Prada Complaints & Reviews

Prada / sunglasses sps 02t 54d17 u61-144 145 3p

Sep 08, 2019

I'm complaining about Prada sunglasses SPS 02T 54D17 U61-144 145 3P. I bought this precisely between 17-18th February 2019 from Mall of Emirates (Dubai) The film of the sunglasses is chipping off.i never thought even for once that such a renowned brand lily Prada could have such a poor...

Prada / brand new damaged handbag with no box

Aug 23, 2019

PradaThe products in general are amazing however, Prada Auckland New Zealand - Queen Street store has appalling customer service. I am very disappointed with the store. My sister bought a bag as a duty free item, which needs to get picked up at the Auckland airport on the day of her flight (to...

Prada / prada tennis

Aug 13, 2019

dear good morning. I have several Prada shoes and I am a regular customer. The last one I bought, which has little use, is taking off and breaking the side rubber. Looking for a solution, I went to a Prada store in Rio de Janeiro at the village mall and the salesman told me he had nothing...

Prada / unethical behaviour

Aug 02, 2019

I bought eye glass on 2016 (sps57q5816dg0-0a7142n). 1 week ago while ı m cleaning the glasses paint of the frame is stains. I ask the company (where ı bought the glasess) what is the reason but their answer is it is not under the waranty so they can not do anything for this situation. While i m...

Prada / pradaliveclub

Aug 01, 2019

PradaI had ordered few bags from pradaliveclub on 15th june and done complete online payment for my order and I received the confirmation mail but after that no msg or mail from the site. I have written tons of mails but no reply. I really needed those bags asap but It has been more than a...

Prada / pray sunglasses spr 16r 56 19 2 au-4mo 135 2n

Jul 24, 2019

PradaI paid a lot of money for my glasses, and the tint is wearing off so when I look out of my glasses, everything is spotty. I purchased many many products from your company, which I believe is one of the best in the world. I am shocked by the quality of these glasses which are only a few...

Prada / [protected]

Jul 17, 2019

PradaI have been prada fan since long and use many of their products I got a pair of shoes for my husband and was surprised to see the condition it ended up The sole of both the shoes broke pathetically I expect an exchange of this one as we do not buy branded shoes at high prices for this Kindly...

Prada / faulty sunglasses

Jul 05, 2019

PradaAlways brought Prada sunglasses but brought my son a pairs And they are now unable for him to wear due to the Prada sign on side peeling off he cant and won't wear them no-more as was actually bullied by people saying they are fake which caused him a lot of distress. They were my son...

Prada / aftershave x 3 bottles

Jun 21, 2019

PradaHi .I've been purchasing Prada aftershave now for some time .however as I'm getting to the bottom of the bottle I'm unable to get the last 10ml to 15 ml approx out .this has happened with several bottles now and im unhappy the fact in total I've lost approximately 100ml of aftershave over...

Prada / employee left me on hold and never answered back

Jun 02, 2019

I called the PRADA location on Broadway in New York at 12:59pm on June 2, 2019, to inquire about a men's cologne. I was transferred to the men's department and when I asked if their location carried the Luna Rossa cologne, he told me to hold while he checks the availability. However, I wa...

Prada / fake prada bag from prada boutique korea (lotte centum city, busan)

May 09, 2019

PradaI purchased a prada saffiano lux (color: marmo) on 24 october 2013 from prada boutique at lotte centum city, busan, korea. This is my first purchase of prada bag, of which, I was very proud to be able to carry your prestige brand the past 5 years. However, to my disappointment, a genuine...

Prada / worst customer service ever

Apr 19, 2019

I went to Prada in Dubai mall to see if I can get rid of tiny dirt on the bag. usually other luxury brands have leather cleanser or cloth to clean stuff in the store all the time but staffs in Prada were incapable of showing any kind of help. So I called in other Prada store in emirate...

Prada / prada perfume

Apr 13, 2019

PradaHello, I got a parfume (Amber) for my birthday one month ago and the spray doesn't work. My friend doesn't have the receipt anymore. Is there any way I can exchange it or could you provide a repair? I regret I don't have the box or the receipt anymore, but it's an 80ml Eau de parfum full, so...

