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Complaints & Reviews

Harassment to buy

you keep saying we don't need to purchase anything to win but you keep harassing us and making us scroll down after every sweepstakes entry. I have almost no income now and I'm single and retirement age but can't retire nor can I collect Social Security and I am high risk so I can't just go out and get another job and be exposed to the virus

No income, no winnings no spending ability

I am going to have to give up on the sweepstakes thing because I cannot be scrolling down and scrolling down and scrolling down over objects I have no money to buy because now I really have almost no income. I need to pay my bills. I am high risk so I can't even get a job that would pay me something working with people because I can't be around anyone

Ceiling fan cleaner item 540UN8

This is a telescoping cheap plastic stick that holds two rollers at the one end. It is poorly made, and such cheap plastic that it broke the first time that I used it. Order # [protected] Cust ID [protected]. Not at all worth the total cost, tax and S&H total of $16.90. Most of the timeI stick to plant orders...and I may never stray again, with the cheap products being offered. You should protect your customers better.

Ceiling fan cleaner item 540UN8

unable to submit entry on your entry page

This is not the first I have complained of this. I jumped through all the hoops to enter Gvwy#13000. When I tried to submit my entry by clicking the continue button the page goes nowhere. I am brought right back to the submit page again.
This page does not change or go anywhere. So because I oredered nothing it won't submit my entry?

  • Jo
    Joseph Bifulk Feb 19, 2020

    The last two weeks, I have been unable to access Publishers Clearing. Whenever I access their site, I receive the following error:

    Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
    Reference #18.cd03d417.1582155014.14e9194

    I DO NOT understand!

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This morning I had a man call my office to tell me that I had won the grand prize of 21 million dollars and a brand new 2020 Mercedes convertible. I was like in my head, yeah I let him keep talking . He told me his name is James Holness and his phone number is [protected]. He gave me a ticket # and also a confirmation to claim my proze. He asked if I can go to Las Vegas to the claim center or should they present my prize to me at home. He mentioned that my taxes for the win had to be paid on November 5th, 2020. The best part is that I had to go to a Western Union and pay a fee of $170.00 dollars so that I could get the documentaion to claim my prize. He asked me to call him back in a few minutes, I DID NOT.. but he did call me back within 25 minutes and I told him he was a SCAM and to not call me again.

Several hours later, , another phone caller arrived this time it was Robert. I asked him what happened to James and he said he works with him . I told him I called PCH and told them of their scam...and I said do not call me anymore...!!! I hung up...people please be aware.


token games won't play because of ads over riding games with or without ad blockers it gets worse every day and nobody will even reply to my many complaints. you claim to provide a fair game but I can't see where that is true . you don't pay out when I won 100 dollars over a month ago. that looks like so many ways to lose not win.i would like to think this all something of a mistake. could you at least send me some kind of answer.

never won a dime. entered pch contests for 40 years.

I have seen several "rip off" type complaints against Publishers Clearing House.
I have entered PCH contests for over 40 years, by mail, phone and now online, and never won a thing.
I am constantly bombarded with Mindless Searchs, Offers for overpriced, cheap products made in China, endless begging for me to buy something, and the Happy, Smiling Face of Danielle Lam showing how I can be a winner and waving "money"
I wonder IF anyone ever does win?
I do keep trying. I wonder if I am wasting my time.
Other consumers seem to agree with that.
Comments, that are constructive, will be welcome.

  • Ch
    Chance John Mar 18, 2020

    The big contests have odds of winning at [ 1 in one trillion, 500 million ], so good luck! And the little ones, with still high odds, are bull-shit - they get people to play for years, 1000's of hours, and then if your really- really lucky, you might win $10.00 dollars, or a bunch of stupid tokens to enter into the above contests! They are smart, you've got to admit that - they leed 100's of thousands of us to continue playing - regardless of our knowledge that the chances of winning anything significant are "Zilch"! We all keep coming back - it's almost like an addiction!

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phone call saying I had won! they gave me a phone number to call.

11/4/19. Received a call from PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE. Said I won. Told to call [protected]. I did not. Said this was an legitimate call. Then again said I won. Said to go to PCH.COM to check. Nothing there. A scam?!?! How do I check this out when I don't know what I am looking for? Has this been reported by others who have received these same calls?

