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Complaints & Reviews

Racially Profiled

I applied to work for Michael Kors and got turned down because of race. I was racially discriminated against. The manager had it written all over her face. As I entered the store, she got startled when I said I was there for an interview. Before the interview took place, I was asked questions on where I was from and am I familiar with Michael Kors and the area. I felt so low and disturbed after our conversation.

not a clear explanation neither a written policy to prove or explain why tanger coupon cannot apply with clearance item.

I went to deer park tanger outle on 11/23, and tried to buy a dress which was on clearance and requested to use tanger coupon which one was single item used and in the back stated...

customer service

After work I went to square one to michael kors to pick up a watch I called early about to see if they had it in stock which they did. I went in, everyone looked at me but...

shipping problem

I am writing in regards to an order which went missing and has not been recieved. On getting back to Michael kors service a little over the period of which I could have put forward my complaint. All they said was that they are sorry that you are facing this problem but we can do anything about nor can we send a refund or the original order that was already been paid for. Soooo disappointed

the handbag

Today I went to the Michael Kors . I complain about my handbag, I just bought 08/16/2019, just a month, because my Handbag on the slap it heavy crash, I talk with the lady she...

warranty not internationally covered, no after sale services

Bought a back pack from USA, but found one of the stud is loose and about to drop off when returned to Singapore.
Went to the Michael Kors boutique in Singapore, but was told the warranty does not cover the item bought from USA and was advised to write-in to the customer service.
Not sure what kind of customer services Michael Kors is providing as did not receive any response despite wrote-in twice.
International brand but warranty not internationally covered. Make it worst, no after sale services provided.
Totally disappointed and regretted the purchase, will definitely submit my reviews on the bad experience.

shoulder bag

I purchase a lot of Michael kors handbags, purses and clothes which I have always been completely satisfied with, however I was going out for lunch I had a new white blouse which I used my Michael kors handbag which is maroon in colour, when I arrived at the restaurant and took my bag of my shoulder I had dye all over my blouse! I was very upset about this also very conscious of how I looked, it conpleatly ruined by day, also the expense of my blouse and also very weary to use my bag again! I bought my bag from fenwicks in york it was a birthday present. I hope you will look into this for me as all my other bags this has never happened.


Cheryl Palphramand

shoulder bag
shoulder bag
shoulder bag
shoulder bag
shoulder bag

gift card replacement

I have an old gift card with balance of 284 dollars. I went to the store to use it and was told I can't use it and need to call customer service for a replacement. I have called 4 times and each time was told someone gets back to me in 48 hrs and it has been a month. At this time I am not sure what to do. no one has contacted me and no answer from customer service. Every time I call they tell me that the will notify the corporate and someone from the corporate will contact me to send me a new card in 48 hrs. At this time I am contemplating hiring a lawyer.

my shopping experince at a micheal kors in the eagan outlet mall

I am writing to you to complaint about my shopping experience at one of your location at the Eagan Outlet mall, in Eagan MN. This happened on Sunday April 14, 2019 this is only my second time there. So I thought why not go the outlet mall. I got there I went there with a reborn baby doll he is a life like baby doll. I went to different store before I decided to in Michael Kors I went in an employee walked up to me handed my a coupon for additional 20% off the sale that is going on already. I walked around look at a couple different wallet before picking up a purple wallet with flowers on it. I show it to the employee to see if you they have a matching handbag to go with it, she said no so she put it back on the opposite side of shelf that I pick it up from. At that point I didn't have any thing with my anymore. A couple employee kept asking me if I'm doing ok I told them yes. One employee ask me if I have seen the handbags in the front if I liked it I told her no. She started to lead my to the front where the handbags are. That's when the manager came to meet me right in the middle of the store at first she was polite asking me about my baby say. "oh what a cute baby how old is he" I told her that he is a baby doll. She said, "Oh why do you have a baby doll with you? At this point I was just thinking she is just asking and being very nice so I told her that I've lost my baby. She told me right then that an employee saw me trying to conceal a wallet. I show her my hand that I didn't have anything with me. She than insisted that I give the item back. I told her again that I don't have anything with me. I then open up my coat to show her that I don't have any item with me. She then call security over, so at this point I just want to leave the store I walked to the door where security met me. I walked out followed by security. They ask me again to give the item back I again told them I that I don't have anything with my except my doll. At this point I was just soo distress I took off my coat and shook it to prove to them that I don't have what they say I have. Security wasn't happy with that either so I took off my baby from the carrier to show them clearly at this point they saw that I have nothing with me, but security still told me that I am ban from the mall, and that I am never to go back there again, and then as if that wasn't enough they escort me all the way to my car. I am very distress over this situation and now I am apprehensive to even to my local store. I work in retail too and this not how you should treat your paying customer. I went there thinking that if I find something I like I will buy it. This is not acceptable and uncalled for. I don't normal ask for things for free if I can help it, but in this case I would like a $500.00 voucher or coupon so I can get a matching wallet and handbag. You can contact me through my e-mail at [protected]

