Princess Cruise Linesdeceptive website information for caribbean cruise booking on princess site

N Nov 01, 2018
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Today, I noticed that our Caribbean cruise booking showed a new section in the Payments menu that we can "prepay gratuities." We fully reviewed your website description of this cruise and saw NO MENTION OF GRATUITIES BEING EXTRA.

Additionally, we NEVER ;had any webpage during the booking process alert us that our deposit was non-refundable.

Our last cruise with Princess had all gratuities included AND the deposit was refundable.

Princess has intentionally hidden this information from us as returning Princess customers when we booked our Caribbean cruise, so that we could not see anywhere that the cruse deposit was non-refundable, nor that the gratuities were not included this time around.

Sonja, in Princess Cruise's Customer Relations Department, a supposed "supervisor, " refused twice to allow me to speak to anyone else above her. She flat out refused. I asked for her employee number and her last name; she refused to give either. She simply provided her extension, as if we would ever call her or work with her again. Her phone voice and attitude was snippy, terse, and rude, and she refused to refund us.

Sonja would not take responsibility for Princess's deceptive website information for their Caribbean cruise (March 2019) and Sonja noted tersely, that it as "all in the fine print." Again, snippy, rude and not in the least bit interested in helping a returning Princess Cruise customer. She would only dump the $200 into a cruise account we had to use within the next year...would you cruise ever again with a company like this?

Sonja refused to refund the $200 and was quite happy to lose a Princess customer over it. She seemed highly empowered to make things difficult and deny a refund for a measly $200, and made it quite clear she worked for no one else who I could speak with and I could not go above her ever. I asked her if she was the CEO perhaps, as proudly proclaimed I could not go above her to speak with someone else...

We will be filing a formal complaint with our credit card company. Deceptive practices on Princess's website will not win them new customers and certainly won't retain old customers.

Former Princess customer

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