3-1-miniature rose (barcode 0006yf)

When I received my 3-1- Miniature they looked dead. The paper that came with it said they would look small but would grow quickly. My question is how long do I wait for the little cuttings to grow or show some green before I realize I was right and they were dead upon arrival.?? I think I should have seen some improvement since their planting. I really feel that they were dead upon arrival, , and would appreciate it if you would send a replacement for them. Thank you for your time...Roberta Playle


On my recent emails where it enters my name into the contests(has the orange bar showing progress), the bar stops half way and won't go any further. I've not changed any settings. This has happened several times. Also, not able to load the home page where can do the 'scratch offs'. Again, no changes to my settings. Only change is going from ATT internet to EarthLink.

  • Ro
    Roberta Playle Oct 21, 2019

    Dear PCH, , , I resently ordered 3-in-1 Miniature Rose.When it arrived it looked like it was already dead but the paper said it might look like that and to go ahead and plant it and water it and it should come out of it and grow into a beautiful plant. My question is, , How long do I give it before I decide it really was dead upon arrival and have been wasting my time waiting to see some kind of green or growth on it ?? I really feel it was dead upon arrival but if you'd like me to wait awhile I will. Otherwise I would really appreciate it if you'd replace it with a live plant. Thank you for your time. Roberta Playle

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products I didn't order, overall method they use on customers

Whoever designed this companies selling method has very cleverly used fear of losing, sending junk to customers, thinly disguising threats that you will "lose out" if you don't purchase said junk and using intimidating mind games for those people desperate to want a better life through winning the money. I should put the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer protection companies on speed dial. This is one of many companies getting away with these thug tactics that I have run into this last couple years. All of the complaints against PC H i have experienced are the same ones posted here by other people. I am filing a complaint with the FTC and FCC as well and I urge you all to take the time to file complaints on PCH!


Don't bother to play these games they are rip offs. played over 50 games and chose the same item out of 5 and never got a winning number choice switched item and my previous item came up the big winner. These games are bull. You will not win ever the same people keep winning and I bet they work for PCH. Don't get hooked by this business...scam scam, scam.

  • Do
    Dori Kelsch Nov 04, 2019

    I cannot seem to be able to get into the game that starts around 1:00pm. Has the game been stopped for some reason?

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mailing and shipping charges

I recently fell for the PCH ploy and regret it! I've been bombarded daily with physical mailings and emails. Unfortunately, I am partially to blame, since I unwittingly responded to some of these mailings and purchased items that are over priced, inferior in quality and made mostly in China. Shipping and handling charges are exorbitant and in most cases more costly than the purchased items. Never again PCH, never again!!

  • Ro
    Robert W. Moyar Oct 14, 2019

    Dear Sir,
    I have been trying to get on the mailing list for seven years, and every time that I have tried I have been told that it takes about six to seven weeks for the processing to be completed. I have used all the method from telephone to mailing I even talk to a live person, but I have never received any mailing from you. If you do not have any more mailing please let me know and I will not bother you about this matter. If you do not have my address I will send it again.
    Rev Robert William Moyar
    720 Camelot Manor
    Portage In 46368
    [email protected]
    Yours Truly
    Rev Robert W. Moyar US Army Ret

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howie guja

I have been talking to him for 3 months he has been trying to get 250 to 2100 out of me for my prize winnings im mitizi ann green my phone number is [protected] he talks to me on phone very rude to me says lives in Florida phone number is [protected] he asked me to marry him he says i don't pay for prize we wont meet says i need to pay with Amazon card he has really broken my heart please is this real Howie guja

trojans every day

Every time I try to Play PCH Games, my computer wind up with At least 3 PUP Trojans. My Software system catches them and warns me. PCH is the only site this happens with. Please fix this issue or I will have to stop Working with PCH on the prizes. I will also have to post on facebook about the issues if not fixed.
I hope whoever is reading this cares enough to fix or get this issue fixed.

item # 540by4 airtight container set

customer ID: [protected]; order # [protected]; when items were open to wash before using as a gift, the 2nd container in the set was torn (one of 4 locking flap on the lid for container was torn). please let me know what I should do, send the the whole set, send just the one container or send just the lid? I sent full payment earlier for this item.
thank you

