PradaPoor quality shoes


I purchased a pair of £320 Prada shoes (on April 11th 2011) from Prada on New Bond Street.

After having worn them a few times, I found that my feet were getting black, from the dye or whatever substance was used to colour the shoes. The shoes have not been exposed to water and neither have they been polished.

So, I decided to return the shoes and ask for an exchange or failing that, a refund.

The first assistant that I spoke too, informed me that this was perfectly natural and that his shoes gave him the same problem. I requested to speak to someone more senior and was informed by the assistant manager that Prada do not exchange faulty goods unless they are returned to Italy for examination, which would require six weeks or more. She also informed me that she had never heard of this problem before, despite having been within earshot of the assistant with a similar problem.

It seems a shame that Prada operate a system that relies on one having to take them to court to seek redress, or for those too busy for this, to have to walk away.

Having conducted an online search of Prada customer care, I was appalled to find that they do not have a telephone or email address that one can use to address ones concerns. In fact, they do not have customer care.

I have learnt my lesson and will never shop in Prada again.

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