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Michael KorsJet set chain steel blue leather tote

Jet set chain item steel blue leather tote strap leather handle broke while it was on my arm. I was shocked and amazed because I have six other Michael Kors pocketbooks. I use this one for my day-to-day basis for the summertime I love it. It goes with everything and I love the color. I only like the silver not gold it has a lot of space and pockets that I need for my every day use.

Jet set chain steel blue leather tote

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    Michael KorsThis company is racist. I had complain so many times and upper management never called me.

    I have been a VIP member for several years and I liked the brand allow myself to mistreat in MK stores in Michigan. Being a black woman in America difficult when living among racist people. I have overlooked how I was treated being a black woman shopping at MK Stores. I had several incidents at Somerset mall in Troy Michigan. It took me a long time to realize MK do not want black people spending money in their stores, but I was blinded by the racist people working at the store because I love the brand. Black people asked me why I spend my money with a racist designer and racist people working at MK stores. I defended MK because I was obsessed with the brand. I'm so obsessed I spent 1350.00 of my stimulus money to shop with MK brand but I'm taking everything back because of my bad experience with a Supervisor Sarah and Bambara a customer service rep. I was a band from the store because of the racist store manager. Set me up so she could call the Troy police in Troy Michigan and I almost got locked up because the manager refuses to put my money back on my card as debit. That was bold and I wrote MK and call MK over 50 time and never receive a phone call from upper Management. Yes, truly dumb for spending my money long as I have with company that hate black people and their money. The last incident was online, and I was told I use my credit card fraudulent, and I cannot never use my card to purchase online I had to purchase in store. It is only two stores in Michigan on in Ann Arbor which is two hours away and the other store I cannot go that store anymore. Well, I am happy finely free from spending all my money with a merchant that hate black people. When I spoke to both ladies at the 800 number they were so callus and cold hearted all I was trying to do was clear my name because I done nothing fraudulent with the credit card. The Supervisor Sarah put the icing on the cake after what she said to me about how they going to stop me from calling the 800 number and block me because I am harassing them for scandalizing my name stating I fraudulently use my credit card. I kept asking how I can clear this up and clear my name. Sarah did not give me know information, but she kept insisting that I was harassing the staff and my number was going to be block if I kept calling. In closing racist MK stores and online shopping. THANK YOUR RACIST STAFF and MK for opening my eyes to never shop with this hateful company.

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      • Be
        BecauseGrace Apr 17, 2021

        Oh and holy hell now that I read more I realize that you shouldn’t even be able to misconstrue this as a race issue at all. In fact, I think you know exactly what you’re trying to do & it’s just as pathetic as our young women twerking half naked in the street and calling it ‘progress’ and a ‘revolution’. I think you know they didn’t REFUSE to put money back on your card as debit. THAT IT IS NOT HOW BANKING WORKS!
        They weren’t refusing because of your skin color! When you return something to any store that you paid with your card at; they return it back to you through the same method of payment. Whether it was run as credit or debit; it still takes a few days to process the money through their system back to your bank’s system. If you paid cash & have the receipt, then they can give you cash.
        It is simply not an option for anyone at any store; not just these poor folk at this store where you made such a fool of yourself they had to call the police. It takes about 3 business days at least to process a return back onto a card. Again; it had nothing to do with your skin tone. It had to do with you not accepting the store policy they use for EVERYONE.
        Did you really not grasp that? I mean if I know they can’t do it just from life experience; how did you need the police to come & you still don’t get it?
        Like I said, I think you do know & maybe you’re looking for attention in all the wrong places. Maybe no one in your life wants to tell you the truth cuz it’s more popular to commiserate in victim hood together right now but I fought for your civil rights as much as my own and this is a piss poor way for this generation to thank their elders or show any kind of respect to those who came before you.

        What would you look like telling that story to a slave? Or even a Black person living during Jim Crow? Would you know enough to realize you’re being spiteful and petty? Or would you really really think y’all two are in the same boat?

        You need to grow up, look at this foolery & ask yourself how it’s going to make life better for your children & your grandbabies the way my generation & even my parents fought for mine & yours.

        0 Votes
      • Be
        BecauseGrace Apr 17, 2021

        I’m sick of everything being made about race. You’re an embarrassment to out community. You take away from seriousness of genuine racism & dampen out the voice of its victims.
        I’d say shame on you but the fact that you’re bragging about spending your stimulus check on luxury items tells me something about your priorities anyway. I’m sure you bring plenty of shame onto yourself.

