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Lottery Scam

From: "PCHlotto" <[protected]>
Reply-To: [protected]
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010

You have won One million dollars in the Publishers Clearing House

Consequently PCHlotto and therefore been approved for a total pay out of One million dollars ($1, 000, 000.00 USD) The following particulars are attached to your lotto payment order:Winning Numbers :[protected] Email ticket number:FL 888/761/00.

Please contact the underlined claims officer with the Contact info below
Mr. Dave Sayer Email: [protected]

1.Name in full: 2.Address: 3.Sex: 4.Nationality: 5.Age

wont stop soliciting

I did not order anything from Publishers Clearing House and they continue to send me stuff and it costs to...

bad service

My name is Lauren Etter, i was with publish clearing house for awhile.i cant affored to buy anything im a...

walmarts $1000 gift card 'free'

I would like to know how Publishers Clearing House gets away with all their sceams and scams!!! Everyday I get an email from them saying you could win $1000, 00 (tax free) if you just use us to search for anything! Then when I did this I came across in BIG blinking banner saying your a winner!! just click here and youv'e been choosen you have won. So Even though they say you don't have to purchase anything to win, When I clicked on it, It say's just order two items on this list and get you $1000 Walmart gift card so I did. I ordered two items got them in the mail and still have yet to get my $1000 Walmart gift card1!It's All A BIG SCAM!!! iI think they need to be repoted for false advertising!!! It is in my mind all a huge SCAM!!!

  • Ne
    neveragain!! Jan 24, 2013

    Ditto re all the complaints against PCH. I have purchased items, not because I believed it would help me win, only because they were items that I thought were unique and hadn't seen in other outlets. However, this outfit is truly driving me crazy, flooding me with warnings, promises, etc. I really wish there was a method to having all this stopped, but according to all my searches, they really are considered a legitimate business. So apparently nothing consumers can do to stop the craziness..

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I have been getting a collection notice for $14.00. It says that it is from Public Clearing House. I did not order the magazine that they said i did. When i was on their web site it told me that they would send me one for FREE and i would not be charged unless I want to subscribe. After they sent me the one the notices came in saying that I owe. Now I am getting notices from collector companies. I will not pay for something I did not order! I would like this to STOP now.


  • St
    Star Magazine Nov 03, 2011

    To whom it may concern, I am writting about some magazines that was sent to my housethat on, the same day, I cancelled my order cause some else has gotten to my email address and sign me up for STAR magazine without my knowledge. I would like to CANCELLED the rest of the order.

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offers to 92-year-old mother

Our elderly mother is senile and gets so much mail from Publishers Clearing that she's inundated with offers. The result is she gets bills for things she doesn't even know what it is and has no has no memory of ordering. We have attempted to put a stop to this but they keep sending stuff. How do we end it permanently?

  • To
    TommyBoy42954 Jul 01, 2014

    In my opinion I would hire a good attorney or group of attorneys who will take the case on a Contingency Basis and Sue the living hell out of those ###. They are nothing but "Low Life Lying, no good four flushing inbred dirt bags anyway. Their Computer Games are full of BS like their winning jackpots. They have their winners picked already. The ### need to be shut down permanently. If anyone doubts the fact that the on-line games are rigged, I have 3 months worth of pictures to prove what I'm saying is true. I can site examples. 1. The Slots games like Frontier Fortune, Winning in Wonderland that need 3 Bonus Cards for a chance to win cash, you only get 2 spins, The ones that need four Bonus Cards you only get three spins and so On. Then when you get to the PCH Casino and use the diamonds to use the spinner that's even more of a joke. If you get a scratch card you get Sorry, but this scratch card is not a winner. I even made a plaque to hold up just before I activate the coin to scratch off the card that says, "Sorry, but this scratch card is not a winner. Don't get me started on the Black Jack Game. As for the Bingo game. I've had 6 of seven letters for the word "Jackpot",
    several dozen times it usually looks like this *J*A*C*K*P*_*T* and once or twice like this, *J*_*C*K*P*O*T*. Pretty amazing isn't it. A real casino gives you more chances to win than Publisher's Clearing House. I wouldn't mind talking to a Consumer Affair Attorney myself. Imagine demonstrating the above in a Court Room with 12 Jurors and calling it before I complete the task. They are enough to drive a person crazy. My kids and room mate say I'm nuts for bothering with PCH and I believe them.