Prada / prada polo shirt issue

Mar 27, 2019

PradaI bought a polo shirt 2 months ago and the collar has faded completely. I have worn it only 5 to 6 times and and the polo has completely become unwearable. I contacted the service center and they arent offering any help for the same.. Worst purchase ever. Very unhappy with prada.. They...

Prada / bag - purchased in january 2018

Mar 26, 2019

The strap on my bag has broke (which at the time was less than a year old) and I took it to the Prada store in selfridges Manchester to be replaced. They then sent my bag off to Milan twice to be repaired but when I got my bag returned I was informed that the repair could not be made. I am...

Prada / Ladies white leather stitch prada sneakers

Mar 18, 2019

Hi I am extremely disappointed with the lack of support I received at Neiman Marcus in Garden City NY. In June of 2018 I bought ladies white Prada leather stitch sneakers for my upcoming trip to Italy in July 2018. I wore them for 6/7 days of my trip and they were pure white. Upon my...

Prada / broken sunglasses.

Feb 01, 2019

PradaHi. I purchased Prada's sun-glasses in Naples, Italy about 6 months ago 4/9/18. at a cost of 200 euros. I live in Israel so I have no way to get to the store in Italy. I take a very good care of my glasses, But on my last flight, the reflector simply disengaged from the handle, I tried to...

Prada / calzature

Jan 03, 2019

Buongiorno, mi permetto di scriverVi perché quanto accaduto ieri (2 gennaio 2019) nel vostro Store di Serravalle Outlet non ritengo sia all'altezza del brand Prada. Mi sono recato in negozio ed ho scelto un paio di calzature per me. Mi è stato fornito un ticket per il ritiro e pagamento alla...

Prada / product and marketing display

Dec 14, 2018

I am outraged that Prada is supposed to be a global company, and they have the lack of knowledge to understand that displaying images and products in blackface is unprofessional and blatantly racist. Is there marketing department in oblivion???? This is totally unacceptable. This company...

Prada / glasses - worst purchase of $700 and still under warranty - no action taken

Nov 26, 2018

PradaThe glasses are still under warranty. I don't expect a $700 pair of glasses to discolor. If this is the case then prada needs to stop selling glasses. Approach your supplier for the prada brand. I bought a shoppers drug mart pair of glasses off the shelf, for the better part of the...

Prada / prada eyeglasses - cat shape with brown frame with burgundy arms

Nov 04, 2018

I purchased Prada cat shaped eyeglasses approximately 1 and a half years ago at Optical 38 on Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Number on right arm of eyeglasses is BP38739057. Number on left arm of eyeglasses is VPR02T 52 square symbol 17 USH-101 140. The color of the frame...

Prada / defect on my new prada wallet

Sep 25, 2018

PradaRecently i just bought a Prada wallet and using about 1 month plus but i found defect of workmanship on my wallet. And i send back to Prada for repair and the guy told me it will take at least 6 weeks to repair. I understand I am entitled to expect things I buy to be of acceptable quality...

Prada / sunglasses

Aug 29, 2018

Purchased prada sunglasses the tint is coming off from the glasses.i paid 400$ and even before a year the tint was coming off.when i took it to the shop where i bought it they asked me to pay another 50 percent to replace to a new sunglass which i did not agree with far i have been...

Prada / jeans (man)

Aug 15, 2018

I bought jeans blue color from Milan .Shocked to see that when came to India the color was coming out.Even when u rub hand the hand became blue.I sat on a sofa at hotel and it became blue and i have to pay fine at hotel.Shame for selling such brand of Prada.What is the use of buying...

Prada / one leg of frame snapped from the soldering point

Aug 14, 2018

PradaI bought this eyewear (photo attached) about a year back and use it sparingly. Just to give eyes some rest, I removed holding the two ends but one of these snapped. When I took it to the shop, they said it can be repaired through soldering but the process will leave visible marks of paint...

Prada / sunglasses lenses separating

Aug 14, 2018

PradaI bought a pair of Prada Cat Eye 54022 Polarised sunglasses about 3/4 years ago from Sunglass Hut in Cape Town. I have noticed over the last 2 years 2017/2018 that the lenses seem to be separating. I am very fond of the style and would love to have them replaced or even just the lenses replaced. Any advice on how to resolve will be greatly appreciated.

