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I ordered flowers through Pro Flowers and then all of a sudden appearing on the credit card was a bill from Easy Saver. At first my husband thought it was something I had ordered. Then when we were billed again he checked with me and absolutely NOT did I order anything from Easy Saver. I called Pro Flowers and they said when they offer you free shipping it goes to Easy Saver. They seemed to know how this Easy Saver worked and that people weren't aware of what they were getting when offered this free shipping. It's a SCAM and I reported to my credit card company and they will contact Security Services of this fraudulent billing of Easy Saver and Pro Flowers.


  • Ro
    Rockj56 May 12, 2016
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    As CEO of 4 companies I win be honest with you all and say this in a straightforward manner. I used Proflowers in the past without issues. However! This Mother's Day I ordered flowers from their site after not using it few a few years. I ordered my flowers on Friday and had them set to be delivered on Sun. That is not overnight. I didn't check additional boxes. I myself work regularly with affiliates so FYI just because a company works with a group of affiliates doesn't give those said affiliates the right to charge your credit card for services. I also in my college days worked customer service so the policy was the customer should be treated with respect. There goes the argument about yelling back and treating people like crap because they try to tell you your job that that earlier gentleman mentioned. You do your job honestly to your best of your abilities. Oh incidently, I paid 39.99 for my flowers was added on $14.99 by Proflowers for weekend delivery until my total reached almost $70. Then to my amazement Proflowers never even delivered my Mother's Day Flowers!! I cancelled my credit card after spending all day on the phone with numerous reps who had no idea what they were talking about but were more interested in my personal information than my order number which of course I didn't provide, I recorded the names of each person's name asked repeated as did my husband for a supervisor, was told a supervisor would return my call in half an hour. I am sending my lawyers after this company. I have them on failure to deliver goods, attempting to ascertain personal information, and impersonation of a true company. I have filed under the BBB a case against Proflowers, and alerted them to let them know. This is unjust to small business owners everywhere. Is t b at clear enough for everyone? I have documentation but since it contains my personal information I will let the authorities handle it. No one pulls one over on me!

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  • Ju
    juan barron Apr 06, 2011

    been charged without knowing 11.97 would like a refund

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  • Kc
    KC71 Mar 11, 2011

    As I had worked in the floral industry, from the nurseries & growers, right on down to flower shops, I can tell you that ProFlowers is far from being "pro" anything aside from "pro scammers." While I did not fall for the ploy of "free shipping, " I did get quite the runaround for delivery (for a funeral/viewing of 1 evening, yikes!) & was disgusted with what was sent as it looked absolutely nothing like the picture, even with "upgrades" & I actually took the card identifying us as being the senders off so as not to be embarrassed even more than I already was knowing others had already seen it. I should have known better & just called the local flower shop of the town the funeral home was in, but wanted to give PF a try. As consumers, we deserve better than what most corporate/conglomo sorts give us, especially as inflation is making it harder to stretch our meager pay. A friend of mine got totally ripped off by PF for a Mother's Day arrangement of which she was double billed for & had to wait 2 months for the money to be put back onto her credit card, got suckered into the "free delivery" scam all too commonly known & experienced by others here, did not have delivery of the flowers until the Wednesday after Mother's Day & to add insult to injury, the flowers were all but dead by then from the travel in hot Floridian weather & absolutely NOTHING was done to defray the costs except an offer of $25 off the next order of $100 or more. While the cost will be higher, I can assure you that if you order online using FTD, you'll be a much more satisfied customer & I still kick myself in the butt for not remembering this when I ordered the disaster sent to the funeral & not suggesting it to friends who need flowers send to a far-away place. FTD is hardcore & all about keeping a happy customer & supplier bank. I know 1sthand that they insist on top quality flowers to be used & that the arrangements be identical to those pictured in their books or on the website (unless the customer wants it changed) & you'll always be pleased by the treatment given to you by those at FTD or the florists they connect you with, so let these horror stories that other consumers experienced be a shared lesson & be sure to spend your money wisely & confidently with those deserving of it, not just the most convenient or most advertised. (Contrary to the kook who rambled on about how if PF has lots of TV/Radio/Print ads means that they are doing very well, blah blah blah, I've learned it is often those businesses that are circling the drain that put out parades of ads to drum up business. So Mr./Ms. Ill-Advised Foulmouth; chew on that a while before delivering your next rant about how GREAT PF is.)

