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CB Luxury Brands Prada 575 Broadway, New York, NY, 10012, US
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575 Broadway, New York, NY, 10012, US
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Prada - Refund issue at Prada Broadway Epicenter, 575 Broadway, New York NY 10012

I purchased item($795.00)from the online Prada store on Jan 3, 2023 at 10:30 A.M. The order number is # ERP_USPR14294198_0A

I received item but size was not right. Due to the Prada exchange policy and the client services' request, I returned the item on January 11 at 3:47 P.M. to Prada Broadway Epicenter, 575 Broadway, New York NY 10012 (Return authorization for order USPR14294198) Also, I purchased a new item(smaller size, same price) recommended by one of sales staff. They said I should wait for refund by online store. Later, I followed up with Prada Client Services about the return process, but they never received items.

I found out that my return process failed due to the item had been missed and lost at the boutique store where I returned by one of the staff.

When I contact to the The Prada Broadway Epicenter, store manager told me that she will get back to me and encourage me to dispute the charge. However they ignored this issue for 5 months.

I end up disputing the refund amount of $795.00 and the (citi) bank investigated this issue for the past few months. As a result, the case has been declined because Prada disagreed and Johnathan Torres, the Operation Manager did false defense that "unable to pull up any video evidence of the client dropping off this return" which is not true. The truth is the item was lost at the boutique store since I returned it.

The dispute case is officially closed by June 24,2023 and the back charge $795 was taken from my bank account July 5. 2023.

I visited the store on July 6th, 6:50 P.M. provided all prove documents about this issues and request to pull up video evidence then the Department Manager Jonny and Christie admitted their fault and apologized for causing this issue with the lost return item at the store. Since then, I got an phone calls/text and confirmation email that the refund will be processed in 5-7 business days from Michelle Tobiason, Assistant Store Director and Alan McCune, store director on July 11.

However, they are keep delaying the resolution and asking me to just wait. I’ve been patience for 7months already to get refund or resolution. This is not fair and wrong almost scam level. I am very disappointed to Prada brand and customer services.

Desired outcome: Immediate refund $795.00

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2:31 am EST
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Prada - deny mistake and accuse customer for lying

I spoke with the sales associate named Anastasia on the phone and inquired about a cosmetic pouch I wanted to order. This style is available online with the product code 1N0021_AIG. It is a cosmetic pouch with gold zipper and priced at $210. There are also many other cosmetic pouches available online; some of them look almost the same, except they don’t have the gold zipper that I wanted in particular. When I spoke with Anastasia, I told her that I was interested in the cosmetic pouch (item code 1N0021_AIG and priced at $210). Because I was aware of the similar styles without the gold zipper, I made sure that I told her the item code I gave her was for the style with the gold zipper. I also mentioned to her that there are many different colors (red, pink, green, grey etc.) available online. She checked her system in the store and she told me that she only had it in black. I thought it was perfect because I wanted it in black but it was not available online. Therefore, I placed the order with her. I filled out the telephone order form and scanned and e-mailed to her right away. For 6 days, I didn’t hear from her. She never contacted me to confirm if the order was received or shipped. Nevertheless, I received the order today. But, it was the wrong item. She sent me the one without the gold zipper. It was the same price and same shape as the one I ordered, but this one doesn’t have the gold zipper. I called Anastasia to clarify this, but she said the item she sent me was the correct one. Now, here is the catch: Prada uses same product code for different styles, but how would I know that? All the different colors of item 1N0021_AIG have gold zipper showing online, but the 1N0021_AIG in black that’s not available online has plastic black zipper. How would I suppose to know that? If anything, Anastasia should have informed me about the confusing product coding.

Okay, so the issue was clearly caused by mis-understanding about the product code which Prada made very confusing. This would be classified as a mistake on the company’s side. Therefore, I requested for return of the product and the shipping fee as well. Why would I be responsible for the shipping if it was a company mistake? However, when I spoke with the store manager, she said it was not a company mistake because Anastasia sent me the item I specified in the order form. I explained the whole story to her, and she said that I never told Anastasia I wanted the cosmetic pouch with the gold zipper. So, she accused me for lying!

The store manger even said a black cosmetic pouch with gold zipper doesn’t exist. Now, please take a look of this item online: 1N0339_2AIG_F0002. It is a black cosmetic pouch with gold zipper, priced at $195. This is the smaller version of what I ordered. Prada employees really should make sure that they know the products of their company. It makes perfect sense that I assume the 1N0021_AIG in black comes with gold zipper, too! Of course, the store manager dismissed my claim. During our conversation, she didn’t show concerns for the customer. When she was talking over me, I raised my voice slightly so she can hear the point I was trying to make, she got very unhappy and spoke with me with bad attitude. As I said, the amount of money involved in the transaction was very small, but the issue is serious that Prada has such a bad customer service both on sales associate level and store manager level.

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Ema G.
New York, US
Oct 17, 2012 1:23 pm EDT

I agree that sometimes those product codes get confusing. This problem exists not only at Prada, but at LV and Burberry as well as per my experience. Generally the service is excellent at the Prada SoHo store so I'm quite surprised that they were apparently so curt. I am not one for ordering over the phone or online as I prefer to see the item and handle it before purchase. As an inside tip... there is a woman, Denise, at that store that I have had the pleasure of working with ever since my original favorite, Michael, left for another venture. Denise has filled his shoes quite well and she's probably a good two feet shorter than him. Sorry, I do not know Anastasia, but I will relay this information to Denise when I return to the store before the Thanksgiving holiday. - Ema G.

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