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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Monies i dont feel i owe.

I had a Mr.Lewis call me yesterday(saturday3, 2010) and tell me that i owe on a capital one credit card.I separated from my now ex wife in 1997 (not a legal separation) this bill happened in 1998, she had opened up an account in my name without my knowledge and created a bill $2000.00.I told them we were separated at the time but they still feel that this bill is my responsibility.It"s been 12 years and i am sure capital one has gotten there money from this, but i dont think i should have to pay for something i didnt create, and its kinda late to be asking for money when its been this long.


Portfolio Recovery has recently started calling us...seven days a week...calls start around 8;00am...I don't understand why...can't think of any reason for their calls...I believe what's not current has been paid off...we have'nt incurred any new debt in a long time...we ignore their calls...don't respond...as we feel this is a mistake on their behalf...harassment...anyone else going thru this?

  • Da
    Dave Langford Mar 18, 2010

    Harassing phone calls all hours from 7am till 11pm M-Sunday. Automated answer with Hold times of 20 minutes.Never anyone there just automated operator telling you to call back .

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  • Bl
    blek Sep 02, 2010

    It may be a zombie debt. A debt that is out of statue. Calling Portfolio may be a mistake they may try and get you to some how to re-age the debt if one does exist.

    I would write them a Debt Validation letter and ask them to verify the debt. If they cannot validate then I would send them a cease and desist letter asking them to no longer have communications with you.

    You can find sample letters on the internet.

    Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
    140 Corporate Blvd.
    Norfolk, VA (not sure of zip code)

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Resolved Liars & Frauds

They are trying to get me to pay a credit card bill on which I was the "secondary cardholder". This means another person is responsible for paying the bill, but my name was on the card. This is not "cosigning". Cosigning is where a person signs that they will pay the bill if the person who holds the card defaults. In this case my Father was "primary cardholder". I don't know exactly how much he owed, but I used the card and charged $2000. This was all unsecured debt meaning he had not put up anything as collateral. He died in 2006. We needed money so, my Sister got my Mom to mortguage the house. As a condition of the loan, we had to pay all debts. The loan company paid off all credit cards and all other debt including the debt that Portfolio Recovery is trying to get us to pay. The loan company has a receipt of their payment on behalf of my Mother. Portfolio Recovery is trying to "double dip" by trying to get me to pay a bill that my Mother paid for my deceased Father in 2007. They think that because my name was on a card that I have to pay. They are just trying to get money. They call constantly. They try to wear me down. We paid this bill in 2007 via the mortguage company. I don't know why Capital One Visa sold them this closed account. I don't know where they got this information. Capital One never called me probably because they knew I was not responsibe for paying. They card wasn't even in my name. They must all think that I'm a [censored] and don't know what a secondary cardholder is. I didn't sign any papers to own any credit card ever. I wouldn't qualify anyway because I never made enough money and never held a job for the 46 years that I have been on this earth as I am mentally disabled. I don't owe this debt and never did. All of my Father's debts have been paid. Good luck to these criminals. I guess they thought "at least we can try".
Even if I owed this debt they don't understand "you can't squeese blood out of a turnup". I can't work, am on welfare, and don't have anything to do except dog cuss them every time they call. I'll be waiting. LET EM CALL!. They're just blowing smoke up a mule's ### and are going to get kicked. My friends have notified the DA's office and my Dad worked for DOD for 30 years, and coached world class amateur sports, so I have some contacts in different spheres of influence. Portfolio has been calling my Mom for a couple of years trying to get her to pay credit cards that no one in this family has ever seen. She's mentally ill too and loves to chat with them about her childhood in Arkansas 60 years ago. My grandfather was a deputy prosecuting attorney for that state. My main mission is to protect my Mother. I watch her 24/7. Then I have someone who watches and protects me. This company will never get any money from me. They sent a letter saying that they were going to automatically deduct $700 from my Mom's credit union account. We had the Vice President of Finance at the credit union put a lock on her account. Portfolio said that my Mom had authorized the deduction. They are liars. My Mom nor anyone else authorized this deduction. She doesen't even know her account number or what a routing number is. The transaction never went thru. They called and said she gave them the wrong account number. I told them that she didn't authorize the transaction. They asked "How then did we get the account number?". I said "You tell me and we'll both know". Truth is they either got a bad number from the company that hired them or sold them the debt to collect, which is illegal, or they were just lying and never had an account number. They tried to get my 70-year old mentally ill mother to give them her account number so they could take money out of her account. If they had succeded we wouldn't be able to pay the mortguage and would have faced possible forclosure and we would both be on the street. My Mom just laughed and babbled some crazy story that happened in Arkansas 60 years ago. They are trying to steal from a little ole mentally ill widow who's husband protected the country from criminals like Portfolio. Even Al Capone wouldn't have done this. They aren't worthy to lik Al's feet. They are just a bunch of degenerate, low-life, wannabees. It's just a matter of time before the Justice Department shuts them down. No telling how much they have extorted. They are ripe for the plucking. A good lawyer or the government should sue them. Anyway don't pay them anything. They just go back and look for old financial records of transactions that have been paid and forgotten about. Since most people don't keep records that long, they try to fool people into thinking that they owe money. Just an old scam. I think O'Bama could step in and tell Portfolio Recovery that "the party's over", then fine them for breaking the laws. They prey on mentally ill people and widows. They think we have no power. Well see what happens to them. Anyone that has ever crossed me has met with ill fate, though not of my doing. It just happens. May Good Always Triumph Over Evil!

