have exact weight, in both the bags).
          I took out a KitKat box, from one bag and as I put it on the counter and was try to open the other bag, the lady at the counter requested, that I should give the KitKat box to her, which I did.
          I have been traveling with your esteemed airline, for a long time and this is the first time, I met a greedy staff like this, at the counter.
          The reason I chose Qatar Business Class was that my mom is a senior citizen and we were looking forward for a VIP service, instead nobody treated my mom as a senior citizen or even a Business Class passenger.
          My mom was so frustrated with the service and had to go through a mental stress and as we reached Karachi, I requested to get us out of the airplane, as priority, because she was not feeling well and had a lot of pain, in her legs, but nobody listened and we were the last passengers, to get off the airplane.
          It took a long time, for my mom, to recover.
          The management at Qatar Airways, should look into this matter.

          Kind regards,

          Yasmin Murad
          USA : [protected]

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            • Complainant20091 May 30, 2018
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Such complaint has no grounds and is not connected to any air carrier.
              If you are discagee, kindly send by e-mail
              1) your relative e-ticket / your eeticket
              2) your and relative name
              3) change reason of benefit in 1 sentance
              4) what do you expect

              I am not connected with the Qatar airways.

              manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
              e-mail: < aryan(at)vivaldi.net >

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            Qatar Airwaysworst experience by ground staff

            I travelled from Canada to india and then back to Canada had a return flight from Amritsar, India from Shri Guru Ram Das airport Amritsar, though not sure if it was airline policy or the airport but my trip turned into the nightmare. I was told at the airport that Qatar Airways does not allow you to carry laptop bag with you and i was travelling for business to India so had 1 personal laptop and my office laptop. They told me if you wanted to travel with laptop then you should have picked another airline than QATAR Airways. My bags were locked at the security as that's what they do at the airport and they asked me to get the locks removed and move your laptop to check in baggage else pay extra for a bag and we will move your laptop bag as checkin bag.

            I did not want my laptop bags to be damaged so i decided to move them to the checkin bag but then my check in bags were over the limit. They kept juggling me to airport security to unlock, move the stuff and lock the bags again as they dont accept until the bags are locked 5 times and in the end i was so furious that i gave up and i aksed them to charge for extra luggage which they said would be USD70.
            When i gave USD70 they said we can not take USD you have to get converted in local currency first which i believe they had an arrangement with as they converted USD100 for USD70 equivalent in local currency.

            So i would suggest travellers beware if you travelling through Qatar airways or check their policy for laptop bags or dont ever travel from Shri Ram Das airport Amritsar, India

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              • Complainant20091 May 29, 2018
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                No complaint against the air carrier service is valid until it produces at least:
                - air carrier flight number and date
                - name of the passenger, city/ country, email preferably
                - PNR - it is one number of the service
                - e-ticket, which you had received from air carrier or from travel agent (can be atached)
                - boarding pass (can be an atached)
                - description of the falt service

                The above author's words has no connection with any service of the Qatar airways air carrier.

                manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations
                e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi.net

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              Qatar Airwaysbalance deducted without ticket confirmation

              I have booked 2 tickets today from tbilisi to delhi dated 21 july to 25 september at 11:26 AM from tbilisi in georgia
              amount 60483.53 INR is deducted from my account.
              but I haven't recieved any mail from you official airways yet.
              if the ticket is not confirmed you have to make me my full refund as soon as possible.
              my email id is... [protected]@gmail.com

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                • Complainant20091 Jun 03, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  * email: air.irregulations(at)asia.com, substitute @=(at)

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                • Complainant20091 May 27, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Mr Lavish Poonia,
                  I have the other proposal for you.
                  If you do not want to lose 60483.53 INR and to restore your tickets to your e-mail, kindly follow the advise
                  1. Submit
                  - your above text,
                  - your village and country (location)
                  - you phone number, time to get you, expl 16:00-20:00 or 07:00 - 11:00
                  2. I will issue the invoice for the advise "how to get the ticket" for you USD 100, 00
                  3. You will pay company s invoice (worth USD 100, 00) by credit card in paypal.com
                  4. I will call / or email you for 1 or 2 more documents and data about you within 24 hours after your payment
                  5. Some one will issue the ticket for you by e-mail, if you paid in fill ticket and the invoice, in next 12 hours.