        0 Votes

      Michael Korsback pack/purse

      I purchased a backpack/purse in July 2019. The zipper came unattched from the fabric. I figured there was nothing to be done with it but decided to contact Michael Kors to see if they have a way to repair it. on 3/3/21 I spoke with a customer service rep at [protected] who told me that typically the warranty window is 1 year but asked for my code on the inside of purse anyways. I gave it to her and to my surprise she said it was still under the warranty. She said all of their repairs are sent to Rago Brothers and gave me the website to contact them. I went to website, followed instructions, and paid $15.00 to send my purse to them to get fixed (assuming they would contact me regarding warranty with Michael Kors when they received purse in mail). Well, they did contact me only to let me know that it would be $125.00 to fix my purse plus $20 to ship it back to me. Oh, and they do not deal with warranty work for Michael Kors.
      I called the [protected] today 3/8/21 (Michael Kors) to find out what the heck was going on and the rep that I spoke with today gave me completely the opposite information that I initially received and basically there was not anything that they could do, and they were sorry I received miss information.
      Really?? That is how your company operates? I would have just tossed the hand bag away if I would have been given the correct info in the beginning. I am not an idiot! I only paid $232.00 for the bag initially, why on earth would I pay $160 (after all is said and done) just to get zipper fixed. That makes NO sense. I will no longer be purchasing Michael Kors bags you can count on that and I will make sure my friends know about my experience.
      This all could have been avoided if the representatives that you employ could give correct information in the very beginning.

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        Mar 06, 2021

        Michael Kors — Retrain and instruct your employees

        With the lifting of the States Mask Mandate, what is the reason your outlet location is refusing my...

        Mar 02, 2021

        Michael Kors Philadelphia Premium Outlet — The supervisor, Chelsea, needs customer service training with coaching. I would like an email follow-up.

        I went to Michael Kors Store located at the Philadelphia Premium Outlet on Saturday, February 27th between...

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        Mar 01, 2021

        Michael Kors — El horario no lo respetan!!!👎

        El dia de ayer viaje. Ala ciudad de mercedes texas, hacer unas compras 🛍 llegue al establecimiento alas 5:38...

        Michael KorsNo refund after almost 8 weeks!

        Hi there,

        My son (16) saved his paper round money and bought me a pair of shoes. They were not suitable & they were returned and received by MK 31/12 via tracked mail. He has still had no refund! After numerous email we continue to get the same response: due to Brexit & even though received in the UK it has to go via their EU warehouse and no timeline can be given as to when he will ever receive his money. I have no idea what to do and would be grateful for any help you can give!

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          Michael KorsReturn Not Refunded

          On 30th December I returned a pair of trainers to Michael Kors. I received an email eventually telling me they had been received - in Holland - where their hub is and were awaiting being returned to UK from them. It is now 2nd February and I have not received a refund and emails go unanswered. Even allowing for interruptions due to Covid this is well overdue and I am £90 due and credit card bill wanting payment.

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            Michael KorsKenwood town center

            Hello! I hope this email finds whoever it needs to end up with.
            First of all, Id like to wish you a merry Christmas.

            Unfortunately, I am writing a complaint to you about the Michael kors store in Kenwood town center.

            I had two to three purses in mind I was going to buy tonight in the store.
            My husband and I were both wearing masks, and our two year old was not.
            The mask rules is not something we usually care about. I work in hospice care with immunodeficiency patients. I work a 12-18 hour shift in an N95 and most times with a face shield.

            Tonight, while finishing picking out purses, my husband had taken our two year old son out of the stroller. We were approached by a staff member who told us he had to wear a mask if he was to get out of the stroller but didn't have to wear one inside the stroller. As a health care worker, this makes no sense to me. Just because you use a stroller, doesn't keep people 6feet away.
            we could not stay within the store to finish our roughly $400 sale due to not having a mask for him, and him being out of the stroller.

            If you are a parent, you understand that sometimes it's just impossible to get a toddler to keep a mask on his face and to sit down in a stroller that he's been in for the duration of the mall trip.
            Within this covid time period, and besides a few Kenwood mall store regulations, most two year olds do not have to wear a mask let alone, wear one the entire time they're inside the store if they're moving around.

            This virus is not something that I down play. I've seen people get truly very sick from this.
            However, my experience from your very rude associate tonight lost your store a sale as well as a customer for quite sometime.

            I do hope you are having a great rest of the day and you get to spend a healthy and happy. Christmas with your family. God bless.

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              Michael KorsScam: refuse to provide products and dust bag despite receiving payment

              On 7/27/2020 I purchased 3 pairs of shoes from Michael Kors for $663.47. Michael Kors sent me the wrong items. Michael Kors continues to ignore my requests for return labels and a return address for returning the incorrect items Michael Kors sent me. I am out of almost $700 because Michael Kors refuse to provide me the correct items and dust bags.