item #54795w hedgehog 🦔 shoe brush

My customer is #[protected]. I ordered item #26619N, when it came it had no magnets on it. Also in the package there was an order of toilet cleaning things. Which I had not ordered. I called customer service to explain the problem and they promptly ratified it, they are sending me a new clipboard with magnets on it. I thought that the problem has been solved. Boy was I wrong. They told me that I had to ship back the toilet bowl cleaners so I did add a cost of $17.34 . Two days after shipping that out and paying for it I received item number 54795W Hedgehog Shoe Brush. I did not order this. Until you open the box you do not know what is in it I was expecting the magnetic clip board but inside the box was the hedgehog shoe brush. I called the customer service and the man I talk to told me I can either ship it back or pay half price for it. Keep in mind that I just had shipped back the toilet cleaners that I did that order. Now I have to ship this back which will be quite a bit more money than the toilet cleaners. Talking to the customer service person did not get me anywhere. I asked to talk to a supervisor but there is no supervisor to talk to he said I have no choice I need to send it back or buy it for half price which will add up to $23.00 +taxes for something I didn't order and do not want. I feel this is not right And really not fair. If anybody can help me with this matter I would greatly appreciate the help.

product ordering

I have looked through pch products online for months now. I have never placed an order, even though, I am asked to constantly. Today I received 2 over size trash bags in the mail with a bill. I need to let you know that no order was placed, and how do I send the unwanted product back. I have since quit playing the pch games in my dissappointment. This behavior seems almost scandelous. PCH has lost not only my respect, but, my further interest in them.

order of bug zapper and southern living magazine subscription

I received a bill for Southern Living magazine subscription for $21.?? and another bill for a bug zapper. Both items I did not order. I only ordered the American flag pens. I already have a subscription for Southern Living from PCH ending Fed. 2020. I was willing to pay for that till today I see a bill for a bug zapper which I did not order. I order one long ago. I wish that you cancell both orders . Let me know what you are going to do. I know when I try to enter your prizes that some how I get an order/entry and I cancell same.


Hi my name is Denise Jones and I have a problem there is a person by the name of Kenneth G Seidel that is pretending to be with y'all this person has stolen my Facebook account with all my information and pictures of my kids and family and he's also useing my messenger profile with y'all pictures on it messaging other people telling them that they have won some money I think he needs to get in trouble for what he's doing that person has also text me calling me all kinds of name's if y'all can do something about this please let me know

a fake federal program from pch

A man by the name of John Harris says he works for publishers clearing house. He says u run a federal grant program. I signed up, he asked for a fee of $300 but I didn't have that...

flower bulbs

Last fall I received the bulbs from my entry.
The tulip bulbs only four of the five came up and bloomed.
The black and pink irises only one came up and never bloomed.
The red strip iris never came up.
The purple irises only half are coming up but no sign of blooms.
I spent more money on these bulbs through pcs that I could have else where.
I am very disappointed with PC H and will let my family and friends NOT to order any flower bulbs.
I would very much like a refund!
Thank you.
Lyn Sheets
5780 N Eberhart
Harrison Michigan. 48625

very poor service

I placed four orders. In one case it was a two item order.Only one item received but the invoice was for both items. Contacted customer service and was informed that the missing item was 'out of stock' just pay for the item received.No offer of an amended invoice.
Another order had a missing item. Again I contacted customer service and was promised that the missing item would be reordered. Again it was never received so I sent an. email to PCH requesting an amended invoice for the one item received.
Needless to say one was not sent. However I did receive an email from PCH requesting that I RETURN the missing item when received.
Upon checking my order details on line I saw that the missing item was simply cancelled and that a LATE FEE had been added to the invoice.
I was so disgusted that I paid but I never want to deal with PCH again.
Management should to get to grips with their ordering and customer service departments as their quality control is a disgrace.
Customer ID # [protected]

bell & howell tacvisor

The advertisement and the information on the box indicate that the "day & night car visor" can be seen through. It cannot and is no more useful than the regular visor. I wish to return it and not be charged. How do I do that? I had alwys assumed that anything produced by Bell & Howell would be of top quality and am surprised that this is not the case.

18 pc. nail file set

(1) I recieved the package but the product was ot in it. The envelope was empty.
Code MWK4
Item No. 54702M
Product Decription- 18 Pc Nail Set
Item Price $9.95
S&H- $4.99
Tax. $.90
Total Price $15.84
Customer No. [protected]
Order No. [protected]
(2) I am beginning to wonder after and the 12 years and the multiable no. of entries why I have not won something. I am beginning to think this is a scam for me to just keep ordering products. and after reading reviews I am becoming more convinced and skeptical. Then after recieving the empty envelope today I am some what convinced it is. My relative is a Lawyer and He advised me not to pay for this product but to let you know what happened.

item not ordered

I was sent an item I never ordered from In fact, I have never ordered a single item through them. When I received a notification, I sent an email stating the above, and...

pch lotto rip me off

596089 i played the pch lotto on 4/29/2019 i played 3 times these are my numbers i played they wasnt never drown on this date right they had it on thair before the drowing took place...