Resolved Unreasonable

I recieved a call from this debt collector back in the fall 2017. To begin with, they ask for a different...

3rd party disclosure and harrassment

A payment plan and settlement for my husband's account was established between myself and Phillips and Cohen Associates which I have abided by, however they in error closed the account and sent it back to Portfolio Recovery because someone there thought my husband was deceased. I have made the payment every month and never been late but now they are not correcting the problem by recalling the payment arrangements that they initially offered my and I accepted. In addition, Portfolio Recovery released account information to a third party(my in-laws) without consent. They have also made several calls to my personal cell phone after I have asked them to not call it and they often begin the conversation by telling my I have their condolences after I have told them numerous times that my husband is alive and well! I have been told numerous times over the past 2 months that the problem would be corrected by recalling the account and arrangements since by husband isn't deceased and payment arrangements have been kept, however the problem still is not fixed and the calls continue. The representatives from both offices have been very pleasant but I just want the problem corrected as quickly and eaisly as possible to avoid legal action. One particular representative from Phillips and Cohen Associates by the name of John has went out of his way to try to get the problem corrected but it is out of his hands.

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Resolved Fraud

Statesboro Ga News

Hey consumers,

Did You Receive a IRS 1099-C from Junk Debt Collector Portfolio Recovery Associates?
SBM Staff

Originally I had read about Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. sending out questionable IRS 1099-C Misc Income statements in October 2009. From what I have gathered are: (1) these are time barred debts (past state statute of limitations), (2) that the amounts being reported are the face value of an alleged debt, when Portfolio Recovery Associated may have only paid pennies on the dollars for the debts that they are sending 1099’s for, and (3) consumer has never done business with Portfolio Recovery Associates (no business to consumer transaction), (4) no products or services we provided to the consumer by Portfolio Recovery Associates, (5) that Portfolio Recovery Associates may or may not have proper documentation of the debt.

From a FMD Consumer reader (March 1, 2010)

Portfolio Recovery - "After years of harassing phone calls, I sent them a cease & desist letter. Their response was 8 1099'c in the amount of $80k.

They are trying to write off dollars amounts on debts that are not theirs. They are scamming the people and the IRS. My 85yr. old husband is frantic. Could you possibly help or direct?

They apparently laugh at lawsuits as they are not new to them. But, we are, and it is making us crazy. Are you aware of class action lawsuits in this matter? PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP!!" ~ Fran S.

If you have received such IRS 1099-C forms/statements from Portfolio Recovery Associates there are several things you can do.

It is imperative that all consumers that have received such 1099 forms to notify authorities so that enough complaints are lodged with the IRS, FTC and US Postal Service that they take action. By not doing so you are allowing Portfolio Recovery Associates to continue this questionable and possibly illegal activity.

As a reminder I am not an attorney nor may the information contained here be construed as legal advice. The information contained here are merely suggestions on how to deal with this issue.

First of all don’t panic.

Secondly, dispute the debt with Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. If you have already done so in the past do it again and send it certified US Postal mail so that you have proof that you have.

Secondly you should contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by sending them an “Affidavit of Fact” regarding the 1099-C form you received (attach a copy to the affidavit). An affidavit can be a simple written or typed statement containing one or more of the following:

1) I have never had an account with Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.

2) Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. and I have never entered into any type of written agreement.

3) Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. has never presented me with any goods or services.

4) The account referenced by Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. is long past my State statutes. (If this applies).

5) I have never done business with Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.

Be sure to sign and date the affidavit and have the affidavit notarized, send it to the IRS via certified mail so that you have a record of delivery. Attach a copy of the 1099 form to the affidavit.

Now it’s time to bring Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc’s activities to the attention to the authorities, namely the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Trade Commission and the US Postal Service (mail fraud complaint).

Since you have never done any business (consumer to business transaction), and following the assumption that Portfolio Recovery Associated didn’t pay the full face value of the alleged debt the first order of business is to file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service.

Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity
http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0, , id=106778, 00.html

Next is has been suggested to file a “mail fraud complaint” with the U.S. Postal Service.


Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (collection agency)
120 Corporate Blvd., #100
Norfolk, VA 23502
IRS No.:[protected] (DE Corp)

Third, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at:


Lastly, it might be prudent to retain an attorney that is familiar with fraudulent business activities and find out if you have an actionable case against Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. I do believe that if such cases were filed that the consumer would wind up winning. If it ever happens to me you can bet I’ll be litigating and publicizing it.

Remember there are more consumers than debt collectors, consumer need to band together to fight and publicize questionable and illegal debt collection practices. The Federal Trade Commission so too slow to take remedies against bad debt collection tactics, so we must step forward and begin the “fight” ourselves.

If we sit back and do nothing, then nothing will happen. On the other hand, if we all band together then we can b eat these turkeys at there own game.

Resolved Automatic Withdrawal from Savings Account

I went to withdraw from my savings account today and was told that Portfolio Recovery had withdrawn from my account leaving it in a deficit balance. I don't know why they took the amount and last I knew if the amount couldn't be collected in full, there wouldn't be an attempt to take any part of it. I want to receive the amount back in my account, but don't know how to do this .

  • Ew
    EWJ Oct 18, 2010

    You let the devil in the door, when you let them go with automatic debits. This is why these people are successful. Peeps like you make it lucrative for them to be in the business they are in. And, you complain? Are you kidding me? They took all their money? What did you expect? Give the money back you say? Good luck!

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i have asked them to stop calling me at work and i still get calls on a daily basis . and then they blow up my cell phone with calling. they have even called my son;s phone
he told them more than once its not my phone but they harrass him daily too

  • Jc
    JCSO Feb 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Within the last three months I have begun to receive phone calls from Portfolio Recovery in regards to a credit card that has had no activity of any kind in over twelve years. These calls originate from different states within the country. The call I just received came from Illinois from a Mr. Valentine - 847-994-2540. The calls are typically the same. They state I have an outstanding balance and I need to pay. When I request a print out of the account I am told that they don't have access to that, that they just call for payment. This is a classic form of bullying. For someone to demand a payment with no justification of a bill is quite rediculous. Surely this can be stopped. Any help is appreciated.

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  • beatthedebtcollector Feb 11, 2011

    You need to create a legal paper trail. I am familiar with these people and they will harass you as long as you let them. Go to my website, http://beatthedebtcollector.com/, Also check out this post on the blog for this site. http://blog.beatthedebtcollector.com/2009/03/28/who-am-i-talking-to.aspx
    If you tell them " According to state law I have to inform you that this phone call is being recorded" they will go nuts on you or hang up. If they tell you it is illegal for you to record their conversation tell them that the law only requires you to inform them that they are being recorded.
    [email protected]

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  • Fd
    FDL_HOU Feb 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These are scammers operating out of India. They don't care about US laws or FDCPA rules. All they want is some poor sap to feel threatened and send them money. You can look up Cash Advance America and they use a bunch of other different names. Same method of perpetuating a scam, same names and same phone numbers.

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  • Gb
    GBRNANA Sep 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company has been calling my phone number for almost TWO years. No one leaves a message. The calls come from the following numbers: 847/994-2542, 2545, 2550, 2553, 2555 and 2557. I know that if I take just one call, they will continue harassing me. If they would leave a message asking for a specific someone, I could tell them they have a wrong number. I don't talk to just anyone that calls me. How can I make this insanity stop? They have called at 8:00am EST up until 8:58pm EST.

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Resolved Poor Customer Service

I have been getting phones calls from an unknown number for three months and they would leave a message on the answering machine that it is Portfolio Recovery and they are attempting to collect a debt. My husband decided to answer the phone last night for the woman to ask for me by my maiden name. When he explained that I no longer go by that name she stated that she is collecting a debt on behalf of Bayfront Medical Center.

When I picked up the phone they gave me the statement that they are attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained would be for that sole purpose. Then she just started rambling about the bill and how much it was and that I must not have had insurance and that I need to pay my bills. This debt dates back to 1999...my shock when I asked why have I not been contacted in over 10 years. That is when she started yelling at me saying that a letter was sent to my mom's house in Florida last month, April 2010. I again asked why it has taken so long for them to contact me about the debt, at that time the immature and rude young lady told me to SHUT UP that SHE was talking (the caps are her screaming at me over the phone). Then she told me that I knew about the debt because I called them in 2007 to which I stated if I had known about this debt do you think I would have picked up the phone when I saw your number? She then starting screaming at me again about how I did call them and that is why they sent the letter to my mother's house. I explained if I called in 2007 why did you just now send a letter to my mom's house in 2010. At that point she was still yelling at me so I hung up the phone.