                  Sorry Mr. Lavish Poonia, count you steps.
                  for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
                  e-mail: [email protected])vivaldi.net

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                • Complainant20091 May 27, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  *** charge 150SAR / KEW12 before the complaint submission (for Asia and Gulf) ***

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                • Complainant20091 May 26, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  The complaint does not match any reservations data / any ticket within QATAR AIRWAYS and AGENT system.
                  Such text (complaint) can not be answered and no compensation can be provided.

                  Mandatory data:
                  - Full Name of PASSANGER
                  - PNR = 6 digits and leters
                  - e-ticket in full = which contains 13 digits
                  - (1)agent reference number (2) phone, email to get access to the trip at agent site.

                  If you do not know, how to submit the complaint,
                  where to submit the complaint to,
                  what you are entitled to,
                  SEND / or ATTACH
                  1) air carrier PNR, it is 6 digits and leters XXXXXX,
                  the agent booking slip (PNR or trip number and name, email, phone )
                  2) e-ticket in full, it must contain 13 digits XXX-xxxxxxxxxx
                  4) credit card 12 digits, name, bank and bank country, which you had paid by
                  and where the money should be refunded according your complaint
                  / DO NOT submit security code /
                  6) copy of the above complaint
                  6.1) any reply if you have it
                  6.2) your brief explaination in 1-2 sentances - a good reason of the refund in your favour
                  7) phone number / time of the contact in range + / - 2 hours evening, e
                  8) e-mail, city, name in full

                  to e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi.net

                  We can start process the legal complaint on your brhalf,
                  if the date so flight not later than 1 week -3 months for you.

                  Small charges are expected via paypall.com:
                  150 Rs before the complaint submission (for country India only) or
                  35 USD before the complaint submission (for US only) or
                  30 EUR before the complaint submission (for Europe only)
                  10% -20% after the compensation is issued in your favor, depending upon the complecity and length.

                  Residence is place (city country), where you hold your bank account.
                  Such refund procedure takes 30 days.

                  If no positive result in your favor,
                  the complaint on your behalf
                  can be submitted to the court in your city/state or elsewhere.

                  If you fail to submit all requiered documents or there was your clear falt before travel,
                  your claim will be unanswered and/or your claim will not be processed.

                  for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
                  e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi.net / substitue (at)[email protected] in request on the submission and invoice

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                Qatar Airwaysdelay and prayer time

                Hi there

                I recently flew with qatar airways from alicante to durban on a business trip.

                I try to upgrade every time on a promo.

                I'm always having difficulty in upgrading, I think due to my company paying for the ticket. Sometimes I can sometimes I can't???

                We were delayed for an hour and fifteen, which put me over the scheduled transfer time. I then missed my on going flight which in turn delayed my arrival to durban. I was put into a hotel and given food, but that didn't make up for the loss of 1000's of pounds.

                I am a deep sea saturation diver, I then got on board the vessle too late so lost my slot of going into the chamber, the difference in pay is astronomical.

                My point which i'll get too now is I have photographic evidence of 2 guys "muslims" I believe, laying a blanket down on the floor and praying in front of everyone right next to the exit door. I cannot believe that your staff did not stop this. If I was to stand up before the plane took off quoting the lords prayer I would of either been told to sit down or get assisted off of the plane.
                The stewards gave water food etc.
                I was very uncomfortable with this and surely this is against aviation law.
                If this is normal protocol then i'm afraid I will not be flying with qatar airways again.
                And I will do my damndness to try encourage my company who book 1000's of flight with you eachbyesar to chose a different airline.
                Insure you dontvreally care what in think, but in my opinion this is totally unacceptable.