Publishers Clearing Housesweepstakes

Publishers clearinghouse claims you do not have to make a purchase. To increase your chances of winning... What a scam they have!!! I actually made a purchase from them.. And thus far they are continually sending me notices referring to the fact that they would like to see me place another one!!! And how it would be a shame if I lost out on the opportunity to win if I didnt... These people should be put out of business!!! I would be happy to be part of a class action lawsuit...

  • Updated by BeverlyDiurba · Apr 27, 2019

    Just hoping others do not give in to this scam...people need to be throwing all mailed materials from these people..straight into the garbage...where it belongs!!!

PCH.comslot, keno, etc games on publishers clearing house

Tokens won not being added to my total. This past 30 minutes, 4/23/2019 lost over 31, 000 in slots, etc. Yesterday, in one slot game alone, 8, 700 plus not added. And that does not include other token losses from that lengthy day of past month, loss of 30, 000 plus/day, sites crashing, freezing, invitations to games... Since the 17th not arriving in a timely manner in my gmail. For eg, this early am I received those invitations that were dated the 17, q18, 19, th. That adds up to over 900000 token loss. Oddly enough, the computer actually subtracted my newly won tokens from my total, back to back twice. Since I noticed something odd in the past several months, I decided to watch. Also, the timing between games is excessive, the lines accorded as winning is random, not following, at times pch game play rules. Ok, not important, but, fair play should be followed since our playing brings in money for them
Please teach them how to add 7, 000 plus 9000 is not 11, 000. 8800bonus tokens means just that,,, not 900.
And very very very difficult to discuss things with them. A lot of dead end, wasting our time on dead end avenues. Bordering on scam?..?

  • Updated by Bernadettecapecod · Apr 23, 2019

    I share similar happenings as those above. Please, PCHouse, your losing customers. Sweep up the cobwebs in your sweepstakes

tomato rockets

Love tomatos and I'm good growing them...I bought 2 Tomato Rockets and received 2 free (4 all together)...I am a good gardener...1 never sprouted...2 were almost 3" tall, appeared healthy, and died over night...? what caused this to healthy plants...the last one is struggling...has 3 small scrawny seedlings...I never gave them anything but water as needed... I am a retired nurse/widow and I spent good money on these plants to be...I am requesting a partial refund and will contnue buying my tomato plants at Walmart...thank you for your time...Sincerely, Dawn

Publishers Clearing Housesweepstakes entry

Pch is telling everyone about scammers using their logos and other similar letterheads or whatever they can to make you think it's them and alright to deal with them in some way so they can take money from you.
Pch has been really deceptive in making people think they have a prize waiting for you, even naming you as being on the prize winning list.
The problem is, they say you don't have to buy anything and it won't help your chances to win if you do;then they hit you with page after page after page of totally worthless junk that they couldn't give away.
Since you can't get to the entry page for all the ads that they throw in your face, I made the mistake of thinking if I buy something, I might be let onto the actual page to enter this famous sweepstakes. I was thinking no, buying something won't help you win, but if you don't buy, you can't get to the entry form. Now I owe $49.95 for a $2 flashlight. It quit working after less than a week. I have at least 10 flashlights that do work. That's how bad I needed another one. Just wanted to enter the sweepstakes, and after several times of trying I gave in and ordered it anyway, because I could not get to the entry page. You would think it would be easy for anyone, especially someone with a measured iq of over 150, wrong!!!
They know it's not worth the time, trouble, or money to package it up and send it back, so I have to pay for this junk or get my credit ruined. My credit sore is755, probably better now. If I refuse to pay, it's not going to help my score. I guess I don't have much choice. I worked hard to get a good credit score. Please don't make that mistake, like me.
God will take care of these people some day. I'm glad it's not me. Amen.
Moral of the story, clean up under your on doorsteps before you accuse anyone else of scamming. Someone will burn for eternity for this crapshoot they call a sweepstakes.
Nothing but another scam as far as I am concerned. I wish I had never heard of publishers clearing house. Thank you

all their contests

Ive been playing their sweepstakes and searches close to everyday for about 7 yrs or more, have yet to win a penny !!!, im sorry but nobody is that unlucky unless the games are just impossible to win, then they have these drawings where you can buy your chances with the tokens you accumulate or win on thier games and searches, twice i saved over 5 million tokens an bought thousands of chances and still lost, ive got close to 10 million tokens saved, im gonna buy all chances on one drawing, want to bet i lose again ? plus have you noticed that hardly anybody wins the big sweepstakes of money for life, it always says the didnt do it right or something so they have a draing for the second prize whatever that may be, i mean come on is it that hard to do the sweepstakes for the money for life or what> nobody ever gets it.Definately would like to see a full scale investigation on every game and so called drawing pch has, i keep doing the sweepstakes cuz me and my family need the money, im disabled and am 60 yrs old living with my elder parents, its like why cheat people like us?