Bottom line, if it is a debt that owe then I need to pay it. But what I don't appreciate is the fact that they have employees screaming at me over the phone when I am just trying to understand why it has taken them so long to find me to mail me a letter. Why if you are collecting a debt you are not the least little bit friendly over the phone? Mom always said you catch more bees with honey then with ###.

Resolved Attempting to collect on a debt I do not owe, also I am cleared of all debts due to Bankruptcy

I received a bill from this collection agency (?) for a debt I do not owe with Sears. In addition, I filed a Bankruptcy in 1994, and in 2003 which discharged all personal debts.

I did not return a telephone call. I emailed them via their email address: [protected]@portfoliorecovery.com with complaint,
requesting a cease and desist.

This is not a professional company, I think.

Account: $2, 198.89 for a Sears Bill??
I haven't received a Sears Bill since 1994.
Nell Williams

  • Fe
    FENESHIA GREEN Mar 01, 2011

    I have never heard of them and they just started calling me about a jewerly store that is not in my home town and a credit card that i have never had and the amounts are outrageous they are a phony company that is trying to scam people out of their hard earned money. I have never got a bill from either of these so called debts and why don't they have a number for these debts that i supposely own. I would like to speak with the peoples they say i own if it went to there collection agency they should have more information. STOP HARRASSING ME

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  • Fe
    FENESHIA GREEN Mar 01, 2011

    Why can't i talk to a live person instead of you wanting my dead president's money i don't like to be scammed by anyone. This is the top of the list this portfolio recovery associates, LLC no phone number or real email address.

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  • Su
    sunshine333 Oct 26, 2014

    Received a bill of $740.80, saying I owed from US bank, I know I owe them nothing. I don't know who these people are.

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Resolved Placed A Judgement On Me

Received a call from Portfolos Litigations Department on 2/4/10 saying that I had a debt for Providian Credit...

Resolved Poor service

It is time for action against companies ripping off (actually it is “stealing” from) the public with the courts, politicians & attorneys all working/conspiring (The BBB of Florida says this is an A+ Company) together to perpetuate this crime. We would like to know why politicians support and encourage the predatory business practices of "sacred cow" business entities and allow them to skirt/twist the law, or use the law to steal from the public? This is no big secret, this is common knowledge, it is completely inexcusable and borders on complicity.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is in operation, and is by their own admission, operating in all 50 states. This interstate (criminal) activity should be looked at under RICO, and the perpetrators be prosecuted to the fullest extent. But realistically this "sacred cow" will continue to steal and defraud, with the help of the courts, politicians, & attorneys. The courts, attorneys & politicians have one set of laws for the general public, and another for “sacred cow” businesses.

The following is a good start on where Attorney General’s of the states & Federal Prosecutors need to start with this company. If this is not done, this company and others will continue to break the law with impunity and immunity.

"We take action in those cases that appear to pose the greatest amount of harm to the consumers of the state of Washington." Ferazza, Michelle (ATG)

The typical political response from the Washington State Attorney General office. The business is doing wrong, we will ask the company if they are doing wrong, and when they respond, we will take it as coming from the bible. Does the Attorney General do this with all the criminals? How stupid do you thinkthe public is?

Its nice to know a double standard exists here. Ya’ll know this company is breaking the law, yet you don't care, refuse to do your job, and even assist this company.

By your actions, we know who butters your bread.

You don't like this email tough! Do something about these criminals. Is the AG afraid of criminals with millions, and their morally inept attorneys. Click the link, google this company and see what they are really up to. But your afraid to act against these criminals.

“Must apologize, lost it writing to these political people, “If Mr. has a more specific complaint -- i.e., ” Christopher D. Welch Senior Investigator Consumer Protection Division Office of the Attorney General. Seems they all hold the same opinion, “this is not our problem”. We are wondering what is “more specific”?

  • Dr
    Draven2010 May 06, 2010

    You think that Portfolio Recovery Associates are criminals? I hate to tell you this, That company complies with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. People dont pay bills that they incur, so Someone has to collect on it. People that think its criminal to assist Original Creditors in collecting unpaid monies need not have credit extended ever.

    PRA does not participate in Racketteering and in fact, have Hundreds of thousands, if not more satisfied customers.

    You cant pay your bill? then tell them, explain take the time out quit being a rude self righteous ### and explain that you have hit hard times, that ego of yours cant be that big.

    you can pay but you refuse? one word for you "THEFT" If you loaned me money and i didnt pay you back and I refused to pay you back, you would say well i loaned him money, but he didnt pay me back so he stole my money...

    get real ###

    -3 Votes
  • Ts
    tsvprez May 08, 2010

    What is funnt to me is all the popel complaining about paying the debt hey owe back and the methods used to collect it. I paid my debt with PRA and was treated fairly, and even given a nice settlement offer. Maybe because I calledi n like a mature responsible adult, instead of ducking and dodging phone calls or acting like a jerk off whn I got a call. All of you complaining about paying back your bad debt are the same people forcing banks to raise my interest rate to cover thier loses. Grow a pair and pay your debt!

