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PSI Services Customer Service Contacts

+1 800 367 1565 (United States)
+44 176 325 7100 (APAC and EMEA)
+1 877 663 9267 (Albuquerque, NM)
+1 770 951 8690 (Atlanta, GA)
+1 617 340 6381 (Boston, MA)
+1 317 814 8861 (Carmel, IN)
+1 800 733 9267 (Las Vegas, NV)
+1 913 895 4600 (Olathe, KS)
+1 800 367 5214 (State College, PA)
+1 800 211 2753 (Vancouver, WA)
+44 148 375 2900 (Guildford, United Kingdom)
+41 612 708 877 (Switzerland)
611 N. Brand Blvd., 10th Floor
Glendale, California
United States - 91203
United States

2820 Broadbent PKWY NE, Ste E/F, Albuquerque, NM 87107
1000 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 710, Atlanta, GA 30339
90 Oak Street, PO Box 332, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
11590 North Meridian Street, Ste 200, Carmel, IN 46032
Las Vegas
3210 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89121
18000 W 105th St., Olathe, KS 66061
State College
300 S Burrowes St., State College, PA 16801
Vancouver, WA
16821 SE McGillivray Blvd. Ste 201, Vancouver, WA 98683
Washington DC
8100 Professional Place Suite 220, Landover, MD 20785

United Kingdom

Archway House, Melbourn Street, Royston, SG8 7BX, UK
4th Floor, 3 Onslow Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4SY, UK
Elisabethenanlage 7, CH-4051, Basle, Switzerland
Nygatan 14, SE-903 27 Umea, Sweden

HIJ Building, MacArthur Highway, Davao City, 8000, Philippines

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PSI Services Complaints & Reviews

PSI Servicespsi

I have taken this test 5x🤦‍♀️ The LHA. This last time i fail by 8 questions and i know i was well over prepared and it makes no sense we can see the question we miss and truly and honest i don't think they have a clue just taking peoples money. Some of the question was crazy and worded so different to wheee they want you to fail to collect ya money again. I'm done with it & looking for another job no hassle with license from psi. Order test materials 3x and all 3 had the same question only thing different they threw in on the next two i bought 2 or 3 different question. I called they were very rude. Scammmmmm

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    PSI Servicesaws solutions architect exam

    I tried to take an AWS Solutions Architect Exam with PSI on Mon in Portsmouth. The PSI Test Centre was unable to deliver the exam. I was told I would be contacted shortly by a member of the PSI team to reschedule. Three days later, I have heard nothing after having spent £150 to take the exam. Customer service from PSI has thus far been lacking. A holding communication would have useful. Would not recommend PSI as an exam centre for AWS.😞

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      PSI Servicesdouble charged

      I can't imagine that the large corporation PSI has such unprofessional actions.
      PSI did wrong - double charged on the clients but never do the refund for them.

      - PSI double charged to me. Quy Duong, Confirmation number Q36580634
      - By contact PSI staff, I had sent a bank statement via Fax and also sent via email and got confirmation PSI received it and will do a refund.
      But now is ABOUT 2 MONTHS and we still not get my money back. We tried to contact again as many time and got the same answer but nothing happens


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        PSI Serviceswashington and california state general electricians exam

        The California and Washington State General Electricians exams are terrible exams! Those exams are designed, and administered for a maximum failure rate. The exams are full of unnecessary, irrelevant questions that are outside of the scope and duties of the General Electrician. The tests are designed to insure a high failure rate, and repeated test taking for maximum revenue for the testing agency. General Electricians are not Contractors, Buyers, Sellers, Architects, inspectors, or Engineers, and any testing should reflect electrical installation, not electrical engineering. Conclusion: electrical exams are less legitimate, and more scam!

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          PSI Servicescustomer service dereliction

          I have left numerous voicemails, because nobody ever answers the customer service 1-800 number, with no reply, though the greeting states a reply will come within 24 hours. I finally got through via email, though that proved fruitless. I went back and forth stating and restating the problem, unable to schedule a test online though all pre-qualifications had been met and long since submitted according to the agency pre-qualifying. Whomever was emailing with me would not listen and kept redirecting me bak to the beginning where it was already proven failed several times over. I am not inarticulate. This person seemed to work from a script with no real problem solving understanding or ability. My elation at finally getting a reply was quickly deflated, then I was cut off with no more responses. I called the pre-qualifying agency, again. They submitted a complaint to PSI and told me someone should contact me shortly. Nope.
          This has been weeks now -months if you count the last time I had a very similar issue. It seems their online system is not always up to speed. It happens. But their customer service is about to cost me money for taking so much time to get anything done, disallowing business dependent upon testing for license.
          I have saved the email chain, but am unable to share it here for being the wrong file format.

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            PSI Servicescustomer service

            First of all every time I call psi I am put on hold for 15 minutes and have to leave my information for them to call me back. They don't call me back till hours later. I also scheduled my exam with accommodations and it won't let me log in to psi because I have accommodations... So when I called to reschedule my exam I was put on hold and left my info again. They called me back just to tell me I had to be transferred to the accommodations department.. So I waited for another 20 minutes just to leave my information again for them to call me back. I didn't get a call back till 2 days later.. I tried emailing them and no reply... On top of that the psi in baton rouge la has had technical issues so my exam had to be canceled and I hear they are shutting it down now.. Ridiculous. This whole process has been a giant headache. Fed up with this company..

