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+1 800 392 4190(Sweepstakes Scams) 18 7
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+1 800 392 4190

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+1 800 459 4724

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+1 800 476 4724

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Publishers Clearing House / Complaints & Reviews

Publishers Clearing House / — unable to submit entry on your entry page

This is not the first I have complained of this. I jumped through all the hoops to enter Gvwy#13000. When I tried to submit my entry by clicking the continue button the page goe...

1 comments Other  · Jan 13, 2020

Publishers Clearing House / — scam

This morning I had a man call my office to tell me that I had won the grand prize of 21 million dollars and a brand new 2020 Mercedes convertible. I was like in my head, yeah...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Jan 10, 2020

Publishers Clearing House / — games

token games won't play because of ads over riding games with or without ad blockers it gets worse every day and nobody will even reply to my many complaints. you claim to provide...

Software & Games  · Dec 17, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — never won a dime. entered pch contests for 40 years.

I have seen several "rip off" type complaints against Publishers Clearing House. I have entered PCH contests for over 40 years, by mail, phone and now online, and never won a...

Scam Contests  · Nov 16, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — phone call saying I had won! they gave me a phone number to call.

11/4/19. Received a call from PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE. Said I won. Told to call [protected]. I did not. Said this was an legitimate call. Then again said I won. Said to go to...

Unsolicited Phone Calls  · Nov 04, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — 3-1-miniature rose (barcode 0006yf)

When I received my 3-1- Miniature they looked dead. The paper that came with it said they would look small but would grow quickly. My question is how long do I wait for the little...

Nature & Environment  · Oct 21, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — email

On my recent emails where it enters my name into the contests(has the orange bar showing progress), the bar stops half way and won't go any further. I've not changed any setting...

1 comments Other  · Oct 19, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — products I didn't order, overall method they use on customers

Whoever designed this companies selling method has very cleverly used fear of losing, sending junk to customers, thinly disguising threats that you will "lose out" if you don't...

Online Scams  · Sep 26, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — games

Don't bother to play these games they are rip offs. played over 50 games and chose the same item out of 5 and never got a winning number choice switched item and my...

1 comments Books  · Sep 10, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — mailing and shipping charges

I recently fell for the PCH ploy and regret it! I've been bombarded daily with physical mailings and emails. Unfortunately, I am partially to blame, since I unwittingly responded...

1 comments Home & Garden  · Sep 06, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — howie guja

I have been talking to him for 3 months he has been trying to get 250 to 2100 out of me for my prize winnings im mitizi ann green my phone number is [protected] he talks to me on...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Sep 06, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — trojans every day

Every time I try to Play PCH Games, my computer wind up with At least 3 PUP Trojans. My Software system catches them and warns me. PCH is the only site this happens with. Please...

Sweepstakes  · Jul 23, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — item # 540by4 airtight container set

customer ID: [protected]; order # [protected]; when items were open to wash before using as a gift, the 2nd container in the set was torn (one of 4 locking flap on the lid...

Repair Services  · Jul 10, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — item #54795w hedgehog 🦔 shoe brush

My customer is #[protected]. I ordered item #26619N, when it came it had no magnets on it. Also in the package there was an order of toilet cleaning things. Which I had not...

Home & Garden  · Jul 09, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — product ordering

I have looked through pch products online for months now. I have never placed an order, even though, I am asked to constantly. Today I received 2 over size trash bags in the mail...

Unauthorized Charges  · Jul 02, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — order of bug zapper and southern living magazine subscription

I received a bill for Southern Living magazine subscription for $21.?? and another bill for a bug zapper. Both items I did not order. I only ordered the American flag pens. I...

Magazines & Newspapers  · Jun 28, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — scam

Hi my name is Denise Jones and I have a problem there is a person by the name of Kenneth G Seidel that is pretending to be with y'all this person has stolen my Facebook account...

1 comments Scam Contests  · Jun 19, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — a fake federal program from pch

A man by the name of John Harris says he works for publishers clearing house. He says u run a federal grant program. I signed up, he asked for a fee of $300 but I didn't have that...

Shreveport Scam & Fake Checks  · Jun 05, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — flower bulbs

Last fall I received the bulbs from my entry. The tulip bulbs only four of the five came up and bloomed. The black and pink irises only one came up and never bloomed. The red...

Home & Garden  · May 29, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — very poor service

I placed four orders. In one case it was a two item order.Only one item received but the invoice was for both items. Contacted customer service and was informed that the missing...