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  • Gu
    Guinea Pig Feb 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Glad to see that Portfolio employees frequent this site, even if they are posing as "satisfied" customers. Perhaps they would care to comment on why they are still charging interest and late fees to West Virginia debtors when state Attorney General Darrell Mcgraw has already ordered them to cease and desist once. As I'm sure you are already aware, West Virginia law on credit card debt, freezes the amount of the debt to what the debt was at the time of default and interest, penalties, and collection fees are forbidden on state residents. Yet I have forwarded the AG's office multiple copies of your "settlement offers" in which the amount of the debt mysteriously increases on both your correspondence and the debtors credit report, without any explanation. The good people in the AG's were VERY interested in this information, as I'm sure you know they are probably the most pro-consumer AG's office in the nation and have sued and shut down multiple debt collection operations. If things go the way I expect them to, you may have to soon change your motto to "Operations in 49 states."

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  • Gu
    Guinea Pig Mar 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    ATLANTA, GA--The law firm of Turner Law Offices, LLC has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Defendant Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. ("PRA") in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on behalf of all persons in the State of Georgia who, since October 28, 2010, received a non-emergency telephone call from PRA to a cellular telephone through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice and who did not provide prior express consent for such calls during the transaction that resulted in the debt owed. The action is captioned Kimberly Bartlett v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., and is numbered 11-CV-00624.

    According to the Complaint, PRA violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") by using automatic dialing systems or an artificial or prerecorded voice to contact cell phone users about purported debts without their prior consent. As described in the Complaint, Ms. Bartlett, the named plaintiff in the action, was repeatedly contacted since October 28, 2010 on her cell phone about a purported credit card debt. The Complaint avers that Plaintiff never consented to those calls, nor did she provide PRA with her telephone number.

    Under the TCPA, PRA could be ordered to pay attorneys' fees, litigation expenses and costs of the lawsuit, and statutory damages of $500 for each negligent violation, and/or $1, 500 for each knowing and/or willing violation. According to the Complaint, the potential Class Members are estimated to number in the tens of thousands.

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  • Ex
    expatbrit Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Another interesting fact is that PRA have been using the signature of a woman who died in 1995 on their affidavit filings in many states just check out this link http://www.fdcpa.me/portfolio-recovery-associates-zombie-robo-signer/

    Is this the action of a supposedly ethical company lol.

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  • Ex
    expatbrit Apr 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Draven I hate to welcome you to the "real" world but PRA do not comply with the FDCPA in the slightest. They phone and harass people outside of legal hours and are also abusive to those people. Add to this that they are trying to collect debts that legally they are not entitled to pursue and you have a company run by criminals (Legal definition someone operating or conducting an illegal act).

    Additionally PRA will not negotiate a fair resettlement with those who do owe money they either insist on an unreasonable amount up front or start garnishment proceedings without advising the client that they are doing so.

    My advice to anyone contacted by these scam artists is to insist on a written verification of the supposed debt and never give them any info no mater how they try to BS you. It's my belief in the majority of cases they will be unable to do this as most of the debt they buy on about 1 cent on the dollar is so old that the original data is long since lost or past ant legal collection action.

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Resolved Tom Normandin asks “What's RICO?”

Tom Normandin asks “What’s RICO?”

How About John Fuller and Portfolio Recovery Associates in the Same Room?

John Fuller was named to Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (PRA) Board of Directors on March 1, 2010. Fuller brings to the table over $100 million in questionable judgments obtained in Marion Superior Court, Indiana along with some baggage he obtained from failed CARBIZ INC.

John Fuller is also Chairman of Dealer Services Corporation (DSC), a used car flooring lender headquartered in Carmel, Indiana. Both Fuller and David Michael Hockett claim to have founded DSC in 2005. Previously they both worked together at CITA, AFC and Auction Broadcasting Company.

DSC used their hometown Marion Superior Court Indiana to obtain judgments on nearly a thousand small used car dealers, ringing up over $100 million in default rulings. DSC complaints claimed criminal fraud against mostly unrepresented out-of- state used car dealers who were unable pay the 250% interest charged by DSC. With no attorneys to defend themselves in Indiana’s kangaroo court, the Marion Superior Court awarded DSC treble damages, with scant evidence of any criminality.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (PRA) is a colossal debt collection company. They operate by purchasing old debts which are expired and legally outside the statue of limitations. The consumer may know this and not pay, but PRA threatens to send the consumer a 1099C and contact the IRS. PRA also receives a tax deduction.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koste sued PRA for scamming people who don’t owe money.

Other state agencies have turned a blind eye. In California, the Department of Corporations (DOC) was warned in early March 2008 by Michael Grissom, a victim of DSC, of their unlicensed lending. DSC immediately filed for a lending license with the DOC on April 1, 2008.