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For over 35 year's I have done business with PCH even back then it was a letter entry form and my Mom was still alive . I will continue to purchase with them but they should date the payout info on the online form so you know that the form you are filling out does not have a chance for a year or two or less ! All my purchase's with them have met my needs but but honesty up front on dates should be easier to view on the on-line page.

  • Sa
    Sammib33 Apr 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is truly a scam people have been ordering and trying to win this for years no one ever win I know or know anyone who did most of these Internet entries or ways to get your info to solicited other stuff to you. It's

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  • Be
    betterwatchout Oct 23, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been playing for many, many years. I would say about 20-30 years and I have made several purchases from the flyers by mail and online. My complaint is now I play online and I keep notices like ...avoid disqualification of your forthcoming Lifetime Prize Number! I have received several emails that to please place an order, when it say "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY". Then why am I being treaten to be disqualified.

    What gets me is some of their merchandise I have ordered is so cheap and then they charge 5.95 or 6.95 for shipping. You end up paying $20 regardless. And they adveritse merchandise under $20. Hmm, yeah right! This last item I purchased is really cheap, I will be retuning it. This item I ordered a while back, it was a very cheap bad product - Santoku Knife Set. I didn't open them till around Christmas, I ordered them in Sept. 2012, by the time I opened them they were dull. WTH

    0 Votes
  • Ar
    Ari Allon Oct 18, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PCH sends e-mails for various contest; they tell you you will be eliminated if you don't respond but in some cases the "activate" or "continue" buttons do not respond. No wonder they sending e-mails saying they weren't able to have a winner for the last %5, 000/wk for life contest.

    0 Votes
  • Fl
    floyd holt 72 Mar 17, 2017


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entering / partner sites

I get emails stating I haven't yet entered the $10M giveaway (no. 1400). Each time I get the email to enter, I click to enter and always have to go through numerous parter sites offering various services / products. I went through this completely 2-3 days ago and signed up to get further information from online Universities. Since then I've been contacted over and over by them. The entry email stated I believe that I didn't have to purchase anything to enter, but encouraged signing up with at least one partner site (which I did). I also began to sign up with a partner site called SPARKLEHOROSCOPE but after entering my personal information and clicking through I came to a page which stated on the bottom that I would be billed $9.99 a month via my cell provider. I did not click to accept the services the site was providing, but am now getting emails from them. I don't know if I will be charged, but if I am there will be more complaints.

Today I get an email stating I'm not yet registered for Giveaway No. 1400, (which I should have been when I completed the entry process and signed up online University information!!) and to click on enter and then visit the partner site, Find Senior Care Living. That site did not give me any option to skip the site. It appeared I had to sign up, again, for something. I did sign up to get information (though asked that this partner site not actually contact me since I have no need for their services!).

PCH's online entry process is extremely confusing and misleading I believe. I really have no idea if I'm entered into the sweepstakes, but I know various partner sites now have my information and are calling and emailing me and it's ridiculous. They are supposed to be a trusted sweepstakes company, but I think they are trying to scam people who attempt to enter online, and give out personal information when it is not what the person entering wants.

  • Gi
    ginag May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i feel good about entry i submit

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  • Bi
    Bill Crew Aug 04, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have only 2 real complaints with PCH: 1. I wonder what criteria they use to determine who their "partners" will be & what they offer for sale.. I have seen at least one blatant scam & at lot of junk. 2. PCH customer service is not staffed with exactly the brightest people. This is why so many orders are messed up or as in my case customers are left in limbo waiting for information.

    I do not question the validity of the sweepstakes.