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  • My
    MyMaryAnn Feb 11, 2011

    Some of these comments are unbelievably offensive - as if using disgusting language proves anything! The SHOCK effect conveys nothing except the limitations of the writer. A better education might have prevented their language skills! And if the big money behind and the huge staff of lawyers allows them to bully the public into being cheated, that is a very very sad comment on our American system! Reputable companies do not behave like that.

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  • Mi
    [email protected] Feb 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Proflowers is obviously misrepresenting their prices. I have no problem with service fees and the like, but if they are a standard cost built into every transaction (as I have been told by two people at ProFlowers), then it should be factored into the final price ahead of the purchase. Other companies who've tried this approach have lost in the end. ProFlowers should heed this for fear of repeating history for themselves. I will no longer be doing business ever with this company as their are far better and less costlier options. Proflowers should be shut down in the meantime.

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  • Co
    corporations>you Nov 13, 2010

    HAHAHA this is too rich. so what, you're not the same exact thing? Everyone of these people who posted above me and before me, including me, and including you, are the "big man behind a computer without a face or name". How the [censor] else would I post this opinion? I did exactly what they did but refuted their ignorance. There's where I stand, in comparison to you, let's see what you did to try and dispute my points. Let's go over the fallacies in your pointless response:
    "Really dude, big man behind a computer without a face or name" - First off, I'm a woman, you pig.
    "who reads the fine fine print...don't even tell me you do...[censor] [censor]"- Competent people read the fine print, as for the "fine fine print" I guess you got me on that one, I didn't know there was such a thing.. so you're right, I don't read the "fine fine print" because there's no such thing, [censor] [censor]. And as for the '[censor] [censor]', it honestly just made me laugh as I read it because you try to make it dramatic with the ... and then you end with an insult my 14 year old niece could have come up with.
    "Proflowers needs to go away"- like it's the smelly bum on the street corner trying to score meth. It has no where to go away to, the people demand it to stay and I'm sure business is booming. I hear advertisements for them all the time still, and they're only getting more popular, so there's no point even saying that, it's a corporation. It has rights all the same individual rights as any other American, but more influence that exercise those rights.
    "when someone buys flowers, then somehow.. blah blah blah"- Haha again, I don't believe you even read the post before you responded. It's not some [censor]ing mysterious thing that happens. I explained exactly what occurs for someone to enroll in that program, and YES, they did have to give permission for Proflowers to forward the credit info to the affiliate. That's why you will still find Proflowers and free shipping to be in business to this day. They aren't sweating anything, they have entire legal teams to show exactly how it isn't a scam lol. You people are like medieval [censor]ing villagers when it comes to finances and legality. Just because you say it's a scam, doesn't make it one in the eye of our judicial system. That's where the importance lies, [censor].
    A class action lawsuit? Oh please. That'll never happen, why don't you try to be the big man who stands up to them and goes to the local news and tells them how you're going to be the great hero of the people and save them from being lured and tricked into giving away permission to release their information. We'll see how quickly you get hit with a slap suit. Come on, big guy.
    And jesus christ, on a personal note, after reading "it thats where the [censor]en scam lies [censor]", I decided it would help you to take a [censor]ing grammar class or two. I mean, [censor]in A... "it thats", really? At least use the goddamn spell check before you post [censor]ed [censor] in the future.
    And I appreciate your inability to be original, I'm sure no one has ever had a reason to tell this to you before but imitation is the greatest form of flattery, [censored].