michael kors plate thong ultra pink #40u2mkfail

I purchased the sandal at Macys Department Store to take on my vacation. I wore the sandals for the first time on April 9, 2019. That night when I tooked them off to place back in...

Michael kors bag received as gift dec 25, 2018

Good morning,

I first saw my Michael Kors bag in an ad and fell in love with it. My husband was sweet and gave it to me as a Christmas gift just this past Dec 25th, 2019. I LOVE the way it looks but am very unhappy about how it looks now just a couple months after normal use. It looks like it's old already. I use it as a daily bag...normal wear and tear. I'm a professional woman so not subjecting it to anything out of the ordinary. Attaching pictures. I would like a replacement please.

thank you.
Sheryl Robinson-Collins

Michael kors bag received as gift dec 25, 2018
Michael kors bag received as gift dec 25, 2018
Michael kors bag received as gift dec 25, 2018
Michael kors bag received as gift dec 25, 2018

watch runway bracelet # mk3463

Got the Michael Kors rose gold watch I had coveted for some time. I have been wearing since Christmas. When I looked at the watch recently I noticed that the rose gold had worn...

rude employees

It was on December 26, Boxing Day during busy time, I was shop at Michael kors, it was a huge long liner, one of the employees kick me out from the line, so rude, they are so...

price gouging

I went to the michael kors outlet in auburn hills michigan, I always thought the outlet stores was cheaper then the online store and mall stores not at that store. The moto...

return of a bag I bought on the michael kors website

I bought a bag from the Michael Kors website 9/30/18 order # w786289817. I have a few other Michael Kors bags that I bought at other stores and have been a big fan. I received the bag and it was nice but the crossbody strap was just too short for me. I unwrapped it and took the tags off of it because I wanted to make it work but just couldn't do it. I called them to see if they had a longer strap and they did not. They told me just to return it.

I wrapped it back up and thought I put the tag in the pocket of the bag. A few weeks later I received the bag back with a letter that said they could not accept it because it was used. This bag never left my house. I emailed them a few times and called a few times. The representatives were horribly rude and quoted policy.

I found the tag at my house a few days later and called to try to speak with a manger. I was on hold for 15 minutes on and off. I swear they were trying to get me to hang up. As with the other people I spoke with the manager quoted policy to me about how the tag was not attached to the bag. She didn't care that I had the tag and could return it to her. They tried to say the strap was scratched and the buttons on the bottom. I don't know how this happens when the bag did not leave my house unless it was in a box. (I can send pics of the bag when I get home).

When I spoke to the manager on 11/16/18 she did not care what I had to say she was determined before she got on the phone that she was not going to refund me. I feel so insulted that they basically called me a liar. I have never had this kind of trouble returning anything. The way they handled this was really unethical. Trying to get out of taking a return of something that was never used by saying it was.

Now I'm stuck with an expensive bag that makes me sick to look at. I will NEVER buy anything else Michael Kors again. I hope it was worth sticking to your "policy". When I spoke to her today I told her the dust bag was not returned to me and asked about that. She said she would send me one. I would rather have a refund. I don't want this bag. I am at work but will take picture of the bag and the tag when I get home.

  • Updated by Austinsmom · Nov 16, 2018

    Pictures to come

pathetic standards

Dear Michael Kors Team, I was highly annoyed and frustrated about the standards when i visited the Michael Kors shop at the Delhi airport early morning on the 9th of this month...

gift receipt

On my birthday my friend bought me a purse and I didnt really think I can use and decided to return. Because I didnt have much time I asked for store credit that I can come back...

customer service

I emailed them weeks ago that my rewards points have never added onto my account. Couple of days later they emailed me to send in my receipt. Since then, they emailed me back days later again that they need "more time" to handle my issue. Absolutely nothing since then and it's been two weeks. Absolutely terrible customer service and it shows back on how they treat their customers. From now on I'll be shopping at their competitors stores.

cross body bag

I purchased this cross body from outlet mall in pleasant prairie WI on Sept 17. The lady who helped me said that floor model was the last piece and I purchased it for $78.49 and told me there is a 30day return policy.
I went back on 9/21 to return. To my surprise the last piece that was sold to me did not have tag on and being the floor model looked like it was used. I had not even taken it out of the bag and simply changed my mind. The assistant manager on top of not honoring the return was rude, disrespectful and accused me of lying.
I still have the bag as it was given to me and will like to get my money back and will return the bag wherever you want me to.