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              PSI Servicesaccommodations improvement and refund request

              Hello there 'm requesting a refund and better accommodations. I tested on 4/18/19, at the dearborn location in mi. I have a few complaints that I would like to address first and foremost I have special accommodation. This is the second time that I have tested at this facility and the room was so loud that they brought me ear plugs (which I was grateful for but it was absolutely frustrating testing under those circumstances. Secondly because of my accommodations i'm unable to reschedule directly. This wouldn't be a issue if I could actually reach someone when call there. Every time I called, i'm directed to leave a voice mail and I didn't get a response back in enough time to actual reschedule, I actual called several times and left messages and by the time I was able to speak to someone in the accommodations department it was too late to reschedule my test on 4/18/19. Over the last 30 days have had an incredibly frustration with the level of services and especially how service is handled for individuals with special accommodations. Even today as I call to reschedule and to express my concerns with the accommodations room i'm forced to leave a message and as a result of that I know with out a doubt I will have to wait the following week to retest.
              Also, the michigan real estate salesperson exam is suppose to consist of national and state specific questions. The michigan real estate salesperson exam should be comprised of 110 questions.in order to pass the exam an examine must answer 77 out of the 110 questions correct to pass is what the testing site. The time limit allowed to complete the real estate salesperson exam is 180 minutes (because I had accommodations it was more time). I can tell you that I answered 125 questions and only 115 counted it also it states that 80% is need to pass. What am I missing?

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                PSI Servicesseminars and their teachings

                Well, my wife got involved by someone she worked with and took it seriously enough that she left her family. Joined other organizations soon after and walked away from the church she was raised in. I attended PSI's first required seminar and thought it was a joke but did it in an attempted to save our marriage. All this twisted cult wants is to convince unsuspecting people to "follow their ways of teachings and pass it along to others only to profit from them. IT'S ALL A HOAKS peopl!!! After their first seminar, they lock you in a room and attempt to get you to spend thousands of dollars to spend a week at their "retreat". Some of the testimonials are comical. DO NOT get involved. I lost my wife now. She now is heavily involve in Shamanism and pulled her deep into darkness. Again, my wife was convinced to walk away from a family of 5 children and a loving and caring husband.

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                  PSI Servicesunethical behavior

                  Psi exams is the most poorly mis-managed testing center company I have ever come across
                  I have a few concerns regarding my recent PSI test for suse linux 050-747

                  1- Exam was extremely slow and was keep disconnected 4-5 times during, and once it was disconnected for 45 minutes and i was on hold. (I have a strong internet connection, not shared)
                  2- Once the session was re-connected after the longest period (45Minutes), it started misbehaving, like it asked for root password for many operations like "tail -f /var/local/messages" "create directory" changing privileges of directory/ files, for ssh authentication.

                  If above issues were not present, I would be able to pass the exam, since root password was not provided, even sudo also asked for password and given password for user "Suse" didn't work for sudo. So I was not able to perform ssh authentication and tail operations.

                  I would like to humbly request PSI team to kindly review at my test as I believe I was well prepared, disconnections and authentication problem caused me to fail the exam. Otherwise give me a handsome discount for the next attempt.

                  The exam window was blurred and I was not able to see it clearly, if I get closer to screen, the monitor starts threatening to close the session & end exam.

                  It was such a stressful time. I am not feeling okay with the testing/practice.

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                    Feb 06, 2019

                    PSI Services — customer service of test administrator

                    Latoya was extremely disrespectful to test takers and staff She was talking loud throughout the entire exam...

                    PSI Servicescharged twice on my visa card

                    I Urvishkumar Patel have paid for my AWS Certification exam on 4th Dec(Transaction Confirmation #:  470001). I used my Visa Card and I didn't receive any success message. Then I used another Visa card and it was successful. Though, I see the charges on both of my cards. though, One of them is an invalid transaction. [protected]@hotmail.com [protected]

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                      PSI Services — weather delay no notifications

                      Worse run company ever, write your Congressman, Senator, Governor to urge them not to use PSI!! PSI only...

                      PSI Services — psi testing center and staff.

                      I arrived to the testing center early per the PSI instructions given to me. I and one other woman walked into...

                      PSI Services — testing center in shreveport, l a

                      I attempted to take my exam (Life, Health, and Accident #103) on 9/29/18 at 9:00a.m. at the Shreveport, LA...

                      PSI Services — license renewal

                      PSI called my wife at home this morning and gave her misinformation about my license renewal for LP Ga...

                      PSI Services — p & c exam center and exam

                      My first time taking my P&C exam was a horrific experience. First off, the exam center was ancient, man...

                      PSI Services — royal enfield classic 350 theft

                      My name is omkar satish mane. My bike was thieft on 02/05/2018 in pm 12.30 to 6.00 within this period bike...


                      PSI Services — staff

                      On 1/10/18 at Falls road #100, Baltimore Maryland, I went to take a postal exam and in the middle of me...

                      PSI — testing center and customer service

                      I truly am a great guy and people always say what a nice guy, but I am extremly upset with this whole...

                      PSI Exams — unfair charge

                      On 10/12/2017 I went to take an exam for Accident and Health License. My access was denied due to discrepancy...

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