Products & Services  · May 28, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — bell & howell tacvisor

The advertisement and the information on the box indicate that the "day & night car visor" can be seen through. It cannot and is no more useful than the regular visor. I wish to...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · May 27, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — 18 pc. nail file set

(1) I recieved the package but the product was ot in it. The envelope was empty. Code MWK4 Item No. 54702M Product Decription- 18 Pc Nail Set Item Price $9.95 S&H- $4.99 ...

Health & Beauty  · May 22, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — item not ordered

I was sent an item I never ordered from In fact, I have never ordered a single item through them. When I received a notification, I sent an email stating the above, and...

Scam & Fake Checks  · May 15, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — pch lotto rip me off

596089 i played the pch lotto on 4/29/2019 i played 3 times these are my numbers i played they wasnt never drown on this date right they had it on thair before the drowing took place...

Sweepstakes  · May 07, 2019

publishers clearing house — sweepstakes

Publishers clearinghouse claims you do not have to make a purchase. To increase your chances of winning... What a scam they have!!! I actually made a purchase from them.. And thu...

Sweepstakes  · Apr 27, 2019 — slot, keno, etc games on publishers clearing house

Tokens won not being added to my total. This past 30 minutes, 4/23/2019 lost over 31, 000 in slots, etc. Yesterday, in one slot game alone, 8, 700 plus not added. And that doe...

Sweepstakes  · Apr 23, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — tomato rockets

Love tomatos and I'm good growing them...I bought 2 Tomato Rockets and received 2 free (4 all together)...I am a good gardener...1 never sprouted...2 were almost 3" tall, appeared...

Home & Garden  · Apr 19, 2019

publishers clearing house — sweepstakes entry

Pch is telling everyone about scammers using their logos and other similar letterheads or whatever they can to make you think it's them and alright to deal with them in some way...

1 comments Sweepstakes  · Feb 11, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — all their contests

Ive been playing their sweepstakes and searches close to everyday for about 7 yrs or more, have yet to win a penny !!!, im sorry but nobody is that unlucky unless the games are...

Scam Contests  · Feb 10, 2019

Publishers Clearing House / — gaming

I have talked with PCH Technical which has ADMITTED MULTIPLE times that a lot of people are experiencing not being able to view or play the LOTTO games. PCH has ADMITTED that it...

Gambling Games  · Jan 30, 2019

PCH — submitted $1 payment and was given insufficient funds... not the case $1 was available

there ad was also connected to some dating site..please make this right, I have participated in PCH for over 35 will end on this note if this apparent scam is not made...

Bad Business Partners  · Dec 30, 2018

Publishers Clearing House / — washing machine cleaner cleaning power

sounded good. thought I'd give it a try. waited forever for the order to arrive. it was sent from Seoul, Korea. tracking #LN530031327KR US. declaration was $29.97. USD they...

Publishers Clearing House / — scam on the internet

PCH Lotto: Alert Code [protected] I questioned if this was a hoax and was told: your email emerged winner of $850, 000.00 in the recent Publishers Clearing House global sweepstake...

2 comments Scam & Fake Checks  · Dec 14, 2018

Publishers Clearing House / — faulty obsessive technical issues

I complained three times by e-mail, three different times, You sent the acknowledgment that you received them, then received one response to one of the e-mails, telling me I did...

Business & Finances  · Nov 20, 2018

Publishers Clearing House / — faulty

This is the second time Im writimg to you regarding my last purchase from you. In that complaint I spoke of how it looked liked someone had gotten into the package and that one of...

Other  · Nov 19, 2018

Publishers Clearing House / — iris rhizomes order

We ordered iris rhizomes from publishing clearing house. There were to be 4 and there were four. One is rotten and soft. Two have bluish green mold on them. The one that looks ok...

Home & Garden  · Nov 15, 2018

Publishers Clearing House / — received wrong item

As you know, I have been ordering from PCH since 1992. This time (though I have had trouble before) is the last straw. I am Customer #[protected], concerning Order #3061 4084...

Publishers Clearing House / — having to pay fees for free gifts

I'm insulted by PCH policies. I have sent a letter to Port Washington, NY detailing my complaint and "complete lack of faith" in PCH policies. It appears that PCH now has a clever...

Window & Door Installation  · Oct 31, 2018

Publishers Clearing House / — mailings. contest entries

Iam complaing.against publishers clearing House.ive entered for over 10 years.none have ive won Its not been fair;nor equal either.each got got a — telescopic nozzle

44433 I purchased a telescopic nozzle for my hose from the many product advertisements that are included in my PCH mailers. I received the nozzle in April of 2018 and began using it in...

Markham Products & Services  · Oct 17, 2018