Qatar Airwayscockroaches in food on international qatar flight

S Aug 11, 2018

Hi team,

This is sunil sparashivaiah who recently travelled from DFW to Doha.

Below are my flight details:

Name: sunil parashivaiah
Flight no : QR 730
Seat No: 21H
Date: 02 Aug DFW - DOH
Zone 3
ETKT : [protected]
Economy class

Above are the details of my travel from DFW to Doha. I had to face two disgusting situations of my life with Qatar airways. Am sorry to say this but this is the truth.

Below are two situations I faced with Qatar:
1. I just had to face disgusting taste with food provided from Qatar along with egg and potato fry. I had almost had half of the food and noticed disgusting tastes twice. I didn't consider seriously first time but second time I turned on lights and noticed two cockroaches. One big cockroache with head and limbs gone. It should have gone in my first bite. Second cockroach was a smaller one which is shown in picture.

I noticed and I immediately mentioned to flight attendant cabin crew about this.

Since I work for FAA certified organisation i know FAA rules and standard. But being a gentlemen I reacted calmly and asked politely to cabin crew as I didn't want to damage Qatar airways five star reputation.

Later cabin crew supervisor came to me and tried to offer beverages which will be provided for business class but I STRONGLY REFUSED . I really was insulted with that offer. I asked them to take serious action and they mentioned its serious issue which will follow suitable claim and procedures.

Whatvevr claims or procedures is later part, but I had food with cockroaches in a five star international flight Qatar airways which is life time phoebia of flight travel for me.

I took pictures and videos with your cabin crew mentioning Qatar airways served food. But I don't want to damage reputation of Qatar by approaching FAA, media, consumer protection UNTIL proper investigation, actions, claims or discussions will be carried with me.

Let me know if you need more pictures and videos on top of this email aatched.

2. I had a cut due to sharp edge of table at my seat which was reported earlier and treated from cabin crew.

Am really disappointed with Qatar airways treatment and so far as per cabin crew supervisor instructions I should have record email but till date nothing. I need an explanation on this.

Also am patiently reacting and did react in flight as well or else I could have spoken loudly in flight and let know other passengers about this incident. But I didn't do it hoping I do receive same gentle responsible procedures from Qatar.

My contacts details are +91-[protected]

cockroaches in food on international qatar flight
cockroaches in food on international qatar flight
cockroaches in food on international qatar flight

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