However, DOC attorneys aided DSC in obtaining lenders licenses, failing to report felony loan-sharking activity and violations of usury laws. The DOC collected $60, 000 from Dealer Services Corporation and signed an agreement not to assist victims caught up in DSC’s illegal lending activities. Records subpoenaed in Riverside were opposed as “not relevant” by DOC attorney John Drews. A subpoena served in separate conversion case against DSC in Orange County Superior Court was quashed by DOC’s senior counsel Doug Gooding, who personally appeared at Superior Court in Orange County to argue the motion.

The Securities and Exchange Commission watched as John Fuller, President of Dealer Services Corporation (DSC), and CARBIZ INC did some fuzzy math before CARBIZ ceased operations and turned over their assets February 12, 2010.

CARBIZ cited an Off-Balance Sheet Arrangement with DSC as the triggering event. On January 18, 2010, SEC Form 8-K states that DSC declared CARBIZ in default of their indebtedness of $16, 426, 810. The triggering arrangement was DSC’s monthly deferral fee of $350, 000, which amounted to 40% interest, paid to DSC for three months beginning August 2009.

SEC accounting Branch Chief Andrew Mew had earlier expressed concern when he wrote CARBIZ, requesting them to explain how they calculated 16.24% as the average effective interest rate in their debt to DSC.

CARBIZ responded to the SEC on November 12, 2009, claiming their debt to DSC was at a “global rate” of 12% interest: "Our effective interest rate may be more properly described as a global rate... the DSC debt has significant additional fees that are considered borrowing expenses... The SWC debt (now retired) and the DSC debt both have stated interest rates of 12%.”

CARBIZ also stated on Form 10-K/A filed December 1, 2009 that “We are not a party to any off balance sheet arrangements”. /s/Stanton Heintz

  • St
    Stu Smith Jan 10, 2013

    I think Mr. Normandin is going to soon find out what RICO is given the type of clients he represents. Be careful what you ask for Mr. Normandin.

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Resolved John Fuller get on Board

Madness!!! John Fuller Joins Portfolio Recovery Associates
John Fuller, the man behind 100, 000 usury loans in California, is going to be on the Board of Directors of Public Recovery Associates, Inc (PRA) - NASDAQ:PRAA
Here is the mentality of PRA: The debt is expired and legally outside the statue of limitations. The consumer knows this and will not pay PRA. However, what if you have to pay the IRS when PRA sends the consumer a 1099C? Madness!!! Then Portfolio Recovery Associates receives a tax deduction too. Madness!!!
John Fuller is also Chairman of Dealer Services Corporation (DSC), a used car flooring lender that he and Mike Hockett have both claimed to have founded in 2005. DSC, using their hometown court in Marion County, Indiana, has sued over a thousand small car dealers across America, ringing up over $100 million in judgments.
The Marion County Court allows DSC to claim they have been criminally defrauded by mostly out of state used car dealers. Unable to afford to defend themselves in Indiana’s kangaroo courts, DSC is awarded TREBLE damages, with scant evidence of actual damages.
DSC corporate counsel John Wick was in Riverside, California Superior Court today in another attempt to beat down a used car dealer who dared to challenge DSC’s unlawful lending in California. Plaintiff Michael Grissom sued DSC in 2007 after DSC agents misrepresented to him that they were licensed to do business in California as a lender.
However, when Grissom reported DSC’s unlicensed lending to the Departments of Corporations (DOC) in March 2008, DSC immediately filed for a lending license with the DOC on April 1, 2008. With the assistance of DOC counsel John Drews and Doug Gooding, DSC avoided felony loan-sharking charges and violations of the California Constitution’s laws prohibiting usury. DSC paid $60, 000 to the DOC who agreed not to report the felony loan-sharking activities of DSC.
The California Department of Justice has also delayed turning over public records and documents confirming the DOC cover-up; even when the DOC is facing a Mandamus hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court in April 2010 for violations of the Public Records Act.
DOC attorney Doug Gooding, in a ten month search for additional records, was able to find ten pages, which consisted of eight pages that had been provided to the DOC by the requestor. Part of his duties over the last ten months included personally appearing in a limited civil case in Orange County to prohibit access to DSC records.
Is Justice Coming???

Resolved Alledged Hospital bill

My husband recieved an optional method to pay letter from Portfoilio Recovery Associates today, after calling the company to find out what the alledged hospital bill was for the service rep told me that it was for services rendered in 2001! It is now 9 yrs later and they are trying to collect money for a debt my husband has already told them he had no knowledge of, it is addressed to the wrong person and the re[ was very insistant that I was getting rude do to the fact that she would not let me finish asking what the bill was for to begin with, I immediately contacted a family member who is in the debt collection field and was informed that the Satute of Limitations is 7 yrs in Illinois which is where we live, I was also informed to immediately write CEASE AND DESIST on the letter and return it. I know this will not stop them from sending further notices but it's a start to a very long process. This company is nothing but bunch of rude indignant poor excuses for human beings. I know alot of debt collectors personally and they never heard of anything like this, just plain ignorant.