Prada / pos in turkey closed holding warranty claims

Aug 09, 2018

PradaDear Madam, Sir, I bought 1 Prada eyeglasses and 1 Prada sunglasses a year and a half ago. Eyeglasses's paint was ripped of and sunglasses bridge was shaking. Therefore I took them back to where I bought :your distributor or point of sale NSA Optik ( in Turkey...

Prada Sunglasses / sunglasses

Aug 06, 2018

Prada SunglassesMy husband and I have had several pairs of Prada sunglasses over the years but unfortunately the last 3 pairs we have bought have been very poor quality. I have 2 pairs of the sp5 56m and both pairs have lost the screw which holds the lenses in place, I had to pay £25 to get my last ones repaired...

Prada / product rip off

Jul 23, 2018

PradaI bought a prada handbag in singapore late 2016. I hardly used the handbag much and the leather started wrinkling and the inner lining tore. I only use the handbag on occasions and all the stuff put in are very delicate stuff. Nothing to rough for the inner lining to tear. I went to the...

Prada / men’s sun glass polorized

Jul 13, 2018

PradaDear Sir, I bought your Men's Sun Glasses from Hong Kong Airport Before 2 weeks for 300usd. Now the skin on the Glass surfaces is getting pilled off. It seems a plastic layer was quoted on the surface of the glasses and is coming out of it from inside and outer surface of the glass. I never...

Prada / ladies bag

Jul 03, 2018

Hello. My wife bought a prada bag in your harrods concession on 24.02.2018. It was a "summer bag" for her and she kept it in its packaging before using it for the first time in may. After using it a few times she was horrified to notice that the central internal section of the bag had...

Prada / sunglasses

Jun 27, 2018

PradaI purchases a pair of Prada sunglasses SPS52G a few years ago from my opticians and I have noticed that the film is starting to come away from the lens around the edges. I paid around £180 for these glasses and they have been well looked after, replacing them in the Prada sunglass box provided...

Prada / sun glasses

May 28, 2018

Having purchased a pair of your sunglasses on 15/10/2015 for the price of £179.00 from sunglasses hut uk. I now find these glasses no longer fit for use as the lenses are mottled and fading. I do not feel this should be happening as the glasses are only used in the summer months. I would expect...

Prada / shoes quality

May 20, 2018

PradaBeyond disappointed of the Prada quality! My husband is so fund of Prada especially their shoes as they're the most comfortable yet stylish & that makes it so easy for me knowing where & what to get him & will be happy with my shopping. However, one of the pair not long bought where...

Prada / men’s technical mesh and leather sneaker - blue

May 14, 2018

PradaKind of a cross between a loafer and sneaker...leaker...maybe snofer? Anyway. Don't buy this shoe. The exterior heal portion of this shoe is black and made of some very thin, semi- rigid plastic material that is not suited for a shoe. Simply put, it cracks easily and has a white material...

[Resolved] Prada / prada certification card for argilla saffiano lux bn1844

May 02, 2018

Hi, I purchased the above bag from the Prada boutique in Galeries Lafayette Woman RTW on 12 November 2013 and was attended by Mr[removed]. I was told that Prada do not have any card for certification of their bags. I was told by Mr [removed] to keep the receipt and that was all. (1...

Prada / sunglasses case

Apr 23, 2018

PradaHello there I disappointed that the original case for my SPR041 sunglasses always break. Over the years I replace my sunglasses only with your band and type love them. But the case never last and they best fit to avoid further damage may I ask for a new one ?As I cant find a reasonable case...

Prada / jacket

Mar 12, 2018

PradaHi I bought a jacket some time ago, which I loved and still do. It's a rain coat but unfortunately the material got bubbly and so I stopped wearing it. I had followed the care instructions exactly. I brought it to the tailors to see if anything could be done but unfortunately not. I again...

Prada / substandard product-sunglasses

Feb 20, 2018

PradaI have always been a keen Prada fan. Bought my third pair of Prada sunglasses about year and a half ago, and the rubber/plastic substance on the frame started to peel? I was shocked to say the least. It is now to the extend that I will rather wear "cheaper" no name brand sunglasses that...

Prada / purchased prada sunglasses-got fake one

Feb 16, 2018

hello there, prada I'm here to let you know about, the fraudulent happened with us. We purchased your prada sunglasses from normal stores in jodhpur named mahesh vatwani . they sold that prada sunglasses in 12000/- inr means 194$ something. but it is fake, hence the logo of prada is fake...