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  • Pr
    PriestLake38 Nov 10, 2010

    Really dude, big man behind a computer without a face or name.
    who reads the fine fine print...don't even tell me you do...[censor] [censor].
    Proflowers needs to go away.
    when someone buys flowers, then some how gets setup with a monthly charge from some unknown's wrong.. people didn't give this other place their credit info.. Pro flowers did.. it thats where the [censor]en scam lies [censor].
    We'll see how it ends up in a class actions suit..."[censored]!"

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  • Co
    corporations>you Nov 08, 2010

    You're all a bunch of dumb[censor]s. Learn to read the fine print, use your [censor]ing brains, and take some goddamn responsibility and time for the sake of your own stupidity. All of the disclaimers for their affiliate programs are disclosed in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the programs they do business with. And the only way to enroll in these programs, is for YOU to authorize them by either entering your e-mail address, or your zipcode. Have you ever gone to a gas station and instead of asking for your pin, the machine asks you to enter your zipcode? It's a form of authorization that YOU authorize. One of those businesses they affiliate with is It says before you even place the order, that you will get a free shipping REBATE. Key word, dumb [censor]s, REBATE. No need to dig deep in the terms and conditions to understand how this works, maybe you should dig deep into those dictionaries instead. With ANY rebate, you still pay shipping or whatever is being rebated and expect to be refunded for it at later time. They don't ever send flowers by "regular UPS ground" either, [censored]. They use priority shipping and send every bouquet out overnight from their fields. It doesn't make sense financially for them to let the flowers sit in a shipping warehouse for "5 days" because shipping warehouses charge for taking up the space, and with their "7 day freshness guarantee", which is unconditional, it's not very cost effective to purposely allow their flowers to die and send them out just to [censor] up your wife's birthday. Your wife is a hoe anyway, and I'm sorry for her that she has to be married to such a dumb [censor] like you, who can [censor] up something as simple as ordering flowers from a website. This is what you pay shipping for: They're having a driver drive hundreds of miles in some cases to transport you flowers from their fields. The cost of gas alone is fair when you consider how much they charge. They also DO disclose that there are additional shipping charges for certain days, but those are not determined by their company, those are determined by the carriers(FedEx and UPS). Once again, those carriers also charge for storage space, so you're paying for proflowers to guarantee the delivery trucks will keep space for your flowers to even be delivered. You're also paying for them to package up the flowers neatly and box them up, as is their tradition to ensure they ship safely. If you got an agent that was hostile to you, maybe you should take a second to reflect on the tone that YOU started the conversation off with. My mother used to work at proflowers many years ago as a simple customer service rep, and more often than not, stupid [censor]s like you people took your anger out on her for simple mistakes that were out of anybody's hands. In those cases, the customer service rep is justified in being cold and harsh to you. Why shouldn't they be? They're not there to take your [censor], and listen to you try to tell them the policies of their company. They're there to defend the company and educate, by fixing the mistakes and apologizing. Mistakes happen, grow up and realize that. Lose your mightier than thou attitudes, and take the time to educate yourselves, rather than spreading stupid, mob mentality [censor]. Florist flowers come from fields just like proflowers in many cases, the only difference is, you're not dealing with the delivery directly, you're paying the middleman florist to overcharge you for flowers that will die after a day or two in most cases, without any sort of guarantee. I worked for UPS for many, many years, and I always had to say proflowers reps went above and beyond to fix delivery issues that we were clearly at fault for. They don't screw anybody out of their money, every single one of those companies(including their affiliates) refund you if you signed up by mistake or got bad flowers. You run into problems if you're a conceited [censor] who thinks the world is out to get him, and who thinks this isn't your own fault that you're in a program all of a sudden. Let me tell you, IT IS. IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT. You're never going to get this company "in trouble" because they can pay radio stations thousands of dollars to advertise them, what can you do? [censor] on some [censor] website to a bunch of other stupid neanderthals who surprisingly know how to use a computer? Exactly. This corporation is a million times bigger than you, and for every one of you who claim it's a scam, and waste your time calling the BBB and District Attorneys, there are teams of corporate lawyers and thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers to shut you down and shut you up. If you can't afford one $50 bouquet of flowers, how are you going to try and convince us that you can afford to take on a multimillion dollar corporation? I mean wow, let's step out of fantasy land. And to the [censored] who "couldn't find the ToU for the membership" on the proflowers site, no [censor]ing duh you didn't find it, it's NOT THEIR COMPANY. It's an affiliate. Meaning, a separate business, with a separate website, and separate "ToU" than from proflowers. Believe it or not, there are people who aren't cheap in this world, who DO benefit from these programs because they place many, many orders online, and find benefit in having a membership program that discounts their 5 flower orders a month 15 dollars each time. There are also people who benefit from having a membership service that rebates thousands of websites for the multiple orders they place, and can afford to place, online. I'm a member of myself, you know why? Because I can place multiple orders each month, and after the first one the membership is paid off and then I can begin to reap the benefits of free shipping rebates. I can almost guarantee the company doesn't give a [censor] about you poor [censor]s who spend $35, and then act like it's the end of the world when it doesn't go right. That's why they will always offer those affiliate programs, for the people who can afford them, for the people who matter. For the people who are going to be pleasant to do business with, and who are going to pour more money into the company(and their affiliates) than all of you pathetic cry babies combined. If you're never going to use their business again, why should they get rid of a program that benefits the wealthy people who do? It's a way of weeding out all you cheap and difficult customers, if you ask me. I've also realized many of you are liars. I've gone through the proflowers order process many, many times, and always at the end there is a final page that asks you to REVIEW THE ORDER and then CONFIRM IT. This is the chance for you to see EVERYTHING you're about to be charged for, as well as giving you an opportunity to close the order out if you disagree with the prices. There is more to all of your stories than you're letting out, and it's not fair of YOU to mislead other people who might potentially find this service enjoyable. You are the scam artists. Don't listen to these simple minded people who don't understand how businesses work. Take it from a TRUE customer of a TRULY legitimate business, that proflowers is worth the investment. I've done my own business with them for years(personally through flower orders & privately through past work with UPS), had a family member who worked for them briefly, and there isn't a better quality company for the price and service. Just don't be ignorant like the people above, and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into, and if you find yourself with a problem, RESPECTFULLY give them a chance to correct it and you'll get the same in return.