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received merchandise I did not order

I received merchandise I did NOT order and they are refusing to send me a pre-paid postage sticker to return...

can't redeem tokens

I can't redeem my tokens to win prizes. Everytime I make attempt to do so, they tell me that I'm...

entry into the contest

I think Publishers Clearing House just picks a person out of hundreds of million addresses and makes one...


Over the last several weeks, I have submitted several technical issues to After receiving their stock answers many times, I finally called the help line. No luck there either. The gist of the response was "upgrade to the latest flash or we can't help you". I was at Flash 10.1 but a few updates below the current (10.1.8xxxxx).

I have uploaded proof of the problems I encountered and add them here for your curiosity.

I finally had enough and asked how to remove my account and got a message that they have disabled it.

I have better things to do than to waste my time uploading obvious errors several times only to have nothing done about it.


unable to redeem tokens

I am unable to redeem tokens on games I play at PCH. It keeps telling me I am not a US citizen. Please fix this problem.

incorrect billings

Despite repeated letters telling and showing cancelled checks that I paid each invoice/items ordered in full...

ongoing sweepstakes

DO They ever really let anyone win on these online sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing house ?
Seems like the games go on and on and on. Personally I think winning never really happens .

I wish they would stop sending crap on my computer almost day.
It's like one be fairy tale that goes on and on and there is no way anyone ever wins.

Enough already Publishers Clearing House

  • De
    Denise Narciso Jul 01, 2010

    I have not yet won anything from PCH however, I do believe that PCH is in fact an honest and versatile search engine for just about anything you may desire. I am in awe and disturbed by the negative attitudes from some of the complaints I have read about PCH. Patience is a virtue and if you do not have patience and a positive and optimistic point of view then no wonder your attitudes are as they are. Try to have a positive one and you just might find yourself to be a winner, not only through PCH but in all aspects of your life.

    Denise Narciso

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  • Te
    TexDix Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pollyanna lives!

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scratch offs

The complaint is with the games I receive every day it gets to the scratch off and for the past two days it has said I already played the scratch offs. Please help me correct this malfunction, Thank you

Laura Ligenzowski

  • Bl
    blackies Feb 03, 2011

    I can not spin wheel. error on page. now try to play games with every click a pop add comes up, will not let me play games. please fix!!! [email protected] blackies

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  • Le
    lenayhenkes Mar 24, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My token amount is huge, yet when I go to redeem the tokens it says I don't have enough tokens in my account. What's the point of playing if you can't redeem what you balance states? Think this is fraud just to get you to purchase something. I'm going to be done with this if the problem isn't fixed.

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winning is a joke

I and many of my friends have played the pch lotto games for many years... never once has any of us won a...

drowning me in their daily malings

I have been receivin daily mailings from this Compan for quite some time, and I have purchased numerous items realizing I have little to no chance of winning anything. Yet, they continue to drown me daily with mailings and twice a day emails!!! I've written to them advising to stop and take me off of their mailings, yet only the emails have stopped.
If I receive their mailings, Ihave to spend precious time, that I am no longer willing to expense to this Company, to waste it going thru their less than meager quality and overpriced products displays, which seems to be mostly always the same thing being advertised for sale daily. I surely would appreciate their removig my name and address from their mailings and to cease and desist from any future mailings!!! Enough is enough, once they got your name and address they seem to bombard you with no restraint on their part, of daily sales soliciting. I've spent all the money I ever wish to send at this Company an the postage to return their mailings. Can you please help me in getting this Company to remove me from their mailing lists. They have stopped the emails which were twice a day, but I still receive their daily mailings, even though I have taken to writing on their envelope "Refused - Return to Sender" They still do not get the hint I am fed up with the overwhelming contact they expect of me!!! Thank you very much.