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                Michael KorsScam of not providing shoes and dust bag despite payment

                On 7/27/20 I purchased 3 pairs of shoes from Michael Kors for $663.47. Michael Kors sent me the wrong items. I contacted Michael Kors via email, phone and social media to request return labels and a return address. Michael Kors has ignored my requests. I am out of almost $700 because Michael Kors refuses to provide me with the items I purchased.

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                  Michael KorsFinal sale not specified

                  I ordered a swim top and bottom from Michael Kors and in no place on the product page, my order confirmation or packing slip does it mention final sale. It is the wrong size and I cannot return it or exchange it. I just received it back from the warehouse with a slip saying they cannot return it because it is final sale. I looked everywhere and had to go to the site to find it on the FAQ for returns. If an item is final sale, it should say it where you order. They basically trick you because they do not let you know. I want to return these two items that do not fit as I cannot use them. They are not used. I just called in and waited 30 minutes to speak to a supervisor who basically said it could not be returned and said by buying on the site you agree to the terms and conditions/return policy. Well they do not spell it out and most places will tell you it cannot be returned. You should not have to hunt for it.
                  Order#MB73275959 on 9/3/2020

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                    • Mr
                      Mr. Helpful Oct 07, 2020

                      Most garments such as this have very limited return policies, not to mention it is the end of the season.

                      Whereas no R.A. was ever provided, I'm somewhat surprised they even mailed the items back; most merchants will not.

                      If it wasn't a great deal of money, you might try donating it to a worthy charity.

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                    Michael KorsRacially Profiled

                    I applied to work for Michael Kors and got turned down because of race. I was racially discriminated against. The manager had it written all over her face. As I entered the store, she got startled when I said I was there for an interview. Before the interview took place, I was asked questions on where I was from and am I familiar with Michael Kors and the area. I felt so low and disturbed after our conversation.

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                      Nov 23, 2019

                      Michael Kors — not a clear explanation neither a written policy to prove or explain why tanger coupon cannot apply with clearance item.

                      I went to deer park tanger outle on 11/23, and tried to buy a dress which was on clearance and requested to...

                      Nov 22, 2019

                      Michael Kors — customer service

                      After work I went to square one to michael kors to pick up a watch I called early about to see if they had it...


                      Michael Korsshipping problem

                      I am writing in regards to an order which went missing and has not been recieved. On getting back to Michael kors service a little over the period of which I could have put forward my complaint. All they said was that they are sorry that you are facing this problem but we can do anything about nor can we send a refund or the original order that was already been paid for. Soooo disappointed

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                        Sep 15, 2019

                        Michael Kors — the handbag

                        Today I went to the Michael Kors . I complain about my handbag, I just bought 08/16/2019, just a month...

                        Michael Korswarranty not internationally covered, no after sale services

                        Bought a back pack from USA, but found one of the stud is loose and about to drop off when returned to Singapore.
                        Went to the Michael Kors boutique in Singapore, but was told the warranty does not cover the item bought from USA and was advised to write-in to the customer service.
                        Not sure what kind of customer services Michael Kors is providing as did not receive any response despite wrote-in twice.
                        International brand but warranty not internationally covered. Make it worst, no after sale services provided.
                        Totally disappointed and regretted the purchase, will definitely submit my reviews on the bad experience.

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                          Michael Korsshoulder bag

                          I purchase a lot of Michael kors handbags, purses and clothes which I have always been completely satisfied with, however I was going out for lunch I had a new white blouse which I used my Michael kors handbag which is maroon in colour, when I arrived at the restaurant and took my bag of my shoulder I had dye all over my blouse! I was very upset about this also very conscious of how I looked, it conpleatly ruined by day, also the expense of my blouse and also very weary to use my bag again! I bought my bag from fenwicks in york it was a birthday present. I hope you will look into this for me as all my other bags this has never happened.


                          Cheryl Palphramand

                          shoulder bag
                          shoulder bag
                          shoulder bag
                          shoulder bag
                          shoulder bag

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                            Michael Korsgift card replacement

                            I have an old gift card with balance of 284 dollars. I went to the store to use it and was told I can't use it and need to call customer service for a replacement. I have called 4 times and each time was told someone gets back to me in 48 hrs and it has been a month. At this time I am not sure what to do. no one has contacted me and no answer from customer service. Every time I call they tell me that the will notify the corporate and someone from the corporate will contact me to send me a new card in 48 hrs. At this time I am contemplating hiring a lawyer.

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