I bought two pair of pumps one year ago and tried to wear them and found that the left foot was bigger. The shoe would come off when I walk. I was not able to return it because it...

womens pants

My Michael Kors black pants are my favorite. Now they are 6 mths old and I have huge complaint there is a metal stud on the back pocket that is very dangerous. Yesterday while...

women watch

I purchased a watch less than a year ago and so many of the crystals have fallen out, I took it to Macy's in Oak Court Mall in Memphis Tennessee and they said I couldn't exchange...

the sale personal

276159 I purchase a cross bady bag and they forgot to remove the alarm from my bag and I set up the alarm in all the other stores my hands were full off other purchase and it toke me a...

Michael Kors Premium South Outlets Las Vegascarolyn kearney, sales rude [censored]!

I am super tired but I'm ready to drop money in your store so I stand on one of the little tables and Carolyn Kearney told me that if I wanted to see if I could sit outside or in the mall and when I wanted to complain at the front desk where you pay your other sales reps told me that they had a chair they could bring out if I needed one. The other reps no customer service Caroline fire her ass she's condescending and rude!

  • Fr
    fromCA Aug 10, 2018

    90% of MKors "clerks" are rude, with little prod. knowledge, no common sense, & can lie.

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  • Fr
    fromCA Aug 10, 2018

    90% of MKors "clerks" are rude, with little prod. knowledge, no common sense, & can lie. MK outlets have most rude & hostile mgrs (esp. Alen, TX outlet)

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Michael Kors Outlet - Allen TX — rude, untrained staff & mgr

8/8/18 - Brought bk an on sale coat to return. Had issues at cashier in July 2018 on no return policy mentioned which I had to ask about (b4 paying) Cashier said it is NOT...

the order was not delivered in accordance with the order

Dear Sir/Madam,

I ordered a Smartwatch (model number: MKT5023), in your online shop on 22/07/2018.
My order number is w165821519.
Yesterday, I received a parcel from you which was thrown into a shed by UPS courier without my signature.
When I checked today the contents of this parcel and instead of the watch, there was a set of padlocks which I did not order.
I called your customer service and was informed that I need to wait 11 BUISSNESS DAYS! This is pretty much theft and should be dealt with seriously and not with ridiculous waiting times. I was told to wait until your team would find out what happened with my order.
I expect this watch before Saturday this week as it is birthday present for my daughter. I need either the watch or my money back.
You took my money for this order immediately after I gave you details of my card but you do not feel responsible for delivering my order on time and at the very least the thing I ordered.
Your customer adviser gave me brazen advice that I bought a second such watch and paid again while waiting for your lazy team to investigate where my parcel is. Is it really everything you can do?
How can you treat the customer in this way?
I feel cheated and I am very dissappointed with the quality of Michael Kors service.

Tomasz Wilczek

  • Ca
    CAgal Aug 24, 2018

    MKors has to have the worst CS & store staff! My orig. intuition was right - a tacky brand w/tacky uncaring, untrained staff, some hoostile mgrs! Bought a few things the last 6 mos - I have returned them all! Never again.

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horrible experience at the store

276159 I purchased a bag last week at the Toronto premium outlet store at 13850 Halton Hills and was given the wrong bag by the cashier. Afterwards I was given a return label from MK and...


I bought 2 pair of Michael kors Jean's one black one Jean and the Jean zipper fall down when I'm wearing it and the black one fade after washing the first time in cold water.and I...

mk 5491 watch

Bought this beautiful rose gold and crystal round the face of the watch the crystals have gone dull and the rose gold has gone discoloured, as it's a couple of year she past the...

michael kors watch

I placed an order for a MK watch for my mom and never received an email confirmation or tracking details, I didn't even knew wheather my order go through or not. I checked my...

damaged item/customer service

Almost a month ago, I enquired as to why the handler of my bag has discoloured. A response was given and they passed it to the appropriate team as the handbag was purchased at dubai airport. No response was ever received. I have chased this 5 times via email and have had no response, it is absolutely unacceptable.

