Qatar Airwayscancelled flight-huge refund fee

D Aug 07, 2018

Dear Ma`am/Sir;

I would like to appeal for reconsideration regarding the cancelled flight yesterday August 6, 2018 of my brother and his whole family with a booking reference: OJF6YK they're bound to Manila from T`bilisi, Georgia. Im the owner of the credit card that been used to for online booking. Im working in UAE and my brother come from all the way to T`bilisi, Georgia flight back to Manila with his wife and their infant twins. To make the story short upon check in in Georgia International Airport, they questioned them already the booking ticket because the card owner is different from the name of the passenger.Despite of explanation and showing the picture of my credit card and screenshot of the sms of the card company, I even ask them to call me or call them just to confirmed them that Im am the owner and personally accountable of the charging of the booking. Apparently, after many discussions and explanations to the Qatar A. counter staff they refused them to board in the airplane.My brother whole family are stressed and the infant are crying because of tiredness. Because of this they're hopeless and tired so much so decided to cancelled the flight.

The whole situation is not acceptable and inconsiderate knowing Qatar Airways is a 5 star airlines. What make me more sad is that upon cancellation of the booking they have been charged with huge refund fee or penalty fee. Personally, Im the owner of the card and this is a big burden for me especially financially, to math in dirhams it cost 2500 AED is the deduction from the original cost of the booking flight which is 6500 AED. In lieu with this unexpected circumstances, I want to file a formal complain to the company CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker for this unacceptable treatment to us.Kindly appeal to the management of the company to revert the penalty/refund fee which is to much. To think of it, me and my brother did not wish all this things to be happened. However, after all these my brother is still booked in the same airlines on the next day because we are loyal in the service of the company. Im humbly pleasing to reconsider my appeal to revert back the refund fee.

You're kind approval of my re-consideration letter to revert the fee is very much appreciated. You may contact me in this email for any further communication. Once again, thank you.

Best Regards,

Don Oliver Corcoro
Owner of the credit card Najm

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