Pottery Barn / $750 reward certificate not applied

United States

I'm writing with a corporate complain about my Pottery Barn customer service experience.
Back in August 2018 I received a $750 rewards certificate from Pottery Barn. I used this certificate for a purchase of a chair in November 2018 and surrendered the certificate at the same time at the store in Orland Park IL.
I waited for the item 6 months only to see with the first statement in April 2019 that the rewards were not applied to my purchase. Since than I made multiple phone calls and spoke with multiple customer service reps and their supervisors to resolve the problem.
First, I was told that there was a glitch in the system but it was resolved and the rewards will be applied within 5 - 7 days.
A week later I called again only to find out nothing was applied but after spending over an hour on the phone and being re-directed to different departments, I was told it will be fixed. I called few more times and was assured that it will b taken care of.
Well, I called again today asked to speak to a supervisor directly but during my several conversations with supervisors, miraculously the phone was hang up on me.
So about 70 days later my rewards are not applied, I feel deeply cheated by Pottery Barn. I hope you would keep the record when the customer calls with inquiries about the order but was told that they don't have records from my previous conversations. Today, the supervisor sounded like he completely disbelieved me and hang up on me. To name the few names I spoke with to resolve his issue:
Sarah, Michelle, Miss Keisha, Dan and his supervisor.
I'm hoping you can help me resolve this issue. I am deeply disappointed in Pottery Barn.

Jun 12, 2019

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