                I await with eager anticipation for your reply

                Yours sincerely

                Tony hill

                Tel: +[protected]

                Email. [protected]@gmail.com

                delay and prayer time

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                  • Complainant20091 May 26, 2018
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Sorry, error above in document: ) bag tag 6) copy of the above complaint
                    correct document : boarding pass

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                  Qatar Airwaysbaggage services

                  I had a worst ever nightmare with Qatar airways during this journey from Chennai to Boston. First of all, I never knew Qatar airways would be so stringent with the baggage policies and charged me for over weight for additional weight in my carry on baggage. The person who was there at the airport terminal in Chennai while check in treated me rudely and made me run around the airport with my heavy luggage. I wouldn't know what would have happened if i had traveled with my kids and their luggage. Second bad experience happened at the baggage collection area when i came out after the heavy waiting time in the immigration queue, where all the baggage were lying around the carousel on the floor mixing up with other flight's baggage collection area. I was searching for my baggage desperately and lucking found mine after half an hour of search. But didn't find the other one. With no one to help, I finally inquired someone from airport baggage authority and got response that some one took it. They just took my phone number, address and told that my baggage will be sent back to my address if some one who took it returns to the airport. There wasn't any one to take care of my baggage and no responsible answer i got from the customer care agent too stating they don't handle baggage and re-directed to swissport at the airport terminal.

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                    Qatar Airwaystuaseef a worst customer service

                    I flew with Qatar Airways from Bangkok to Doha with the flight QR831. When I arrived at Doha I realised I forgot my neck pillow on the flight. I went to the customer service directly opposite the gate after 15mins. Tuaseef, the customer service mentioned that I have to wait for 15-20minutes untill all passengers are on board. This flight had not many customers and all of them left from the gate. I don't see him call anyone and only sit at the counter and wait. After 15minutes, I went back to him and checked the reason why do I have to wait further becuase I don't see any passengers anymore. He said "there isn't all of the passengers on board else the team should come out. You have to wait as it is your mistake." What does he try this say? It is my mistake because I left my neck pillow. He is the worst customer service because he doesn't have the manner to due with people. I would suggest him to quite this job and do something which is not related to people as he lacks of people skills. He shouldn't work as the customer service which makes Qatar, the airline which I wouldn't want to fly with ever again.

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                      • Complainant20091 May 24, 2018
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Such complaint does not show any irregulations from the Qatar airways carries in the description:-
                        Qatar airways did not deal with personan items of the passengers

                        If you wnat to process with the complaint, the applicant / user needs to show at least
                        1. Itinerary extract
                        - passenger name,
                        -dates/ fligt number
                        *airports or places of the irregulations

                        - e-ticket (can be attached)
                        - boarding pass (can be attached)
                        - description of any paid service.

                        aryan (at)vivaldi.net

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                      Qatar Airways — my mom didn't have credit card!

                      Is this really a matter of great concern that the staff of Qatar Airways (Omer) at Quide Azam International...

                      Qatar Airwaysseating

                      Reservation codes are MQ2Y8Z (My mothers)and JY264B(Wife and kids). My mother ticket was booked separately 6 months back. My wifes tickets booked on May3rd and have a special request for Basinet Seat because of my wife is having shoulder pain. After a week I called customer service and they assured my mother is already having Basinet seat, I dont need to worry. Also at checkin window I asked the ticketing guy and he said the same that they have Basinet seat. I was happy.

                      I got a call from my wife when she landed in Doha and she was crying as her shoulder is paining and they did not give either my mother or her a Basinet seat. And neither Air hostess helped her. If they would have told basinet seat is not possible when I called customer service or at least in check in window, I would have cancelled my wife and kids ticket. Ticketing window guy lied on this saying they have basinet seat. I demand explanation on this to trust Qatar and choose next time. Please let me know what kind of re-embursement you will assure on this.