Thank-you for giving me the chance to voice my complaint and concerns


I checked my credit report to find PRA listed with a bill of 18, 538.00, I called them and explained I have no knowledge of this account, they stated I lived in the Bronx and this was my property. I asked for proof of this account they directed me to FTC to dispute this claim because they already sent forms to me 3 times, I told them where did you send these forms because I never received anything... well to make a long story short I'm stll trying to get to the bottom of this. Any suggestions as how to resolve this???

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    michaelj90 Feb 01, 2011

    this company is nothing more than a bully that tries to scare people into paying old or non exisitent debts becasue they bought your account or someones account and trying to scare you to pay this. and it works for them a good bit of time. But remember they cannot provide proof. They never seem to be able to, thats your first clue. they say they send out forms for you to sign, Don't, you could be signing something you dont want too. which in some cases can reset your debt time and put it back on your credit report. so dont sign anything. ever unless an attorney tells you too. also dont panic, play with them on the phone. Have a little fun. they ask you personal questions so I ask them personal questions back lol. I tell them I will play their game, but only if they answer my off the wall questions lol. These debt collectors are flunky overpaid workers that couldnt find another job, *who the heck would take a job where you get cussed out constantly lol* Portfolio cannot do anything to you without a court order so make them take you to court and lets see what the judge says when they cannot provide proof. Even if they made it that far you can always tell the judge that they never provided you with any type of paperwork or proof. to seal the deal put it in writing and send them a certified letter stating you never recieved proof of the debt.

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Resolved scam collections letter

Received today a letter addressed to my spouse offering payment options on a debt that was ostensibly owed to Capital One Bank. The main problem with the collections activity is that my spouse has NEVER had an account of any kind with this bank or its predecessors. Indeed, he hasn't had a bank account in any bank for almost 5 years and has had no credit cards or other credit accounts in at least 12 years, a product of having been burned by his ex-wife when she cleaned out their joint account and ran up debts on their credit cards prior to kicking him out (he settled those debts years ago). This is the second time he has been targeted by a scam of this nature. Luckily, the phone is in my name so they don't call, but we're sending out a cease-and-desist letter and will be contacting the Atty General of Maine if they don't.

  • Portfolio recovery is B.S. Mica1775 is a damned fool;
    or works for them theydo advertise on this web page.

    Never give out your social security number just because its asked for.
    All these crooks need is a social to go with your name and address to screw you over.
    You don't know who these people are or what they're up to until its too late and you have been robbed and bills have been run up in your name.

    Keep yourself safe from fruad and verify the bill with the original creditor.
    Call the original creditor and make sure its your bill.
    For you that's Capital One.

    If you are threatened with legal action speek with an attorney.
    A good lawyer will defend you and if necessary sue the collector.
    Don't worry about what some cheap bill collector says the law is.

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  • Al
    AlongfortheRide Apr 15, 2010

    Mica1755 - anyone can be anything on the interwebz...I highly doubt your claims. Plathamb is entitled to a Verification of Debt (at the very least) which should track the entire account from the original creditor - along with a signed contract from the original creditor and an accounting of all fee/interest that have been added onto the principle. If this is not provided w/ in 30 days, she is well within her legal rights to send a cease and desist letter (Certified Mail - return receipt requested). Should anything ELSE turn up (more calls, letters, etc) she can file suit. Should a 1099 arrive for her for 'discharged debt' (that can be counted as income for tax purposes), she is perfectly within her rights to contest it and file suit. Also, she should check the statute of limitations on debt in her state - sounds like it's expired - in that case, the debt (even if it was valid) is not collectable, should NOT appear on credit reports, and she should hire an attorney - not trust the word on some internet hack like yourself.

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    Nunya Buisness1978 Mar 02, 2011

    Please remove or block posts from Mica1755. This person obviously doesn't work for a law firm given the language used in the body of the posts. If this person indeed works for a law firm, it is probably for Portfolio Recovery Associates seeing that this is the type of language used when they make phone calls. Probably just a legal aide with a summer temp job.

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    expatbrit Apr 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just a question Mica, if you already have the SSN on file why do you need the person to give it to you? Surely just the last four would be enough?

    Although to be honest I would never give even that much out via phone as their are too many scammers like PRA out there already.

    Of course the other honest posters here are so obviously correct when they say you are either deluded or paid by PRA and probably both as you don't even have the slightest idea of legal process with regards to verification of debt or the statute of limitation.