All I wanted was for my handbag to be repaired or replaced. I have just been ignored and am left with a damaged item. For the amount of money the products are you would think the customer service would reflect this.

I usually buy a lot of michael kors products but I will no longer be buying them.

watch-no customer care service in qatar

Dear team, I am writing to you with extreme disappointment. I had purchased a watch on 30th april 2016. The watch stopped working in june 2017 and we replaced the battery. But...

unethical behavior and illegal sale

I following up on my complaint that I made through a phone call to Michael Kors official call center regarding my order w708372166 . That was 5 days ago .I specifically asked the person on the phone named Kiel to escalate my issue and issue formal reply from Michale Kors for my case. Except that he was totally unhelpful on the phone as it seems he never escalated my case.

I order from the official Michael Kors website on the 6th of June several items from the website. I also received a confirmation email that my order is being processed on the 7th of June and my credit card was charged accordingly . I live in Abu Dhabi UAE and my husband was travelling to the US for business so I wanted to take the opportunity to order some US brands items online. I also took the 2day express delivery option so I can make sure the staff are delivered to his hotel on time. After I received the confirmation email I was confident that all is in order and didn't check my email again. In the meantime all my other orders from Tory Burch, DKNY, Victoria Secret, Amazon arrived in the hotel . When I checked my email again oi found an email that said that my Michale cors order was cancelled as NONE of the items that I got confirmation and paid online are not available.
How is it possible that you advertise items and make customers pay for items you don't have available? This is unacceptable and I need official reply on this saying that after purchasing and getting confirmation Michael Kors cannot guarantee that the items paid for actually exist .It is illegal to advertise and charge people for goods that are not existing.

In addition the reply of your customer representative online was totally unacceptable so I am requesting that you hear the phone call made on 12th June at 19.45 UAE Time, duration 14min and 44seconds and also officially answer why I haven't received any response from Michael Kors. Also I need confirmation from your side that all the money have been returned to my account.

Some of those items purchased were for gifts for certain occasions that I had to buy something else.
I am very disappointed and hurt from this incident. I m a loyal customer of Michael Kors in UAE and never expected this to happen especially from Michael Kors.

My phone number is [protected]

customer service/ discrimination

My Partner and I walked into Michael kors, at 4.26pm on Thursday the 14th of June at Harbourtown Gold Coast. He was ignored by the Lady who was working (He's of a Dark...

michael kors sandals

276159 I am seriously disapointed in the quality of the sandals I purchased about a month ago. Today I was walking and one of the straps completely popped off of the sandal. I contacted...

rose gold watch

I purchased a Rose Gold watch from the Michael Kors store in the Northlake Mall. After a few months and only occasional wear the watch began to tarnish. I took the watch back to the store and was told that I could not get a refund because it was passed 90 days, and to send my watch to Fossil to have the tarnished pieces replaced.
I sent my watch to Fossil where the pieces were replaced. I recently wore the watch and now my wrist has broke out in an awful rash!
This watch costed over $300 for what we believe was a ROSE GOLD watch. Gold does not tarnish nor does it cause rashes, as I am not allergic to GOLD.
I have had enough with this watch despite ALL my efforts to keep the fake gold watch I am now requesting a refund.

rose gold watch

defective product

276159 Hi, I´m from Brazil and last March the 2nd, I bought a Michael Kors Smartwatch (model MKT5005 - Bar Code Number [protected]) in one of your stores located at Jersey Gardens Outlet...


In October I bought a bag online. About a month ago the piping on the handle came off. I returned it... had to call to see the status of the return, finally received a letter saying it couldn't be fixed and to pick another item to replace it. Of course my purse that I loved was not on the list. Picked an item... 8 days later and several ignored emails I called them to check on the status of the replacement purse and was told that they were now sending the replacement order to the warehouse and to give them a week and call back to see where the order was. Asked to speak to someone else about it and was disconnected! Silly me, I expected more from this company!

a watch

I am writing this letter in hopes that it is received in the right hands. Last year I was gifted a Michaels Kors watch from my husband to celebrate our anniversary and capture a...

fraud on my store credit

I had received a store credit for a return at the outlet store at Tanger Outlets in Washington, PA. I held on to the credit for a while as I couldn't find anything I liked. I...