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                        • Complainant20091 May 22, 2018
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          there is no standarf reimbursement for passenger's pain due to her/his own state of health.


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                        Qatar Airwaysservices

                        I would like to bring to your attention the impolite and rude behavior of the Qatar Airways counter staff at the Goa International Airport. I was travelling along with two of my family members (including my elderly mother) through Qatar Airways from Goa to Doha (Flight No. QR 523, on 05 May 2018). My family members had a connecting flight to London through Doha (Flight No. QR 1, on 05 May 2018).

                        The total weight for checked-in luggage for all two passengers was 77 kg, 7 kg extra than the allowed weight, and we had paid Indian Rs. 4000/-.

                        Once the baggage was checked-in, the Qatar Airways counter staff checked our hand baggage and instructed that we cannot carry any hand baggage because the weight for our checked-in luggage is extra, although we had paid for the extra weight. They forced us to remove everything from the hand bags and made us take the empty the bags to London. The staff weighed the empty bags (laptop bag and the hand bags for ladies) and put a tag with the "1 kg" written on it. We were forced to throw out all food items such as dry nuts and mangoes.

                        It is to be noted that my family and myself are frequent travelers by Qatar Airways. We were highly offended with the behavior of counter staff, the supervisor and the supporting staff. My elderly mother pleaded the counter staff with tears to let us carry only the allowed weight in hand baggage, but it was discourteously declined by the supervisor. Meanwhile, it was noticed that some people were allowed to carry two to three bags per person.

                        Even though I had finished the baggage check in and got my boarding pass, while I was waiting next to the check-in counter for my fellow passengers, the counter staff took my boarding pass back and kept it with them. Then, once again, they asked me to weigh my cabin bag, including my ladies bag. I was asked to remove all the items and they put a tag written on it, "To weigh the hand baggage once again after finishing the immigration they check if the bag weight matches with the tag".

                        I would appreciate your earliest action on this complaint. I would definitely consider not using Qatar Airways on this route if a proper feedback is not provided on this complaint.

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                          • Complainant20091 May 15, 2018
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            There is no evidence of rude behavior.
                            The allowed weight for the air trip is stated for each passenger in the ticket.
                            The allowed weight of baggage of different passengers can not be summed up.
                            There was nothing wrong with the acts of QR staff during the 5/5/2018 registration for QR 523 flight,
                            according to the text above.

                            1 Votes

                          Qatar Airwaysservice on flight and status of aircraft


                          I would like to lodge a complaint regarding firstly the state of the aircraft on the first leg of my return journey from faisalabad to Doha, was very shocked to see a dated aircraft with minimal facilities not even a USB port, I am a regular traveller with Qatar Airways and very disappointed to top it up there was not enough food onboard menu had 2 options however 10min into service you ran out of one option and the option give was scrambled and mushrooms which was over cooked mushrooms tasted raw, I am Booking again in Oct I am concerned for this journey also as I am traveling with my children also don't want anyone else to experience the same I did, I live 5 min from Glasgow Airport which emirates operate in I have to travel over 1 hr to Edinburgh Airport in order to fly with Qatar Airways can someone please investigate the bad experience on this flight and advise accordingly?

                          Kind Regards Mr Sharif

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                            • Complainant20091 May 15, 2018
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Mr Hafy Sharif,
                              Objectively, the are no facts, which demonstrate any fault of the Qatar Airways carrier in such description:-
                              NO dates/ flight number
                              NO e-ticket / full booking / boarding pass attached.
                              Such complaint on QR services have no grounds and useless.