  • Pe
    Pete Matso Jan 05, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to put this so called PCH "scam" and it being "fraudulent" to rest once and for all. For all of you out there that think it is... WRONG! In order for it to be called this, you would have to pay to enter any given contest. Just like you would purchase a ticket at your local gas station, convenient store, etc. etc. Which by the way, do have real people that do win real $$ because they do so. PERIOD! If you note, underneath every contest they clearly state: No purchase necessary to enter. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Right there, legally they`ve got themselves covered. If you did in fact have to purchase something in order to be entered. In a "roundabout" way you are actually still spending $$ to be eligible to win a prize. They can put as many fake, phony and fictitious prizes as they want to on their site. Again, doesn`t matter. Legally they can get away with it. Now to the real "meat" of this post. I am now right around 6 1/2 years into conducting a 10 year controlled experiment. This will know doubt in my mind and in your`s, absolutely blow PCH "right out of the water" "Hands down". No more arguments. No discussions. Just the facts! This has been one hell of a job but will be well worth it. I am also doing it for your benefit more so than mine. I am doing all of the work for you! Will save you a lot of wasted time and hopeless dreams of winning. The only thing I will get out of the experiment is satisfaction that will be well worth it! I have decided to do this knowing full well that I WILL NOT, NOR WILL I EVER win any kind of prize whatsoever. Now, does PCH have big winners? Yes! I do believe that the one you see all the time on TV advertising the "FOR LIFE" is real. I started out playing almost everything they had to win for a little over three years. Then realized that you could actually be on there 24/7. Believe me, I am a very busy man and didn`t have the time for that. I just cut it down to anything $5, 000 and up. Still very time consuming. Also keeping in mind as I just stated will never win anything anyway. I still play the lottery cards but only the $100, 000 and upwards to the $1, 000, 000 and Mega $1, 000, 000`s. Play every last one of the sweeps contests as well. I will then just open up the Front Page, Search, Keno, and Slot games. Only so I can "snack up" on a sh*t load of tokens (which are worthless) as I will get to here. I only do that to advance more quickly on to the next level. I am currently at the second highest. Black Diamond. It takes approximately 6 mos. or so to achieve a new level at my rate of play. Ready for this? I have received two checks in the mail for $10.00 in consecutive years. One in 2016 and 2017. For some reason they never sent one in 2018. Two days ago, 01/03/2020 for the first time. I received an e-mail right after completing every single sweepstakes module. It stated I was already a winner of $10.00 and the check is in the mail. Keep in mind, I NEVER entered any contest for less than $5, 000. Also each and every one of these checks arrived in February of EVERY year! Hhhhmmmmm? That`s odd! I know they must be monitoring exactly what I`m doing. Also that I have been consistent every day, much less every year!" They probably know what I`m up to and see all the time I am spending. Also gettin` a little nervous and feel they have to at least let me win some type of "cash prize. Therefore, they think they`re clever in sending me a "tinker toy" check that just might buy you a pack of smokes (depending which state of residency you`re in). See, right there. Not even I can say I`ve never won anything! Also got themselves covered again with saying " See, we do have real winners". Speaking of winners. I would like to know who and when are these people that are winning the sweeps prizes that are given away? You know the one`s. $1, 000, 000 plus homes, vacations, trucks, SUV`s, retirement $$, roulette wheel, $1, 000, 000 cash, money booth, money drop, serenity sweepstakes, carefree cash and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and son and so on! I`ll tell you. It`s all part of that $10, 00 check I receive almost annually! There is know way in hell that there could possibly be that much given away. I don`t care how many advertisers they have spending money just to "hand out" and keep that site up and running. I couldn`t even imagine how much it would cost to keep a site like that up and running. On the other hand, for those big $$ sweeps they`re giving away. They are but not like they claim. Like me, $10.00 here $20.00 there, $50.00 over here. $100, 000 much less $1, 000, 000 goes a loooooonnnnnng way! Get it? About 1 year ago, I decided to take it one step further. I did my on survey with polling people every chance I get. I keep a written record on paper that I keep in my truck at all times. Seeing just exactly what PCH`s odds of winning as opposed to mine. This is for the "sweeps" entries only and excludes any type of lottery card games (completely different). I`ve asked people where I work, stores I frequent, my bank, gas stations and people I don`t even know just waiting in line with me. I am hovering now right around the 1000 mark. Four people said they have entered the ones that were sent in the mail. Two said they`ve gone online a few times, just here and there. Only one other person said they play it but infrequently. Just sometimes when they might be on the computer and thought of it. All of the others said NO. Now, having said this. My odds of winning any given sweepstakes they could possibly have. The odds of me winning would be 993:1000. That`s right! In other words, I would have 993 chances of winning in 1000! I live in Cleveland OH. It probably doesn`t make a difference though where you live. Can some of you at least try this with me as well? As I said. I am doing all the work for you. It wouldn`t take any of your time at all to do so either. Here is another absolutely ridiculous example of why you don`t have a "snow balls chance in hell" of winning anything. I`ve saved and saved all of those worthless tokens to enter in their "Token Rewards" entries. Do you know that at one point, I actually had enough tokens to enter to win that laid out, fully loaded Ford F-150? I believe it was somewhere in the proximity of 22, 000 - 23000 entries. Now, you tell me if I don`t have an exceptionally good shot at winnin` that there`s definitely something wrong! I ve done that about three times to boot! So again, I decided to experiment with one of their "cheezy" prizes. A lawn mower. I recently entered twice. Each time with about 1, 200 entries. Know what I won? That`s right! absolutely NOTHING! I told you in the begining of this post that it is a job for sure. Do you remember when you had a job that not only did you hate. You actually dreaded the thought of even having to wake up to go there. Well, imagine that x 10 for me with this. Especially not even getting paid for it on top of it! It is very well worth it as I told you. If you enjoy playing the games and all that`s fine. I even do that just for the fun. Do not expect to win anything though. If you really want to have the thrill of winning and not waste your time at all. Get $50.00 if you can afford it. Go to the gas station and buy some $5.00, $10.00 and even the $20.00 "scratch offs" Worst case scenario, I have always at least broke even. Best case scenario won $1000. There was a time or two that I did lose $10.00. That was just because I didn`t quit while I was ahead. Lastly, I want to award PCH with a prize that they WILL and CAN take to the bank! If I EVER won ANY prize $500.000 or up. I will send them a check back for one half of my winnings after taxes! This would be as an apology to them for me writing this post. That is my guaranty to them as a man of my word! Not your deceiving, unethical but legal tactics tricking people into thinking they even have a shot of winning anything at all!