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  • Sc
    Scarpe322 May 19, 2010

    This place is totally fraudulent. Something that starts off with a price of $24.99 will end up costing you twice that. They don't show you your totals until you've already submitted your order. Plus you get get false promises of free shipping rebates that require you to join a club. Total FALSE scam artists. Do not buy from here.

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  • Ou
    Outdrdude May 01, 2010

    Yes Proflowers/Freeshipping .com is most definetely a SCAM!! Just found out that I have been charged twice for almost $200.00!! All I did was order flowers!! I never signed up for I called freeshipping and got nothing but the run around. BEWARE OF PROFLOWERS!!

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  • Pi
    Pisdoff Feb 13, 2010

    Word of advice, never sign up for these ### offers. I had something like this happen to me while ordering concert tickets and was billed a total of $30 over 2 months (only reason I knew was because I zero'd an account and overdrafted $15). I suspected this was a scam offer and I'm glad I checked it out before i signed up for their ###.

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  • Ad
    A duncan Aug 25, 2009

    Just found out the same thing happened to me. I thought it was something that my husband signed up for as he does that sometimes for work stuff. I called and cancelled it today and got a confirmation number. I was being charged $14.95 for EZ Serv. We'll see if they charge it again. I'm reporting Pro Flowers to the BBB immediately and telling all my friends not to order from them.