                              0 Votes

                            Qatar Airwaysservice

                            Booking reference: JYNCXZ. Flights booked by company from George to Durban on SAA, from Durban to Sydney on Qatar. Day before departure attempted online checkin but was not able to on either SAA or Qatar website, advised to checkin at airport. Proceed to George airport and advised bags checked all the way to Sydney but must collect boarding passes in Durban on arrival. On arrival in Durban I proceed to checkin in counter and staff member says I should have received my boarding passes in George. (If I had them I would not be at the check in counter) provided my boarding pass with luggage tags showing bags checked all the way to Sydney, I requested boarding passes so I could proceed through to a lounge to relax but was told until my luggage is located I can not be issued a boarding pass, this is very frustrating when staff memeber says they are going to briefing and I must return later. Serveral service failures and very little help provided. I have travelled Qatar in the passes but my experience today has been negative and reluctant to travel on Qatar again.

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                              Qatar Airwaysbooking from website and service from staff

                              Dear Sir,

                              I would like to share with you my unhappiness with the booking website and your staff performance in replying via twitter and the contact centre.

                              My main purpose is to appeal to retain my Silver membership due to shortage of Qpoints. I had make a request and the reply from your staff is : we understand your concern but as per company norms & policy we would not be able to upgrade your tier manually without any flight credited for future.

                              I totally agree with the reply.

                              Subsequently, I check the website and and do a calculation on which class should I book to achieve the shortage Qpoint which is Economy Saver . I try to book and found that after booking at Economy Saver, my E ticket/ Trip summary indicate a Economy Promo class which the Qpoints and Qmiles earn is lesser, I did not make any payment.

                              I wrote to your staff again to clarify but they need to have my booking reference to check. So I proceed with the booking and make payment. I contact your staffs again with screenshot attached and explained clearly.

                              Your staff did not check properly and inform me my booking class is Economy Promo and send me an E ticket that I can retrieve myself. I then explain to them the situation that I make more payment to get a lower class. Still your staff reply that my booking class is Economy Saver.

                              I an really upset that i had show them the prove and try to test and book again in Qatar Airways website. It still show that after selecting Economy Saver, the end result is still a Economy Promo. There must be some error in the website.

                              I sincerely wish that you can look into my case which is basally pay more get less.

                              Since payment already had been made, it is fine with me. I just wish that I can have the Silver membership for this trip as I have a very long transit in Doha.

                              My membership number is [protected] and my Booking reference is JFMFR2.

                              Thank you and Best Regards

                              A loyal Qatar Airways passenger

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                                Qatar Airways — total discrimination and unethical behaviour

                                Hi There i was travelling on 2nd May 2018 from Islamabad to Doha and Doha on wards to Muscat. Flight from...

                                Qatar Airwaysbaggage handling

                                I've been traveling from Zagreb to Doha, and from Doha to Auckland. Everything was good, staff is nice, but when I arrived in Auckland i noticed that my baggage is broken. The girl on the counter in Auckland was very nice, and she gave me application for damaged/pilfered baggage. But the adress she gave me for BUFFALO Luggage Outlet and Repair is very far away from where I live. I don't believe that I gotta take care of my broken baggage, and travel so far and spend some extra money on trains and buses, which is your fault. I've spent 30$ total to make the trip to mr. Peter Westwood (Buffalo LTD.), who is official service provider for problems regarding broken luggage. Mr. Peter was amazing and very helpful, and together we've called your office to tell you that mr. Peter checked my baggage and that is unrepairable and that I'm in need of a new one or total refund of money. Female voice answered and told us that she's new at that job, and that she's gonna inform someone in charge and immediately get back to us. She never did, and I decided to go home after spending one and a half hour at mr. Peter's workshop.
                                I'm deeply disappointed in your way of taking care of my problem. I have no words for this kinda behavior.
                                Dunja Tadić

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                                  • Complainant20091 May 07, 2018
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    the author submitted NO data on any paid servce, in minimum:
                                    - data of flight
                                    - flight number
                                    - air carrier
                                    - place of the events
                                    - no evidence of any baggage at all
                                    - no reservation / ticket / bag number.
                                    As are sult, useles words on the unspecified service are presnted by the author.

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