    -1 Votes
  • Pe
    Pete Matso Jan 05, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The protected entry figure is 22, 000 - 23, 000

    -1 Votes
  • Pe
    Pete Matso Jan 05, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looks like you people fell right into my trap as planned! I knew you were going to take my post down. See, I`m not you`re average "Joe Jack Off" writing the usual stupid complaints! I have facts that even you yourselves can`t deny! How you people can go to sleep every night is beyond me. You`ve got to understand one thing. Not only am I smart. I`m brilliant! I am also an artist, not a butcher! Now you`re really going to feel my wrath! You won`t be able to remove what and where I am going to post it this time. Already saved too! Just cut n paste! Look out because now, you just messed with the WRONG guy!!!

    -1 Votes

stay away

This crappy web-site doesn't even have a contact service for you to complain to, which sucks. But my original complaint is that the stupid coupon printer that they have you download from their web-site will not work with my computer and/or printer, which may not be their fault. But why make it so hard to print a damn coupon? I spent over two hours trying to print 5 coupons(this worked just fine the day before). I am never going to use this horrible service again. They suck, mostly they are trying to get you to "pimp" their stupid lottery for desperate people wanting to win big! What a joke. Steer clear of this web-site, they just plain suck.

  • De
    dejordo Apr 18, 2010

    hello my name is London and,
    I am fed up of getting strange letters
    and strange whole entire
    computer is effected with 100, 000 virses.
    who ever is playing these games with my
    life I would ask you to stop or I am taking
    this to court, I am already mental from
    decades of lies I do not deserved to be lied
    to like no else does.thank you

    0 Votes

75000 tokens cannot be redeemed says:

I have tried to get in touch with these people for 3 months. They say I am not a US resident. I have never...

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