I have talked with PCH Technical which has ADMITTED MULTIPLE times that a lot of people are experiencing not being able to view or play the LOTTO games. PCH has ADMITTED that it happened because of a third party sponsor video company that has installed at least one incompatible video on THERE site. Yet every oversees robot/person reads the script in front of them blaming MY computer (used 4 different ones), my cache, coolies and history (ALL been deleted- and 5 different computers would not have the same issue), my internet company (Have three different companies the computers all use), my browser (Have three different browsers on these four computers, have told me to "buy a new computer", and told me to send a screen shot (I have done MULTIPLE times, and will not fix the problem. This went on for FOUR months las year too before they fixed it! I won't go four months this year, as I will hire an attorney if need to to prove Consumer Fraud!!! GET IT TOGETHER PCH!!! IT IS YOU!!! SO FIX IT!!! It has ceased to be enjoyable playing your FREE games for tokens, and I do not think if you can't do the free games correctly, what makes me want to BUY products from you? Oh, and by the way; YOU ordered some cheap clothes pins FOR me (I DID NOT ORDER THEM) and tried to charge me sixteen dollars . I did not order them!!! DO NOT PLACE ORDERS AND CHARGE ME!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!

PCH — submitted $1 payment and was given insufficient funds... not the case $1 was available

there ad was also connected to some dating site..please make this right, I have participated in PCH for over 35 will end on this note if this apparent scam is not made...

washing machine cleaner cleaning power

sounded good. thought I'd give it a try. waited forever for the order to arrive. it was sent from Seoul, Korea. tracking #LN530031327KR US. declaration was $29.97. USD they...

scam on the internet

PCH Lotto: Alert Code [protected] I questioned if this was a hoax and was told: your email emerged winner of $850, 000.00 in the recent Publishers Clearing House global sweepstake...

faulty obsessive technical issues

I complained three times by e-mail, three different times, You sent the acknowledgment that you received them, then received one response to one of the e-mails, telling me I did not give you enough information and I have seven days to tell you. I already gave you the date, the time, the game and the amount of tokens cheated out of (40, 000 each time), for each e-mail, I don't know the blood type of the person that is reading it, so can not provide that. Each time in the past problems (quite frequent), you blame my browser, computer, me, and the time of season. If I get it right on most, it can not be my issue, Houston YOU may have issues. You then sent me a satisfaction survey, in which I filled out, and asked for a response, again not getting one. Today I can not get on to Lotto at all, called you, you ADMITTED that you had problems after the update last night, and you would fix it. I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE HAVING THIS ISSUE! Whew! that's good news! You are human! But meanwhile I miss your daily game you have only certain hours to play, thus again, screwing me out of tokens. I am not complaining because I play religiously and never win, but that when I play, I would like to get the tokens I earn, and have the ability to play the games you offer and don't supply! PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER PCH! I was going to start ordering, but if you can't supply your free games, why would I think I would not have problems getting what I paid for?


This is the second time Im writimg to you regarding my last purchase from you. In that complaint I spoke of how it looked liked someone had gotten into the package and that one of the items had a part out of place. I also mentioned due to cost to send it back, I cant afford to do that but now the other product I sadly bought it too is not working properly. This is ridiculous. I want to know what will be done about this . I cannot see paying for either of these items when they do not work. So to me and others it is obvious someone else had been in this package or someone packed them knowing full well they were defective. Please either resend the two items or return the first payment I made. If you want the products back please send whatever is needed to send them...boxes, returning mailing label, and whatever else is needed. I admit this is the first time Ive received faulty items but it sure has left me very disappointed and wondering if this will be my last purchase from you?

iris rhizomes order

We ordered iris rhizomes from publishing clearing house. There were to be 4 and there were four. One is rotten and soft. Two have bluish green mold on them. The one that looks ok...

received wrong item

As you know, I have been ordering from PCH since 1992. This time (though I have had trouble before) is the last straw. I am Customer #[protected], concerning Order #3061 4084...