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  • Nu
    Nuviit Aug 10, 2009

    My mother recently bought from Proflowers, and she was scammed. The first employee apologized her for it, but the second employee said something like: "Screw you, you're staying in the membership". Not to mention that their name contradicts themselves, the moment I recieved the mail that had the flowers in it, they were dried up, they were half withered, they were ridiculously PATHETIC. I found the same, long lasting, beautiful flowers at HEB for FIVE freaking dollars. We didn't get free shipping we ordered for, and we also didn't get the offer for a free box of chocolates for our grandmother.

    I recently read the ToU, and there was NOTHING that said "monthly membership". In fact, I can't find the ToS anywhere on the freaking website.

    I'll give you advice, don't bother to order anything that's involved with "CMG insiders Club". It's stupid, it's unreliable, and it's filled with idiotic greedy people who have nothing better to do in life but intentionally scam people.

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  • Li
    lindseyku Jul 17, 2009

    What a scam!!! I just realized this charge on my credit card after I sent my mother flowers for her b-day. Makes you feel really uncomfortable about ever using your credit card number on-line. I called this easy savers and they "canceled" the membership although I NEVER signed-up for one and they said it would take 60 days for the refund to appear on my credit card - REALLY! 60 days...come on. NEVER WILL USE PRO-FLOWERS AGAIN!

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  • Yu
    yumacrew Jun 20, 2009

    Looks like I fell for the scam as well!! Bought my mother flowers at Pro for Mother's Day, free shipping...blah, blah, this company is charging my CC for 9.95 pr month. I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR ANYTHING!! Called the [protected] They ended up hanging up on me after I asked for them to remove the charges from my CC. BOGUS COMPANY!!! BEWARE!!! NO PRO FLOWERS.COM!!!

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  • Nh
    nherrington2740 Jun 05, 2009

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! i wonder how you get these people in trouble. This JUST happened to me. I was going to get my mom flowers for mothers day, and komp 92.3 advertised over the radio, and i submitted the order and filled out the registration to get my 15.00 dollars off shipping. It then tells you that you get 15.00 dollars off of the next shipment. So i called and cancelled the order through pro-flowers. Today, i get billed for 9.95 from free and easy saver. I called both those companies (swearing) and told them to remove the charges. They both said they would do so. We'll see if they do. I then called up and asked who else they game my damn account number to, and told them what I thought about their ###ed up business, and hung up on the ###. I can't believe people do this ###. They screw a ton of people out of money. I would have known this was a scam, I would not have placed the order.

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  • Ro
    romanb May 07, 2009

    ProFlowers is a complete ripoff! I ordered flowers for my wife a week in advance of her Birthday. I was under the assumption that the flowers would be sent over-night (Since that is the sevice I paid for). Oh no, they sent them the very next day. My flowers were sent Regular UPS Ground and you can imagine the condition they were in when they finally arrived (AFTER BEING BOXED UP FOR OVER 5 DAYS!). All of the flowers were either dead, dying or brown! Fortunatly, I was the one that received the flowers first, not my wife. I contacted ProFlower, only to be greeted by a woman named Shelia that was very hostile and difficult to deal with. In the end I received a refund and was able to buy a beautiful arrangement of 3-dozen roses with orcids mixed in. I payed $110.00, but it was worth it. Save yourself time, money and trouble...DO NOT BUY FROM PROFLOWERS!!!

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  • Ja
    Jack Stejskal Feb 15, 2009

    unautherized charge on my debit card with out pin.

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  • T4
    T4231 Feb 12, 2009

    Don't order from Pro Flowers. They start out by telling you are going to get free shipping, but must complete the order all the way through. Then the free shipping is for future orders. They also don't show you your totals with handling fees, saturday delivery fees and other fees till you finalize your order. I do not recommend you order from them. You can go to your local flower shop and order something nice and pick it our yourself for about the same price or less.


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