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Resolved Constant Calling

They started calling today (Saturday Jan 30 2010) at 7am. I'm already a well trained call screener and let it go. No message was left. The number rang 5 more times before noon. Unusual for the even the most aggressive solicitor. Went online to reverse lookup the number and it led to this site. THANK YOU ALL.
The reverse lookup site:
had interesting comments including this:

This is NOT - Discover Card, it is a COLLECTION AGENCY that Discover Card has given your name and all the numbers you gave them when you applied for a Discover Card. The company is actually Portfolio Recovery Associates out of Norfolk, VA with a 'spoof' call center in Kearns, UT (typical numbers are 801.902.2976 and 801.902.2429). Best Bet - file a formal complaint against this VERY abusive organization with The US Justice Department, Attention Steven Curran, Deputy Chief, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, CRIMINAL DIVISION, PHB Division, Washington, DC 20503.

Caller ID: Kearnes, UT
Caller Company: Not Discover, Really Portfolio Recovery Assoc
Caller Type: Collection Agency

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    SkeeterVT Feb 14, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I got legal on those bottom-feeding [censor]. I had my attorney send Portfolio Recovery a cease-and-desist letter -- on my attorney's letterhead -- warning them in no uncertain terms that their were calls were illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because a Cross-Country Bank credit card debt had been time-barred (The statute of limitations to collect had expired) for more than four years (and subsequently removed from my credit report).

    Moreover, I had my attorney remind PRA that their company was sued by the attorneys general of at least five states for illegally attempting to collect on time-barred debts and that Cross-Country Bank itself was sued by 23 states for the same thing (A New York jury in 2006 ordered Cross-Country Bank to pay $9 million in restitution to former cardholders).

    The letter concluded with a stern warning that failure to comply with this cease-and-desist demand "will result in legal action taken against your company for repeated violations of the FDCPA."

    That was two months ago and I haven't heard a peep from Portfolio Recovery since. You really have to know what your rights are and not hesitate to assert them.

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Resolved debt

I received a bill in the mail for the amount of $3369.66 that my daughter owes.She is only 3 years old.So how...

Resolved multliple calls when advised not to call

I have been receiving calls from collection agencies at all hours of the day for almost two months. I have repeatedly told them not to call and that I am not the person they are looking for and that they do not live here. I have repeatedly told them I'd sue if they called again .. and they would REFUSE to tell me who they were or how to contact them. At approx 9am 11/28/09 PST I received another call, this time I said I was the person they were looking for ... solely for the purpose to find out who they were. I found out they were Portfolio Recovery Associates. At first the man calling appeared professional, but when I asked how I could call him back he refused to give me his phone number. I then advised him of my real identity and WHY I did it. He became angry and accused me of lyning and I became angry back at him and explained WHY I had to lie. I told him that I hoped it had been recorded because again I am telling them not to call and if they do I will sue them and subpoena the tape.

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    miriamhyde Jan 16, 2010

    Same here! Now, we're getting calls from a Financial Services something. Same phone number. The first man was horrifically rude and tried scaring us with what we knew was false information. Now we're getting calls (different voice) who is jjust as bad, and eminently rude AND stupid. He said a couple of things that were a tip-off: The call is being federally recorded; he has our W-2's (impossible since we're on SSA Disability. And so on.

    Buffalo is a hotbed of this crap...area code 716. I called Buffalo's AG office and am filing a complaint against them and the "law firm" they clain has our information.

    I am just sick of being victimized and I am fighting back.

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  • No
    NotDamien Jun 20, 2010

    I have been getting calls from Portfolio Recovery for months, showing different phone numbers on Caller ID every time. They always ask for "Damien" and I say there is no one here by that name. They ask me if I know how to reach him. I reply that I have had this phone # for 15 years and have never known anyone named Damien. So why do they keep calling at least 3 times a week?!

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    maybjo60 Oct 23, 2010

    I am sick of the non stop phone calls from this company!!! I want to fight back. 2-3 times a week. They are rude an nasty. I want the phone calls to stop. They said I have to put that in writing. I never heard of that before. It has been my understanding that I have to only state for them to stop harrassing me and they would know better not to allow it to happen again.
    They call my cell pone while I am at work. I use my phone at my job. Is that the same as calling me at work? Does anyone know? Any one else want to get a class action suit against the owner of this company? Michelle

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    notmenoti Nov 24, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Yes, you do need to put it in writing. It's called a cease-and-desist letter. This should be sent via certified mail, return receipt. Either type or print your name, do not sign the letter. Attach your part of the receipt to a copy of the letter. When their part of the receipt comes back, attach it to the letter copy you kept. This is your legally-recognized proof that you asked them to stop all contact with you. Also, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. You can do that online. Good luck. They've been trying to contact me about a debt from the very early 1990s.

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